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  1. That's a good shot with no barlow. Are you using a !50pl as well or a different scope? Surprised you can't get focus with a barlow as it's essentially another eyepiece. Have you tried to get sharp focus on a star or the moon first to get close to the focus you need for Jupiter? I know on my scope when I use a barlow it's harder to focus as the fov gets smaller and everything wobbles more. I've not heard of IRIS i'll have to check it out. On my latest efforts, after sharpcap I now go through PIPP then Autostakkert and then wavelets in Registax

  2. I'm just learning everything at the moment. This one was done with about 10 lights, 10 darks of the same length, 10 flats and 10 bias. Don't know if that's right or not but seems to have worked. The longest light frame was 3 mins. Most were much shorter. Then just played with levels in Photoshop to get it right.

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