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  1. I'm halfway across the US and I'm still encountering the smoke. I'm gonna try to get out and use my scope on the moon tonight. As Mars said, it's a full moon, so I'm not really missing out on much.
  2. I don't have any problems with Virtual Box or Boot Camp. I'm just lazy at the moment is all. I'll probably end up doing that as it's my only real option. Thanks everyone!
  3. So as you can tell bunt last post, I'm new at sketches. What do you think of sketching black on white paper, then inverting it on a computer to match exactly what you saw. I don't have black paper or white charcoal. Just trying to keep it cheap and trips to the art store at a minimum.
  4. Well damn. That's not fun. I couldn't find any cheap Webcam's at my local store I'd be willing to rip apart for a DIY project.
  5. If it helps any, I'd like to use the XBox 360 camera modded for these shots. Not sure if it makes a difference. Maybe another webcam that I can buy on the cheap if it wont work well.
  6. I downloaded Lynkeos for my stacker. Just need a capture software now. Sharpcap is out of the question. I'll give oaCapture a shot, any other suggestions? Like I said, with a 10" dob, I'm pretty limited to planetary and moon shots. Maybe if I get these programs figured out, I'll try for the orion or ring nebulas.
  7. It's not as hard as you may think. I measured twice, cut once, and then used some duct tape to secure the ends. Works like a charm. Good luck!
  8. I just made one out of a foam sleeping roll that I bought for $7.50 USD. It has worked so far. My scope was dripping two nights ago, but it worked like a charm. I'll post a picture later if I get the chance.
  9. You found a Z12 in Goodwill?! I just paid full price for a Z10 brand new. I'm extremely jealous! I can tell you though, I love the Z10. In the short week I've had it so far, it's been awesome. You'll love the Z12. If it's your first scope, you're even luckier. Not many people start with such a big scope, let along great quality for regular full price, not to mention brand new. If you have any questions or need help, ask away. Tons of people here are ready to help and give advice if you ask. Clear Skies!
  10. A beautiful observing weekend, no clouds forecasted, near perfect seeing, low humidity, and good transparency... What could have ruined that? Out in the Western U.S. there are some large fires that they can't get under control and all of the smoke has blown up into Canada, but a moderate wind has pushed down all of the higher level smoke. Turns out, smoke in the atmosphere is terrible for viewing ANYTHING in the sky. The only cool and positive thing that has come out of tonight so far is seeing a brown/red supermoon because of the amount of smoke in the air. Definitely want to get the scope on it later after it gets towards the back of my house. Don't want the neighbors to think I'm spying on them with a 10" Dob. hahaha. So maybe it wont be all THAT bad after all if I get the scope on the moon. Unfortunately, there is no forecast as to when this will get under control. Could be a while before I get a chance to use my brand new scope again. In the mean time, I'll be creeping around here trying to see and read what others are doing. Clear, non-smoky skies to you all.
  11. Registax isnt available as a Mac program, and I'm not really interested in downloading a ton of other emulators or virtual systems to do so. Do any of you have suggestions for a photo stacking program for Mac's. I only have a 10 inch Dob and a 5 inch reflector, neither have tracking or goto so I'm pretty limited either way. Thanks for any help!
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone! If it stays clear like its supposed to tonight,I'll try my hand at some sketches.
  13. I've been creeping around this section for a while. I'm always quiet and mostly just because I'm in awe. I'm already pretty decent at using paper and pencil. Other than that, how do you scale out your drawings? How long does one sketch take you? What are some tips or tricks you have for someone like me who is just starting out at trying this? It's a cool thought that people like Messier used to do this same exact thing to make maps of our skies, and log their discoveries as well. Thank you for the wonderful help as always. I know I can count on you guys and girls!
  14. Very cool! Never would have thought to do something like this...
  15. Oh my gosh... That's gorgeous!
  16. 14x70?! I have a 10x50 I thought was big. I'll tell you what though, my next three days are forecasted as clear. Cant wait!!
  17. I'll see if I can get him on board. Like I said, I can run the monthly guides and targets of the month... But when it comes to imaging, that will be an issue in the fact that I have little to no knowledge of astrophotography and what targets are easy, medium, hard, etc... I love the idea of adding that in there though. Qualia, the first Edition is out already! Check it out if you get the chance. Make sure it's the one that says "EDITED" in the title. Clear Skies. Here's the link... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/251388-update-september-2015-targets-of-the-month/
  18. Thank you sir. I posted an updated version of this thread and have a Lat/Long of 51N and 0W. Roughly based off of London. The only target that was still a little low for some users was Antares.
