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  1. Second the Bahtinov mask suggestion . Cheap option but I will be going down the focuser option at some point.
  2. Thanks James. Yes I have a x2 barlow and will be running with this soon. I know x3 barlow is recommended with RGB filters but will have to save up for that! Just pleased I got some detail as previously views of Mars have been disappointing both visually and imaging.
  3. I was out at around 22.30 and managed to get some better images than my previous effort. This time I used my Bahtinmov mask to focus which helped. I also found that the imaging had more stability earlier on and by 23:30 it started to get quite wobbly ,after that Mars went over my neighbours roof. This is my best effort so far but I still have more video to process. There are quite a lot of features on show this time and I have tried using my Sky Safari app to identify the features but I am struggling to name them. I see the image has two white patches, one I guess is the Northern polar cap but what is the other, I have seen this on some other images too, looks like cloud?! Did not use a Barlow as ran out of time so it’s quite a small image Finally does anyone have any post processing tips to help with the image, I just used Registax 6 with an RGB Align and adjusted the Gamma settings and that's it. Any Photo Shop tips? As a new member I cannot add a signature yet so details are: Celestron Nexstar 8 SE, Neximage 5 camera. 90 second capture with 4700 frames. Registax set to best 10% frames.
  4. Very nice pictures and great detail. After my first attempt last night I have along way to go!
  5. So what did people think of the new series? I enjoyed the visual presentation though not sure of the space ship he is flying around in, I guess it needs to appeal to all ages. Always enjoy Tyson's presenting and voice so it is easy to listen to. As I have not seen much of the original series I cannot compare and to be fair they are promoting it as a separate series rather than simply a remake. Has not quite matched the Wonders of the Universe & Solar system with Brian Cox yet but we will see...
  6. Thanks for every ones help and suggestions. I think it is likely to be Atmospheric dispersion. I am sure when Jupiter is high up I see no issues. Will give RGB Align a look at on Registax to see if I can reduce the blue edge. It seem to always be on the right hand side never around the entire planet.
  7. As I got early today (to watch the F1 ) I noticed Mars was in a reasonable location for some quick viewing. Once I had set everything up I noticed that I could pick up the rusty pick colour but with no real detail which was no surprise but more importantly I immediately noticed that the planets disk have quite a lot of rainbow colours at one edge. It looks like Chromatic Aberration. Now I will add that the angle was quite low in the sky, the daylight was coming and my scope was probably still quite warm. Pretty much breaking many of the rules of astronomy viewing! Now it could be for these reasons however I get similar problems when I image Jupiter with my Neximage 5. When viewing Jupiter I do not seem to see the same effects at least I cannot see them. I am using a Celestron 8 SE, Williams Optics Dialectic diagonal and Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepiece. So whilst its not high-end its not standard stock equipment either. As I say I would normally put it straight down to the viewing conditions I had but I can similar results when imaging Jupiter. Do I have two different problems or one single issue? I have amended Registax colour settings but I always get a issue with the outer edge fringing with colour (usually blue) Here is an example of the colour effect I have with imaging Jupiter. I do not use filters just the Neximage 5 camera. Is it Chromatic Aberration or is this not possible on an SCT? If so how to address this issues? Thanks.
  8. Echo some of the comments made about Sunday night, definitely a good night for Lunar observing. It was my first view of the Rupes Recta so was very pleased and completely unexpected too! I also spent along time over the Montes Apenninus. Took some pictures and I can finally see the Apollo 15 landing area next to Hadley Rille.
  9. Had a similar experience last night. Not been out for ages due to the terrible weather. Saw the Rupes Rectar (AKA Straight Wall) for the first time. I believe there are only certain times the moons terminator helps you see the object so was quite chuffed. Managed to image it as well though not the greatest shot. Also enjoyed the Montes Apenninus, what a mountain range! Lots of other interesting sights as well. I have found referring to my copy of Peter Grego 'Moons Observers' guide to be very helpful and enjoyable.
  10. Having just read through the entire post. Which incidentally was a great read following Xiga's decision making process through to his first light. My heart sank at the description of your first light experience! But you probably realised things were probably not going to go too smoothly... Anyway I am about to purchase a HEQ 5 Pro mount having owned a Celestron 8SE for about a year and half. The AP bug has finally got to me. Got a focal reducer, bahtinov mask etc so fairly well prepared. I am pretty comfortable with the stock Alt Azm mount but the main element that scares me with the HEQ5 is the polar alignment and setup of the mount itself. I have watched and read numerous videos and documents so hopefully once I have the mount and practiced both indoors and then outdoors I should be ok?! Xiga do you have any experiences after your first light. I noticed the there were no more posts (understandably as your thread was about the original purchase) Cheers
  11. Hmm just found this post a few levels down... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/205095-heq5-or-celestron-avx-for-newbie/
  12. Hi, I cant offer much help as I am in exactly the same situation! I have an Celestron 8 SE and I am now ready to upgrade to an EQ mount. Originally I was looking at the Celestron AVX mount as this seemed the logical choice. Having read up on the Internet the HEQ5 Pro seems to have more way more information and support. This may be simply because the AVX is newer? You can also upgrade the HEQ with belt drives (though this maybe possible on the AVX too) Not sure on how much the AVX can take but the HEQ 5 I believe can accept a 13KG payload? I am going more towards the HEQ but would be interested in hearing on other peoples opinion. Mike
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    Planetary images
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