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  1. Hello Lenscap Thanks for the reply, I just double checked the free version. There is no observing section. I checked on the pro and the plus version on some videos , and it seems to have an observing section. So I guess that answers my question. Regards
  2. Great work! can't wait to see the final piece!
  3. So I just downloaded a couple of observing lists one of them is the light polluted skies list, it opens on the Notepad++ just fine (on my laptop), I tried to open it up with Stellaruim on PC but I guess it's not compatible, however I heard you can use them on SkySafari App on your phone, which will be convenient if I link up the software with the GoTo I have, I have Stellarium + and Free SkySafari on my phone, both won't recognise the list, do I have to purchase the SkySafari 6 Plus or the SkySafari 6 Pro to access it? P.S i wonder if there is a dedicated observing list for very dark skies, that would be great for my next camping trip!
  4. Thanks all for the information! Much appreciated
  5. This videos helped me the most when I learned my way around EQ mounts, hope this helps
  6. May I ask what difference does it make having a 2" focuser compared to the normal 1.25" focuser ?
  7. Don't you think a 12 inch non-GoTo is not the perfect starter scope? sorry I don't want to put you off or sound negative, but I think it's better if you check this exact scope at a store or better the the local club/community before buying. This is a truss scope, which I assume you have to assemble and de-assemble it every time you move + not the most convenient portable scope for a beginner.
  8. Hahaha, I'm amazed how the evolution of your dilemmas matches mine , I was just looking at Cassegrains an hour ago
  9. After reading your latest comments, I can assume you are facing 2 dilemmas: 1. is 10 inch v 8 Inch, 2. having a classical, push to , push to + or a GoTo. I just faced it a week ago and I took my decision. it will come down to the following: For choosing between 8 inch v 10, it'll come down to portability and your ability to carry the 10 inch easily or sticking to the easier 8 inch , the best telescope is the one you most use. As for the technical difference in terms of light gathering, theoretically the 10 inch collects 56% more, yet a lot of members report that the difference is noticeable only for deep sky and faint objects. Not to mention that the 10 inch is a fast focal ratio (F4.7) so will require better eyepieces (EP), while the 8 inch (F6) is more forgiving on EPs, though some members mentioned that you can always mask the 10 inch down. Also collimation is more required in the 10 inch. As for the guiding systems, it's purely personal, if you think you will enjoy learning your way around the sky with maps, you can always save up and choose the manual Dobs, however if you feel that you want to make life easier to get you into this hobby, then you may choose between the three types (Push to, Push + and GoTo) A push to may help you with learning your way around the sky, since it's partly manual. A Push plus requires the use of your phone and is cheaper than a GoTo. A GoTo is fully automated and has the advantage of tracking (not suitable for AP). these are the links for the posts that helped me decide: I hope this helps when deciding what to buy. Good Luck
  10. sorry for this question, but won't the shield extend the focal length of the telescope? which could be an advantage for fast telscopes
  11. Thanks! Very good info. I already use a LP filter and observe objects that are only high and at a manageable angle, to tackle the atmosphere and LP issues. I will consider flocking and using a cloth, wonder what will my neighbors think of the blanket xD
  12. Would love to hear about the arts and crafts that would reduce the effects of Light Pollution
  13. Note that this is a Push to and not a GoTo, a goto track the object, while a Push to shows vertical and horizontal arrows pointing to the object for you to find. For your budget I would go for the scope in the below quote (250 Dob) , or maybe the 200 Dob with savings for other accessories. If this is your first scope, visit a shop or local society to try. Maybe consider a small scope to try before spending this budget. Best of luck
  14. not planing to use this magnification on my current scope. I just ordered a 10 inch dob and will give this magnification a go. though a Barlow is always welcomed, specially when it has a different magnification magnitude (2.25), could be combined with the 18mm & 32mm , to give "equivalent" eyepiece powers that I don't have (8 & 14 ) Thanks for the heads up, will use it on a bigger scope. Thank you John, a well informative review!
  15. Thanks for the feedback As for the 6mm I agree it's redundant, but could be better with a Barlow than the 5 mm I already have? though It will be cheaper to buy the whole set than get the pieces and turret individually
  16. So I stumbled upon the Baader Classic Eyepiece Set with Q Turret, https://www.firstlightoptics.com/eyepiece-sets/baader-classic-eyepiece-set-with-turret.html The content of the set: Baader 2.25X Q Barlow Classic Ortho 6mm Classic Ortho 10mm Classic Ortho 18mm Classic Plossl 32mm Q-Turret quad eyepiece revolver Baader Astro Box What I currently own: - Standard SkyWatcher 25 mm EP and the 10mm EP -Standard SW 2X barrlow (which i hear is good?) - The 5mm Celestron X-Cel LX EP I'm not familiar with quality of EPs, and have a weak background in this subject. I'm considering the set but not sure if they are worth the price? I currently use the SW 130 EQ2, but considering the SW 250 Flextube dob, which is F 4.7, are the Badeer sets good enough for the F 4.7 telescope?
  17. An update: I think I have been hit by aperture fever! Thanks to some of the comments here, I have changed my mind to the 10 inch dob and have stretched my budget xD I'm seriously thinking of buying the 250px SW Goto now, I've settled on the decision of buying a GoTo at some-point , tracking of objects is something I'm keen on, so I guess I should get it on the 10 inch I'm planning to buy. What do you think? Am I going crazy? is it worth the price or should I wait for a better time to buy? I appreciate your criticism and honest opinion.
  18. Straight to the topic: This may affect our skies and our hobby completely. The video:
  19. oh well, you are making me scratch my head for the 10 inch dobs, although not sure about their portability and ease of transport. The bresser base looks more fancy, but not worth the price difference compared to SW 10 Dob, imo.
  20. I think his point of a solid tube, was to have the option of using it on an EQ mount, since the eq mount connect to rings that hold the tube with friction.
  21. Further to what you have posted, I also found a goto one, but it's very expensive ! https://www.amazon.com/Orion-10134-Computerized-Dobsonian-Telescope/dp/B003E8K53C Did you buy the stand separately? Or did it came with another telescope?
  22. Sir, what you have done there is amazing! After reading your reply, I'm having second thoughts about the flex tube, but still would love a GoTo, which makes me wonder why I never found an 8 solid tube dob with a GoTo, how hard is it to assemble a GoTo to dub? wonder if GoTos are sold separately anyway?! Thank you all for the advise!
  23. well my max budget is 750 quid, but would be nice if I can get a 200mm with third the price. I agree the GoTo 42,000 objects is amazing feature. thank you for the feedback! wow amazing, any topics on how you built your self an EQ mount for it?
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