  19. Michael, I'm not very up to speed on imaging. I can do my best, or if you would like to head that up, feel free to make another post in the TOTM thread. :-)
  20. John, thank you for the advice. I put Pluto in the hard category for that exact reason. Dave, not sure what's going on with my signature block. Normally it would have my telescope, and my Messier count. I'll have to look. I have a Zhumell Z10 Dob that is brand new. I'm starting over with my Messier list for this scope. I think as a rite of passage, all of my scopes will have to get all of the Messier objects in view. Michael, I'll gladly take any advice about difficulty level. I'm just crossing the line from beginner to intermediate in my opinion. Had a small 5" scope for the last two years, and before that, star charts and books with binoculars as far back as I can remember. I don't use any GoTo. Just my hands a red flash light, a chart, and eyes to get me to where I want to go. I love the challenge. It looks like clear skies tonight and tomorrow! I might try to find Comet Jacques over the next couple nights. Clear skies to you all as well!
  21. Great report. You just gave me an idea to pull out my binos in the morning before work and check out the Pleiades. I can see Orion in the morning again. It's almost like seeing a long lost friend. Clear Skies, and clear sinuses... haha
  22. So as you may have seen, I have updated the targets on this list to be UK friendly as well as the Northern U.S. I am at 45 degrees North in the U.S. and I have updated the targets to be plenty visible at 51 degrees North and kept well above the horizon. I took a few targets that were mentioned in the original September 2015 ToTM post into consideration. Thank you for your continued interest and ideas to get this off the ground. Towards the end of September, I plan on posting an "Observations for September 2015 ToTM." There, we can more or less consolidate our findings. Thank you again for your support and kind words. I think this is going to turn out to be great fun! Easy: Main Target of the Month: **Albireo** Binary Star System. (Mag 3.05) Gorgeous Orange and Blue binary pair. Others may see it in different colors. What do you see? Secondary targets: **M3** Globular Cluster. (Mag 7) I've never seen this one personally, but I've heard it's a good sight in smaller scopes and binoculars. **M13** Hercules Cluster (Mag 7) One of my favorite Globular clusters at this time of year... Enjoy! Medium: Main Target of the Month: **M57** Ring Nebula (Mag 9) M57 is a Planetary Nebula at magnitude 9 in the Constellation Lyra. It is the remnants of a dying star. It is right around 1360 ly from us. Secondary Targets: **M27** Dumbell Nebula (Mag 7.5) A very cool planetary nebula, how much detail can you see? Hows the LP in your area? Did you have any difficulty finding the it at all? **Antares Binary** Can be a more difficult split due to the fact it requires near perfect seeing conditions and at least a good 6" scope to split. Hard: Main target of the Month: NGC6543 (Cats Eye Nebula) A mag 9.6 planetary nebula that lies about 3262 ly away in the constellation draco. I've not heard much about the cats eye being observed personally. What can you guys tell me? Secondary Targets: **Pluto** (Dwarf Planet) An obvious more difficult target that is in the Southern sky this month. It's mag 14.14 and a little over 3.6 billion miles from us. (Just shy of 6 billion km) Can you see it? What can you see? **M82** (Cigar Galaxy) M82 is a mag 9.5 galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. It is five times brighter than our whole milky way and 100 times brighter than our center. What do you think? So there it is! Again, updated and UK user friendly. I'm very excited to see what people come up with or post. I'm hoping this catches on over the next few months and we can get this really popular and have a blast with it. Hope you enjoy. Good luck, and Clear Skies to all!
  23. You can replace it with a RACI (Right Angle Correct Image) finder or another kind that is highly recommended and the name is escaping me right now. Someone else will be able to help you out. Even your finderscope will need to be positioned to get you in the correct location. I recommend centering the moon in your eyepiece, then zeroing the finderscope onto the center of that. You can also aim the scope at something far away during the day and zero on that. Some people like the red dot finders, others hate them. It's all personal preference.
  24. It's great to see I have some interest in this. Since I still have 5 more days until September starts, I put together an updated Target of The Month for September that I will post in a separate new thread. The targets will be much better suited for those who are in the UK (based on 51°N), but those in the Northern latitudes in North America, (I'm at 44°N) will work just as well. Again, thank you all for the support and encouragement with this little project. :-)
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