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  1. What I thought was interesting, 50,000 years from now the stars viewed from earth will be completely different. by the way have you written your KEO message yet? Google it
  2. Just found this article and wanted to share it with ya: Source: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140105-timeline-of-the-far-future
  3. I thought it needs adjustment as well. The difference is the shape of the sight right?
  4. When I was using it** Thank you very much for the help, I'll get it adjusted ASAP Thanks everyone!
  5. oh not at all! I'm not sure what brand it is, but it's the one that came with the Skywatcher 130M. . I think it works fine, it's just I was impatient when I was suing it that night. You have to rotate the adjustments circles a lot to notice the difference. Just out of curiosity, does collimation of the telescope affect it?
  6. The question should be what's wrong with me, rather! ... Every time I point at an object with my red dot finder, I find the object to be on the top left corner from where it should be. I tried to play with the adjustments circles on the sides of the dot finder but didn't find a difference. I'm still a beginner so take it easy when you read the question Thanks
  7. Nice, can't wait for the pictures A fan could do the trick to dry things, solar powered fans? just an idea. I would cover the scope with cloth like cover, anything that will keep humidity out.
  8. I think the next step should be fixing the shelter to a safe spot.
  9. Oh boy, I think we've been good salesmen for Philip's!
  10. I prefer this one http://www.theplanetstoday.com I'm not sure why the telscope is not working for you, coewem. I'm sure others will help.
  11. Free Planisphere! http://drifted.in/planisphere-app/app/index.xhtml
  12. Sorry sorry. the first link is for 50-60. I would use the second link and make my own
  13. I haven't seen a 65, but found the 60 degrees. I 've read that they can be used for plus/minus 5. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1891938088/skymaps May I recommend you make your own. This website let you choose the exact latitude and languge, with options of objictes to be included and other options. You can print it and follow the instructions. http://drifted.in/planisphere-app/app/index.xhtml
  14. Well it gives coordinates for the target object, so I'm guessing the setting circles can help in finding the object.
  15. A Surprise to me really, my mind still doesn't believe the picture! Looking forward to seeing them
  16. I have a tablet, but insisted on getting a manual tool of navigation. Tablet battery may go dead any time...etc. A manual tool will always come in handy. This is a tutorial for how to use them:
  17. I'm sure that we got along before the invention light bulb. Yes it has affected the way we live in the last 200 years or so, but we managed to do it before why can't we do it now? if there's a will there's a way. The awareness should not cover the disadvantages of light pollution only, but also how to tackle the safety issue, and to be honest the issue have a physiological side to it. I mean there are plenty of communities that live in remote villages with low lighting and don't have an issue with security.
  18. I must admit the name is part of the problem
  19. Absolutely! Unfortunatly not many is aware of this, the only way to get their approval is by raising awareness.
  20. Will I wish all governments can do that, put I don't think the politicians will pass that, because they are probably being financially supported by those who benefit from the interest.
  21. You probably wouldn't if you can easily point out polaris.
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