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  1. Thanks to all for replying so far.

    Oh well, no T-thread... but I haven't really found someone who dislikes these zooms so some thinking to do...

    The only other one in a similar price range with these is the Celestron 8-24, which does have a T-Thread hidden under the eye-cup - will have to check out some reviews of that to see how it performs.
    f it doesn't appear as good I might go for one of the generic Hyperflexes above anyway. I am half tempted with the Baader 2.25 barlow as that's still quite cheap in a few places.


    and this Q&A which confirms the 93230 does have t-thread https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/does-the-93232-deluxe-zoom-eyepiece-have-t-threads (but not filter threads on the barrel :/)

  2. Does anyone who has one of these zoom eyepieces know if there is a t-thread hidden under the twist-up rubber eye-cups like there are on some other zooms?

    I don't have a zoom in my set yet and don't want to break the bank. I just aim to use it mainly for visual e.g. being lazy with one 'no faff' eyepiece or when I'm being more dedicated, scoping out the seeing at different magnifications before changing to a dedicated eyepiece.

    I'd only use it for occasional photography but would rather buy one with a T-thread.

    For reference here are the different branded versions I can find:

    OVL Hyperflex version: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/hyperflex-72mm-215mm-eyepiece.html

    Skywatcher Hyperflex version: https://www.365astronomy.com/SkyWatcher-HyperFlex-7E-7.2-21.5mm-High-Performance-Zoom-Eyepiece.html


    I had read in the previous thread that the Lunt version of this zoom is also generic but the only one I can find looks quite different and is twice as expensive and has a different field of view so not sure about that?


    Thanks for any feedback (or any other recommendations for circa £100 zoom lens that might have a hidden T-thread)!!!


  3. Here's a couple of quick hand held shots from yesterday (30/6/15) of the conjunction. Not sure why I was too lazy to get the tripod out and do a proper job... anyhow here they are (might need to zoom in a bit on the wide shot to actual see the planets!).



    Both taken with a Canon EOS700D with a 50mm EF lens.

    The upload compression does take a bit away from them.

    Too much wispy cloud to get anything tonight...



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  4. Here are my first attempts at C/2014/Q2.

    Had to wait for what seems like an age for a combination of clear nights and no gales blowing and for Lovejoy to clear the altitude of the trees to the south of my back garden!

    These attemps aren't as good as some overs on here and are done with more modest equipment. No computerized tracking, just using an EOS 700D with a 50-250 zoom lens at 250mm on a motorized EQ3/2 mount.

    Anyhow, here they are (click on the images to enlarge):

    Test shot as Lovejoy cleared the trees (overexposed a little in my raw editor).

    C/2014/Q2 Lovejoy through the trees

    Quick timelapse of test shots.

    My Movie

    Overexposed single raw image, trying to get a glimpse of the tail (only 45 seconds at ISO 800 - probably should have gone for a higher ISO).

    C/2014/Q2 Lovejoy overexposed

    Handstacked series of 7 45 second images. Had trouble with these in DSS so stacked by hand in Photoshop.

    Lovejoy hand stacked in Photoshop

    Right back to getting the Toucam, barlow and scope out to have another crack at Jupiter...
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  5. Local council deciding to upgrade all the street lights around me now meaning I have shadows to the end of my garden and no clear lines of sight where a streetlight isn't in my eye anywhere... only temporary though - moving in a couple of months.

    If it wasn't the above though then laziness, brain dead fatigue from work and Champions League football on TV would be the answer...!

  6. I like shot 1. I've always had trouble stacking the moon and never had a particularly good results yet (probably because I lack a decent barlow for close up mosaics though as I'm still stuck with the Skywatcher original that came with my 'scope).

    My best images have always been single shot images (with a bit of post processing in a raw editor) where I've used the biggest screen I can to get focus as sharp as possible and then just taken a batch of five to ten shots (about 1 or so a second) at different speeds at ISO 100 and 200 until I find an image that has beat the seeing and is really sharp.

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