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  1. Really strange. Lots of people swear by pulse guiding. Spookily I can't even download PHD2, there's a nasty clang and a weird, very technical message that I have no idea what is meant. Computer says nah!!! P.
  2. 5 metres. I thought it would be too long but was advised to use an active extension lead which acts like a booster or amplifier so I'm happy with that. P.
  3. Hi Alistair, not sure about the setup on a HEQ5 but I have a QHY5 11 and have one cable to the laptop and the other to the mount. On PHD I connect the camera and then click 'mount' and click on 'on camera'. PHD does it all. I tried ascom and eqmod but my laptop got a little confused with it all, so did I. Of course, to find something to image, I've got to go outside and use the handset but hey, can't win 'em all!!! Just by the way, how do you find clip filter? Regards, Phil
  4. Hi Carol, definitely no beep just flashes a different colour where the brain, stop, telescope icons are. Can't tell what colour as I'm badly colour blind. There were no clouds about, a really good sky and the guide star was a proper star so I'm suspecting the connections. I use an active extension cable and things seem ok most of the time. I'll check them out with monitoring meter. Regards, P.
  5. Thanks Geordie, yes, that's what happened some time ago when a cloud got in the way. I'll try a different port as well. P.
  6. Thanks PM, I'll give them a squeeze. They do seem to fit a little tighter into my wife's new laptop but that's a definite no no!!!!
  7. Just a small problem with PHD. I've got it guiding for a few minutes and then the screen flashes a different colour a couple of times but still kept guiding. It happens again a few minutes later. This goes on every few minutes for about 20 minutes and then it loses it all together with a message saying PHD not responding. The guiding stops and also the tracking stops!!! It may be a connection problem but I had 3 hours continuous guiding the other night with no problem at all. It's a bit like when the computer says google not responding or ebay not responding. I can live with it but just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same. It's the old PHD, 1-14-2, with a QHY5 11 and a NEQ6. I've tried loading PHD2 but my laptop's not having it at all. Kind regards, Phil
  8. Going to try the pinwheel galaxy tonight. Finally got autoguiding sorted the other night so hopefully get 5+ minute subs. Hope you get something good, P.
  9. I reckon it'll be the best thing you'll get, for the price. People will say that guiding makes the biggest difference, even me, but pound for pound, getting the mask made the greatest difference to my imaging. Best of luck, P.
  10. Has to be autoguiding but I haven't taken anything yet. Nailed it last night and the buzz that you'll get when you first link everything up, programme, camera focussed, everything calibrated and then you see the graph on PHD, it's like WOW!!!!! And to think of all of the work that professional astronomers had to do, only a few years ago, to achieve an image many can now produce. P.
  11. Just an update. Totally euphoric tonight. PHD loaded and connected just fine, focussed on Vega using EZPlanetary to begin with then switched to PHD. Pushed the gain to 95 and increased the exposures to 2secs. Calibrated and locked on just like a top gun pilot. Brilliant. Oddly, I didn't need the extension tube to get focus. Thank you all again for all of your help and input. I honestly couldn't have done it without you. Kind regards, P.
  12. Thanks Marky, all sorted, focus, locking on and guiding like a good 'un. P.
  13. Hi, Here's a typical beginners question, I've got the QHY5-11 linked up to the NEQ6 mount and the laptop, and PHD is running as I'm trying to sort out focussing. If it all goes well and I start autoguiding will it matter if the synscan hand controller is still connected or should I take it off. I'm guessing that normally any commands that go through the autoguider port will override the normal RA track of the mount or slap me if I'm missing something? Kind regards, P.
  14. Thanks again guys, hopefully have a clear sky tonight so I'll try those settings. (Still can't get PHD2). P.
  15. Thanks Stuart. You've restored my faith in mankind. P.
  16. Thanks guys. I've since had a problem getting PHD to load. Got so frustrated I've deleted everything to do with PHD, programs, shortcuts etc. and started all over again. Now I'm getting "PHD2 instance 1 is already running. Use the -i INSTANCE_NOM command-line option to start a different instance". What on earth is going on??? I'm finding myself wanting to go to a darkened room and listen to Leonard Cohen!!!!!
  17. Thanks guys, yes, it is mono and I'll try to focus on a fairly distant house later tonight to get some sort of focus. Please don't laugh Kalasinman but you lost me there a bit. I loaded the small disc that came with the camera, QHY driver 141212. Is there another that I should have? P.
  18. Hi all, been imaging for a while now and have decided to take the plunge into guiding. Read lots of reports and thought that the most straightforward route would be a QHY5-11 linked to PHD. All well and good, just hope I'm doing this correctly. USB cable from laptop to camera, ST4 cable from camera to mount. The problem arises when it starts, I'll click connect camera then got to mount and click "on camera", I'll take a dark, seems to be no problem, then click on "begin looping", it says "capturing" and that's about it. Lots of grey lines that seem to be refreshed every second or so and that's all. I've read that it could take a bit of time, well, I made a coffee and by the time I'd drunk it I was a bit fed up, still lots of grey lines capturing. so I guess I'm missing something somewhere. The camera is on a startravel 80 and I've had to guesstimate focus. Oh, and the same thing happens on both PHD and PHD2. I definitely need help so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Phil
  19. That's a nice one Tim and you can see that there's lots of info in your image. Keep up the good work. P.
  20. I had this happen to me. I asked my son, he said delete the program and reinstall it. This I did and presto!!! no run-time error. Give it a go. Phil.
  21. Thanks Pompey Monkey, and when you do post, please be aware that there are loads of us out there that need to be treated gently. And thanks again Carol. The way that you explain things is an example of what I mean. P.
  22. Yes, thanks Carol, and to all on here. The whole subject seems complex but your replies have simplified quite a lot. As you said, take one step at a time. P.
  23. Thanks Tinker, that explains a lot. They don't actually do anything as such, just allow other things to do things. I'll copy and print your explanation Bruno, it's quite an involved procedure. To start off, I think I'll just try my luck with just PHD . Thanks Freddie. I'll see how I get on. P.
  24. Just as an aside, I went into where to download EQMOD and found so many 'download now' signs, change your toolbar, change your default search engine, order a pizza........!! Which one do I press for eqmod??????? I'll get there in the end!!! P.
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