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  1. In advance of the dark nights returning (hurry up already!) I have a small shopping list for my skywatcher 150P on the eq3 pro go to mount to aid with astro photography light pollution filter... if I’m attaching my full frame Nikon DSLR to the camera mounting adapter what filter options do I have? Can I get one that goes between the camera mount t thread and the camera t ring? I don’t really want a clip in type, not sure if they’re even safe for use with full frame bodies? auto focuser... is the skywatcher focuser compatible with my scope and can it be connected to my pc for remote control? If so how? Many thanks
  2. Thanks Kat. Whats more the council tell me that the horrible streetlights glowing over the rooftop will be replaced with down pointing LED this year and if neighbouring streets are anything to go by this will be great!
  3. So I moved out of the city I’ve grown up in and was pleased to discover my new home had a whole lot less light pollution. In fact without a torch I can’t see a foot in front of me. Super! In addition I’ve revebtly bought a full frame DSLR do I had to point it up and leave the shutter open. Literally the first frame 10 second exposure to capture my fave constellation Orion. Cant wait to hook the DSLR to my 150p and see what it can do
  4. Thanks guys. It seems to be working great now so I’m happy with that! Just need to do some wiring now, usb hub, power etc, tidy it all up. Also so any advice on connecting a webcam to stock finder scope? I know I could benefit from a larger finder scope but for getting started it’ll have to do.
  5. Oh well it was advertised as and has FTDI on it and windows identifies it as prolific... go figure.
  6. Thanks for the link above. To confirm the chipset is a Prolific FTDI 5v one... anyhow I've resolved the problem and have my netbook talking to the scope now. Two things, one, I had used the 5v wire instead of the ground wire (oops!) and I had to lower the buffer size from its default max value to 4. This seems to work perfectly now, just as it clouds over and starts to rain! So I now have the EQ3 Pro with Synscan, Netbook rocking PHD2, ASCOM and Stellarium and a modified Xbox camera hooked to the finder scope ready to guide. Sorted!
  7. It’s definitely a 5v version. Ive seen that wiring diagram but it states it’s for HEQ5/6... Is it the same for EQ3 Pro? do I need to loop two pins for 12v?
  8. I know this has been discussed before but I’m struggling to find info... can someone confirm the rj45 pinout for an EQ3 Pro mount eqdir cable using a usb FTDI cable... have tx, rx, gnd and 5v headers... Aim is to control mount from laptop instead of handset so laptop directly to synscan unit (handset port not st4). i dont believe i eve I need the 5v do I need to connect two of the pins at the mount end for 12v? please help!
  9. Good news! I've just tried a 12v 2A PSU from a satellite box and the mount worked perfectly, so be it indoor away from the rain! I've got a spare 2.5A PSU so I'll be using that. Cheers for the help, now bring on some clear skies please!
  10. I guess I should close this topic as today I sold my 130eq-md... ive upgraded to a skywatcher 150P EQ3 Pro synscan foto so watch this space
  11. It's 9v 1A so I think we have found the problem. I'll order a 12v 5A supply and give it a go
  12. Thanks stu, the more I read up the more I suspect that too. I'll have to pick up a better power supply to try out. The only info I can find is 9-12v but a lot of people have recommended a 13.8v 5A one instead... more reading needed!
  13. Hi all, long time no post. I've recently picked up a skywatcher 150P on EQ3 pro mount with synscan goto. All seems to work spot on at slew speeds up to 6 but if I go faster, such as during star alignment the motors starts for a moment before just stopping, the controller then freezes before initialising again. If if I skip alignment and manually control the mount at slew up to 6 it runs absolutely fine! Ive got a couple of theory's, first firmware could be bad although I don't see why this would only affect higher speeds? Second, could a motor need adjusting? Is there any gear alignment necessary or even possible on these mounts? thirdly, I'm running the mount from a 9v mains adaptor, is this too low a voltage? The mount also came with a 15v adaptor but I'm cautious of overloading it. Fourth, and hopefully not, it's a dud. Has anyone had this before and what's the answer? cheers! m
  14. So tonight I pressed the bearings in and fitted the Alu hinge to the 3D printed mk1 parts. It's one heck of a stable hinge now, very pleased so far and the final parts will really set it off. For or now enjoy these few pictures... mk1.5 arduino barn door tracker guider base plate is standard manfrotto tripod plate. Designed to fit
  15. Hey, long time since I updated this thread. Suffered disaster last week when running with a sigma 17-70 contemporary lens mounted. I guess the weight was too much and the bottom hinge pry fractured. Roll on mk2... All aluminium build. I redesigned the key parts and have so far had the new hinge parts delivered, build to follow but thought you would appreciate a taster. I've also rebuilt the control box to enable manual tracking and a future auto guide upgrade
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