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  1. I am currently investigating running http://indilib.org/ on a RPI 2 to remotely control my scope initially from the garden then if I get brave from my parents farm on Exmoor. One of the other members on here is running it on an Odroid C1 with the scope in Germany and he is in Surrey!
  2. I am currently using a Skywatcher Startravel 102T with my Eos 70D on the back of it and the coma and CA is starting to getting distracting. Am I going to see much of an upgrade going to a ED80 or do I need to save a bit more and go for a scope nearer £1k for a noticeable difference? My long term plan is to get a mono CCD and wheel in the future but I am happy with the 70D and CLS clip filter at the moment.
  3. I have been slowly getting into imaging and I have notice my stars are pretty bloated. Here is a 100% crop from the centre of 240 second exposure at ISO 400: I am using a Canon Eos 70D with an Astronomik CLS clip filter through a Skywatcher 102T. Is this because I am using a cheap scope? My plan is to buy a ED80 when a second hand one comes up or I save enough for a new one
  4. Not sure if this will help but my skywatcher Alt Az mount never got very close either, you could see the target in the red dot finder but it needed moving to the final target. My CG5-GT is another story, once I have done 2 star align + 2 calib stars then run through ASPA the target always falls within central 25% of my cameras sensor.
  5. I am definitely thinking medium term for this as to make it worth while I need to get a decent scope and a CCD with wheel
  6. I am following this thread with great interest as my Parents have a farm on the edge of the Exmoor Dark Sky Reserve so I keep bouncing the idea of a semi autonomous setup round and round.
  7. 6.5x55 is my preference over 223 but on track I went for a CG5-GT over the EQ5p as its built in features are better in my opinion, once the kids are out of school then GM2000HPS here I come
  8. When using my Eos 70D I use the ISO 12800 to find objects, grainy as hell (well less than my 350D at 1600) but can find most stuff at F5. But to make your life really easy just use AstroTortilla as it is just point and go, once you have it configured that is.
  9. Stunning image as another member said it looks like 3D it is so clear
  10. Excellent, I must give this target a go
  11. Love the image, an OAG is on my list as well once I get a decent OTA
  12. I like it a lot. I did realise how clear the propeller could be.
  13. Its a very slippery slope next on the list is a decent OTA
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