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  1. Cat5e won't give you a proper Giga network persay... The cable should be straight all the way long not curved and the connector should be flawless to give your that kind of bandwidth with that cable(if you ever manage to get it)! If it is the bandwidth you are looking for, go ahead for a Cat6 cable wich will be more permissive specially if you got some curves from point A to B.
  2. Cat5 won't give you 300 feet (100meters) Cat5e might but depends on the surroundings... but we used to install repeaters every 250 feet if i'm not mistaken!
  3. Actually, a Cat5e should give you over 100 feet (30 meters) without any problems whats so ever...
  4. B&Q ??? I live in Canada... Don't have them here i think...
  5. I got the EQ5... so i couldnt about the HEQ5... bigger i guess... more complex worm and gear system...
  6. Well honestly if you got it with the 25mm you should be able to get it right with the 10.. if its blured then either the focus is wrong but i think you would have managed to get it pretty right directly on the moon without doing it on a star... so maybe the eyepiece itself is faulty! =(
  7. Don't go out buy eyepieces yet... nor filters... if you're a novice the 25 and 10 mm will do the job for a good while!!!! First off... we need to know if you actually "saw" the moon in the eyepiece as many mentionned... then if so... what i mean buy good focus.. is to actually achieve "focus" with a brigth star... To do that, find any medium-birght star with your 25mm and just focus on it "make it become as little and as sharp as possible", then lock the focuser! When that's done.. you need to align what you see in the eyepiece withwhat you see with your finder scope... whats in the middle of
  8. Well actually, with the 10mm you get a maginification of 150X without the barlow... So first you need to do a good focus THEN aim at the moon but you'll get just a fraction of it sdince you're "zooming" so much... If you put the barlow on... let says you have a 2X barlow lens... you'll get a 300X magnification... Wich is a lot for the moon... You'll be looking at craters mostly... repeat the focus procedure with a star BEFORE looking at the moon! Good luck!
  9. With the Ritchey-Chretien, the reducer doesnt worl like the Schmidt-Cassegrain.. it is a field flatener!!! But, IMO, it is THE best choice for astrophotography!!! But... $$$
  10. He's talking about the 1000 focal series... The new black generation! so smaller so wont be affected that much by the wind compared to the 1200! I would strongly suggest the 10" on a SOLID mount (NEQ6, G11, CGEM etc...) for astrophotography! But both are quite a good choice!!!
  11. What are you gonna put on your EQ6? not just your 1100D?
  12. ? how did you get it for 0? someone hand it to you so you can test it out?
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