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  1. Hi, Done a quick process of 4 x 900sec Images captured recently of the Horsehead Nebula.  Just wondering why have a small area of blue and Green as shown circled. These only show up on the Grren Image Tif and Blue Tif.  Captured on Atik 460ex , Mono, -10 I know the image is not great, one of the stacked iamges has a plane flying through, but appreciate any ideas as to what the green/ blue patches are.





    RGB color.jpg

  2. Hi, I am in UK and run mine in similar way as Alan Potts, using Netgear Powerline adapters through the mains cable. Goes through fuse in summer house without any problems. Control with Teamviewer. Takes 10 mins to get set up in the dome then come in doors to operate and keep an eye on things.

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  3. 5 hours ago, LukeSkywatcher said:

    Welcome to SGL. Not a bad site at all. There's a few small things which could be improved upon:

    1/ The domain name astronomyisoutofthisworld.com is way too long. You want something that lets people know what the site is about. Your name does this but its a slogan/joke from a t-shirt.

    2/ Your pages take a few seconds too long to load. Granted, this could be because of my connection but i dont think so.

    3/ On your blog when you mouseover the words "Read More", your links fade and almost vanish. The person viewing the site may get the impression that the links are broken and dont work, therefore will not click them. It doesnt help that when you do click them that the next page loads slowly. The links should darken in colour or change colour altogether when you hover the mouse over them.

    4/ Its all a bit white. I know its the colour you picked, but there is a saying in web design that "white space is dead space". This applies to large areas within a page that are blank and could have been used for content. This rule doesnt really apply to your site, but the site gives the impression that you just put your content wherever you did just for the sake of it and that you didnt use the space wisely.

    Nice to see that your gallery background is black. It shows images better.

    As a Certified Internet Webmaster for nearly 20 yrs now, i have to say its a pretty good first site overall in its construction,layout. It just needs a bit of a tweak here and there. I know that when you use an online HTML editor such as Wix, that your choices and control over the look of your website are pretty limited.


    Thanks for feedback. First choice for site name was Heavens Above but already similar in use so opted for my second choice. I have the T shirt :)  You are correct about limitations in HTML editor. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Astro Imp said:

    Nice design, I enjoyed reading your site. You seem to have come a long way with your AP in a relatively short time, well done.

    Just a couple of points:-

     i) There is no link in the gallery to your monochrome image.

    ii) Personally I prefer to see all text justified, it just looks neater to me.


    Good luck.

    Thanks. I will look into the link and Text. appreciate feedback.


  5. 22 minutes ago, oobydooby said:

    Just a couple of points, I hope you don't think I am being too picky.

    Firstly, and quite importantly, I wonder if the long established Heavens Above web site may have some issues with your web site carrying the same name.  It may be wise to alter it very slightly to avoid possible complaints.

    Secondly and this is for presentation and hopefully not too much trouble to rectify, if you feel it needs to be looked at.  There are a few spelling errors which need to be corrected and a rather glaring grammatical error.  Perhaps a spelling check and error check for grammar might be useful which will make a neater presentation.

    As for the blog, I think it is visually very well presented and an enjoyable read.  I wish I could produce images as good as yours. Keep up the good work.

    As an aside my signature says I am web manager for an astro society and I know I do make spelling and other such errors, if I find them I will correct them, but rely on members e-mailing me so I can rectify those I miss.


    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I am not offended at all. I had planned on naming the Site Heavens Above as but did not realize was a site similar, so I renamed it to astronomyisoutofthisworld. The Home page title is Heavens above. I did try swichting Title and Sub Title around but did not look right. will have another look. I will get my wife to proof read as never have been that great at spelling myself or grammer :) appreciate your feed back and alway welcome comments. thanks.

  6. RayD you are a hero. I did not realize but that you have to use the scroll down bar on the Atik Install to see the Atik Ascom drivers install. Simple but why do they not make this box large so you do not need to scroll down. I will plug camera in tomorrow night but both showwing in SGpro listing now. Thanks for help guys much appreciated.

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  7. Hi, Thanks, I have did delete the old driver earlier and reinstalled . The correct latest driver is showing in the device manager.

    I am sure it is something to do with this but cannot get to the bottom of this.

    I have looked in the Ascom 6.3 Profiler and the camera is not listed. The FW2 is listed but can only high light it. How do I select it in Ascom?

    Thanks for help.


  8. Hi, I have recently installed update from Atik for the Core Products including the drivers. Since then have been unable to connect Camera or FW2 in SGPro. Very annoying as all was fine until then.

    Just wondering if anybody else had same issue and how resolved.

    Atik camera is not showing in Ascom Profiler?  but have installed latest ATik drivers.

    Both Camera and FW2 work in Artemis capture software.

    I have contacted Atik who are trying to assist.

    Running Windows 7.

    Any suggestions be appreciated. very frustrating with Christmas break coming up.

  9. Few nights over past few weeks.  approx 10 hours data in HA, SII, OII. Have had few issues with Flexure on some images, hopefully worked out the problem now but lost about 25% off images.

    15min subs - 10. ED80 Pro, SW 80 Guide. Atik 460ex. NEQ6 Pro. Pulsar 2.20m Dome new installed thsi spring, but still very much a novice. Plenty to learn. :) Will be proccessing more in PS to Hubble Pallet but very much a novice on PS :)

    Clear Skies to all.


    BW Image.jpg

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  10. NGC 896 , part of the Heart Nebula. This was my first attempt at Narrowband imaging carried out of the August bank holiday weekend 2017.

    Ha 12 x900sec, OIII 14x900sec, SII 14 x900.

    ED80pro, NEQ6 Pro MOunt. ST80 with Starshhot Guide (PHD2)  Atik460ex Mono

    Processed using DSS and Photoshop 5 to best of my ability at the moment.

    I am no expert by long way, still lot to learn but very pleased with this image.



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  11. This image is my second attempt with Narroiwband imaging.

    7.5hours Integration Sept 2017. HA, OIII, SII. 30 x 900sec Stacked in DSS, Processed in PS5.

    Pretty pleased with result as limited expierience with Processing images.

    ED80 Pro, EQ6 Pro, ST80 with Starshoot Guide Camera. ATIK460ex with FW2. SGpro.


    Heart Nebula.png

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  12. On 12/03/2017 at 18:03, malc-c said:

    It might be the image, but it looks like you have a lot to do to get a level base as the ground appears to slope to the left.  Have you used a level on that shuttering ?

    Hello Malcolm, The Shuttering was only temp in place to assist digging the hole. It was all levelled before cement went in :)  Kev

  13. On 12/03/2017 at 18:03, malc-c said:

    It might be the image, but it looks like you have a lot to do to get a level base as the ground appears to slope to the left.  Have you used a level on that shuttering ?

    Yes  all level. no doubts about that. Almost done.


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