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  1. Yes, all as directed on the quick start leaflet. Very curious. P.
  2. Hi, I have a Zwo asi 120mc s which I have connected up through the usb3 port as suggested by Zwo however it only registers as usb2. Has anyone come across this problem and if so how is it sorted so that it registers as being connected through usb3. Hope someone can help, Kind regards, Phli
  3. Thanks Wim, I did actually try it that way but the focuser is a tiny bit nearer to the scope and I couldn't lower the focuscube any more. I did think about raising the focuser by making up a spacer between the focuser and the base plate but turning it 90 degrees turned out to be a little easier. Interesting though, even deeper lateral thinking. Kind regards, Phil
  4. The guys from Pegasus are great. Lateral thinking, I turned the Baader focuser 90 degrees. Sorted. Actually it was a bit of a Homer Simpson "Doh" moment. Just hope this helps anybody else scratching their head. P.
  5. Hi, I've gone and bought a Pegasus Focuscube for my Baader Diamond Steeltrack, mainly because Baader have been rather slow in their development of their steeldrive system and Pegasus have had very good revues. However.....I've got it on a Skywatcher 200p Newtonian. Now maybe I missed something but I couldn't find anything on the Pegasus site to say that the Focuscube isn't compatible with Newtonian scopes, in fact it has a "universal" bracket which allows it to fit just fine, but.... the temperature socket ends up flush against the side of the scope. Again, I ask, have I missed something? To be honest I don't really think that the temp. probe would be completely necessary if I go for a focus check every 30 minutes or so it's just a bit of a bummer not to know (or realise!!) beforehand. Has anyone else done this, I won't laugh, honest. Sympathetic comments will help, Kind regards, Phil
  6. Hi, I'm still deliberating about the Pegasus autofocus system but can't quite understand why there are 2 types of motor, the DC servo and the unipolar stepper. Which would be the best for imaging with a Newtonian Skywatcher 200p. Any help is gratefully received, Regards, P.
  7. Many thanks, looks like a great place, might give it a go. P.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know of a good dark skies campsite in Wiltshire. I would like it to have electric hookup as I don't have a power tank. Any recommendations gratefully received. kind regards, P.
  9. Thankyou guys, pretty fundamental really, I should have known better and checked, DOH!!!
  10. Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct forum but maybe someone can help. I’m using a Zwo 1600 mm cool with a skywatcher 200p. When I open my images in pixinsight, the size of my lights and darks are 2328 x 1760 while my flats and bias are 4656 x 3520. Because of this I cannot calibrate them, (geometry problem). I’ll try the Pixinsight forum as well but I’m guessing they’ll say, “it’s a SGpro problem”!!! If anyone else has experienced this, any help would be wonderful. Kind regards, Phil
  11. piprees

    A galaxy far far away

    Some stuff that I found.....
  12. Thanks Steve, seems really weird that Baader didn't sort it before it was launched. I must say, the Sesto looks quite brilliant. I was considering that or maybe the Pegasus. P.
  13. Hi, I'm interested in getting a Baader steeltrack with steeldrive motorised system for my Skywatcher 200p but is it true that the setup is only suitable for refractors and SCT. If so, how come it won't fit a Newt? And if it can, would I really need a hand controller as I'd only need it for imaging? If there are any other owners of the 200p that have auto focus, what setup do you have? All help is greatly appreciated. Phil
  14. Hi, I would like to sort out an autofocus set up for my skywatcher 200p. It's a bit of a toss up between the Pegasus system and the Lakeside. My query is whether the bog standard Crayford focuser on the 200p can work well with either the Pegasus or Lakeside or would I need to change the focuser for something better. If this is the case then a moonlite would be wonderful although rather expensive but then, there are other focusers out there. Hope someone can help, Kind regards, Phil
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