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  1. And I thought it was expensive living in Massachusetts with all the double taxation, 25% on top of product and shipping is nuts! That's how the rich get richer!!!
  2. Clouds on Cape Cod all night, we couldn't see a thing, I talked it up to my wife and her uncle and I haven't heard the end of it all day, for keeping them up for "nothing" as they say.
  3. After reading everyone's comments about the planishere I decided it would benefit me to own a planishere so I ordered one, will be here next week!
  4. Chris, Thanks, I can't wait for a clear night that I can just hang outside and break in the scope. I will be sure to let you know how I did, I bought a holster for my iphone to mount to the eye piece, so maybe I might even have some pics. Thanks again, Mark
  5. Chris, How were the views of Uranus and Neptune? I'm so excited and looking forward to figuring out the goto and be able to view some of the planets and DSO's. Thanks Mark
  6. Great post Warthog, really simplified what sometimes seems confusing to us newbies!! Thanks so much, Mark
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for the response. When I had this issue I was powering the the goto with batteries. Since then I have ordered and received the celestron power pack and the celestron gps. Both have arrived, but unfortunately like all new observation tool, when they arrive there is nothing but beautiful clear days and cloudy nights. I just can't catch a break sometimes. I will keep you posted as to how it all works once I get out there. How do you like the 5se, I have only had it for about a month and still learning the scope. Thanks Mark
  8. Not sure if the Fisher Cat is in the UK but in northern Massachusetts their all over the place, their call sounds like a crying baby in the woods. So weird the first few times hearing them in the middle of the woods!!
  9. Although I must admit I'm a sucker for Discovery Channels "Shark Week", after the kids go to bed I'm glued, and my wife is annoyed.
  10. I just watched cosmos, last week its new on netflicks, tons of info, really well put together series. Having been born after the series was made, the graphics were a little rudimentary for my liking, but I might be spoiled growing up in the 90's. There needs to be more series like cosmos on TV rather than all the trash they show during prime time. If it wasn't for the science channel, History 2, and my beloved Red Sox and Patriots I would never watch TV.
  11. Until the other night I have not utilized the goto on my 5se, so I aligned it with 2 stars which I'm sure of, then when I asked it to go to a location the scope slewed almost 360 degrees when it only needed to go 15-20 degrees up and to the left. Anyone have any experience with the 5se. Thanks in advance. Mark
  12. Cons

    Hi from Surrey

    Hi, welcome to SGL.
  13. Cons

    Hi from Bedford

    Welcome to SGL Gareth, have fun.
  14. Welcome to SGL, and happy birthday. Lots of great people here at SGL, all willing to help with any questions.
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