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  1. thx 8) my next Q is the mount. how stable are they? not too much wobble i hope i'll check in later, gotta go to work to make some skin paintings
  2. thx 8) lets hope i can get it for under 100 with p&p
  3. Skywatcher 130-M reflector telescope on eBay, also, Telescopes, Binoculars Telescopes, Photography (end time 27-Apr-09 19:45:00 BST) thar she blows! will this be ok as a 1st scope? it will be used for planetary observation with the odd dso thown in for good measure... im currently using revelation 15 x 70's, they're great but looking at saturn etc all i see is an elongated "thing"... orion nebula is a faint glow around a few stars.. i just want to see a bit of planetary detail etc.. maybe add a webcam to it later and upgrade the motor drive. any advice will be very welcome. much love x
  4. i do more reading than posting... everything i've read so far points me towards a skywatcher 200p... mmMMMmmmmm
  5. i bought http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Special_Revelation_15x70_Binoculars_and_Tripod_Deal.html a couple of weeks ago. tripod is ok, not so stable at full length it stopps wobbling after 3 -4 seconds. as for views, no complaints. the moon looks fantastic, pleadies are lovely, i can have a look at the orion nebula (in no great detail but i can see it.. a smokey grey haze) bang for buck binos, youll be happy with them
  6. im using skymap (free app) on my g1.... i hope to upload some pics very soon of it in action
  7. taken a couple of nights ago in my light polluted yard... not the sharpest image im afraid but i hope it gives some idea of what you can see thru these binos... images are close to observable size thru the binos fov pic dont do bino's justice....
  8. mmmm guitars, one of my fav subjects im currently playing a prs cu22 (lefty) and im always looking out for a les paul class 5 flame top. gotta agree with the pacifica being a good buy, bang for buck the best you can get sub 200
  9. thx everyone for the lovely welcome. warm regards paul
  10. Hi, after many years away im returning to the skies. Just bought some revelation 15 x 70 and a sturdy tripod and im about to pull the trigger on turn left at orion and phillips stargazing with binoculars. I've had a dabble many years ago but consider myself a complete novice. This seems like a very helpful place to be. I have a rough idea of what i'll be able to see, lets hope i can find it all ok. Im also very interested in geology and looking to further my knowledge on planetary geology.
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