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  1. Scared of foxes? You'll have to talk to them
  2. Disgusting! Not sure how to use this in my signature <embed src="http://www.need-less.org.uk/images/need-less-animation.swf" width="300" height="150"></embed>
  3. Just wanted to share this with ya http://www.need-less.org.uk, sorry for getting this old topic back. Some have argued that people won't turn lights off when not needed as it may make them feel safe at night. Maybe that's ok if the lights were to be pointed and concentrated down at where it should be , 1. it'll light more down at the streets so they can see more or feel safe etc.. , 2. save energy 3. and most importantly for us, reduce light pollution. It's all presented in the link above, we just need to share it more.
  4. I've just had the same feeling 2 weeks ago with my 130M
  5. The only reason for setting up the eq mount to point north, is for using the circles to find an object with the coordinates or track objects, right? Because I've been gazing at the moon and Jupiter and didn't bother setting it right.
  6. Oh sorry didn't realise you bought a scope, nvm. Enjoy your dob
  7. That is true, the explorer 130 is the first proper telescope I used. It may be a good idea to start with that. You should ask yourself if you are really getting into astronomy, and how serious are you about imaging? If will regularly use your scope you will quickly grow out of the 130 or 130M as you will want a bigger aperture. The 200p Dob and the explorer 200p have bigger apertures and you will see more with them, the 200 Dob have got a slightly longer focal length than the explorer 200p. Having similar specs, I would guess that both of them will show the same thing (probably the 200p dob is a bit better for that extra 3mm of aperture , someone would have to confirm on that). For the price I will obviously go for the 200p Dob (£279 v £415). The difference between the two as you may know is the mount, you have a dobsonian mount which is very easy to use and navigate, while you have an equatorial mount in the explorer, very good for tracking objects, specially when used with a motor. I would personally choose the 200p dob, it's simple and has a very good price, no wonder it is the most popular telescope. I regretted choosing the 130M,,, again it depends if you are considering astrophotography. Transportation: Both scopes are the same size and almost for focal length, the mounts is what matters here. Assuming you will be using a car, the dob can be split from the scope and you can store them separately, the eq is of course easier to use as the legs can be adjusted and shortened. I've asked the same question when choosing my first telescope, a lot of members recommended the 200p dob as in here, and have commented that transportation of the dob is not a problem. here is the topic if you are interested: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/190665-beginner-telescope/ Also check this for transportation: http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=de&tl=en&u=http://www.joern-lenhardt.de/benny/art_scopes.html The decision is yours my 2 cents, don't take it seriously as I'm only a beginner like you
  8. Glad to hear that, I hope you enjoy your scope and as I have been told before: the best telescope is the one that you use regularly..
  9. Trust me, I wasn't expecting to read about nuclear fusion when I read the title "What can I see through a telescope?" However I do like such informative topics. Thanks for the post!
  10. Great post The Warthog! It's helping me choosing my first EP purchase.
  11. I can't seem to find the prices for some EPs mentioned, FL doesn't provide the BST Starguider!? I think you guys convinced me to buy a plossil 5mm, not sure which brand now. Any good web stores I can buy them from?
  12. Hello, do you mind me asking, what have you got in the profile pic?

    1. Astro Imp

      Astro Imp

      It's a gargoyle of an Imp taken from Lincoln Cathedral, it's quite famous in these parts and the Lincoln City Football club are know as the Imps.

  13. Good decision, would be nice if you can try them, it'll help ya decide. Simple yet a great idea! I shall try that.
  14. Not to mention that the EQ2 that comes with the 130 is not as stable as I thought it would be, it's average to be honest.
  15. If you are really considering this as a hobby, than take it from a person who was exactly in your position. You will quickly grow out of the 130 scope. I have the 130M , same as 130p , you get an extra RDF and a motor with it. I wish I was less stubborn and bought what the majority recommended which is the 200p Dob. not sure if Dobs are good for astro photography, but I think this would be the good choice if you won't take astro photography seriously. price wise it's not to far from the 130. you can see Jupiter just fine with the four moons with the 130p, but pleasingly better with the 200p as I observed them using both scopes. But don't expect much, check the pics in this topic: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/196278-what-can-i-expect-to-see/
  16. What should a priority? a 5mm , 8mm or replace the 10mm with a good one and use the Barlow with it? I think the 20 and 25mm EP that I have will do good for now, I'm really uncertain of whether I need both high magnification and/or mid-high mag EPs?
  17. I would also choose Jupiter and the moon. You have a full moon for 2 more days and Jupiter is closest to the earth at this time of year. Make sure you enjoy them.
  18. I don't know where on earth did the EH came from in the title, it's supposed to be your advice I have the eyepieces you've mentioned and the Barlow. Just wondering if the eyepieces and Barlow that came with the telescope are good enough and whether I will have a big difference in observing when using other quality brands. I also have a 10 mm and 20 mm eyepieces that came with the Celestron Travel Scope 70, and it I've had a good view of Jupiter with the 10mm + barlow, now that I've mentioned it , not sure which 10mm I used with the Barlow. Still unsure of the eyepieces that came with both telescope. I wish I used the BST Starguider when I was in the UK. nvm
  19. Hello I'm currently looking for a high magnification eyepiece of 5-6mm. Doing the calculations from this amazing topic , I should have 6.9*(3/4)=5.2 mm as max power eyepiece for my telscope. I mean this is like a rule of thumb so I'm guessing 5mm will be ok? or should I stick with a 6mm I have the Newtonian equatorial SkyWatcher 130M, focal ratio is 900/130= 6.9, I am looking for all kinds of qualities and prices at the moments, but would prefer a good price for above average or decent quality eyepiece. Thanks.
  20. Thats just amazing! What set are using? Telescope, mount ,cam...etc?
  21. What I thought was interesting, 50,000 years from now the stars viewed from earth will be completely different. by the way have you written your KEO message yet? Google it
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