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  1. Happy New Years to me!! Clear skies forecasted from Thursday night into Friday and Friday night into Saturday! Catalina and DSO's here I come!! Oh how I've missed you!!

  2. I have Bushnell Customs. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I have a pair of 10X42's for grab and go use. Is this acceptable for astronomy? I've used them before, but no tripod. It doesn't have a mount that I know of. I still need to look behind the front cap. Should I try the Celestron 10X50 binoculars? I just found the g2 porro version for $25. Should I save up and get a better version or are my 10X42's okay? Thanks for the help!
  4. I've never used a Cheshire collimating cap, so I can't speak to those. The secondary mirror occasionally needs to be adjusted. Just be careful and know how to go back to where it was if you need to. Laser collimating is easier imo. Cheshire collimating is meant to make it good enough for use from what I've read. Not perfect. In the wise words of the movie Frozen... "LET IT GO! LET IT GOOOOOOO!! :-) sorry... Couldn't help myself. Best of luck whatever your decision may be.
  5. You could always try to put it smack dab center. If it's out of collimation put it back to its current position. That far will make little to no difference in my experience. Another thing comes to mind... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..." If you're not OCD like I am, and you're getting great views, don't worry about it!
  6. New Years night (31st into the 1st) is looking VERY promising for my first observation of Catalina, and so is the night of the first. It'll be a balmy 14 degrees F... It's the first clear night in over a month for me. Nice still air, no wind... I'm hoping this holds up. I'm so excited!!! I'm making my 2016 target list as I type. :-) a comet on the first day of a year is not a bad way to start out!!
  7. There are plenty of targets for a 150mm scope. :-) it just takes practice finding what you are looking for. The first time you find Jupiter or Saturn in your scope, you'll be ecstatic! Not to mention you can watch four of Jupiter's moons change their positions throughout the night! Enjoy!!
  8. All I had to do was tighten the center bolt........,I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the help!
  9. Steve, I live in the US, so it's not likely I'll order from there. Thanks though! Good to know what I'm looking for though.I'll try to tighten the center bolt first. I have a board that's perfect size for my scope laying around. Now that I'm thinking about it in a platform sense, it seems easier to overcome. Thanks everyone!
  10. The Orion and Meade products will have an overall better quality. The lightbridge has good reviews. Imo, you'd be happier with one of those two. It's really preference though. The
  11. I'm not surprised that people are unhappy with the 127. It seems like people are on either end of the spectrum. Either completely bad or good. I had no issues pulling the details out of Jupiter and I could make out the Cassani division on Saturn. Like I said in my original post, keeping your expectations in check compared to what scope you have is a big part of it. Also, save up for another month or two for a better scope if you can. I however, bought the 127, then doubled my aperture and the quality of the materials, workmanship, etc three years later.
  12. Long story short, my dob likes to rotate ever so slightly on the yaw axis because my yard isn't flat.... Anywhere! Is there a product or any way to make some kind of friction stopper? It barely moves, but obviously, in astronomy, that's a problem. I appreciate any help!
  13. I will also second the binocular suggestion. I have a pair of 10x42 that I always have with me... Even on work trips or vacation. My 127 is now my secondary scope and is for quick setup or short viewing nights. My main scope now, after three years in the hobby is a 10" Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian telescope. That is for my dedicated and long haul nights where I'm looking to hang out for a while. What aeajr said is very true...you'll eventually end up with all three. The order is up to you. In my opinion though, go with the 114 or the 127. I'd get the extra inch of aperture in the 127. I personally wouldn't bother with the 80. Again, just my opinion.hope this helps!
  14. If your budget is $150 I'd go with the celestron powerseeker 127eq. I had that as my primary scope for 2.5 years and had no issues with mine. It worked well on binary stars, all the planets except the dwarf planets, some of the brighter dso's, a comet or two, etc. Part of the game is keeping your expectations in check. Don't expect Hubble type images to come out of your scope. Even the guys on here with 26 inch plus diameter Dobsonian telescopes can't do that... Though I'm still envious. One thing I always reminded myself was that I was lucky to be seeing the faint smudge that is a galaxy or nebula, even though it's not as impressive as magazine pictures. The light from M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) took 2.5 million years to reach my scope and into my eye. In the 127eq, (5 inch diameter) scope, on decent nights, I could see only the core of the Galaxy. On the better nights I could see the core and a faint smudge around it. You will learn to appreciate the faint fuzzies that are nebulae, globular clusters, dim comets, and so on... It's truly a thrill. Oh... Don't forget about the moon. Luna is always fun!! I bought my powerseeker 127eq for $130. Shop around, I know you'll find one for $150 or less. I hope to see you around here more and asking questions. You found a great group of people on here!
  15. In my opinion, have fun with what you have right now. Just get the 2x Barlow and work with that and learn your limits and capabilities. A 5" celestron telescope gave me over two years of targets. I could have gone longer, but I opted for a 10" Dobsonian on my second scope. You have a lot to learn if you're new to this. You're not far behind me though. I'm only about 4 years into the hobby seriously. I have been into stargazing and astronomy my whole life. Just a warning though, this is a deep rabbit hole you wil never recover from if you wander down it.... Oh wait... Too late. You already have!! :-) enjoy your scope. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing you around and posting your reports in the reports section!
  16. This was a year full of firsts for me. I used my small Celestron 127 EQ until September when I got my first "real" big scope. My Zhumell Z10. With the celestron, I enjoyed Albireo, along with Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, a couple other binaries, and a couple handfuls of Messier Catalogue objects. With my Z10, I have better views of everything. I saw the Ring Nebula for the first time, along with the Dumbell Nebula (I thought it was getting cloudy the first time I saw it), Andromeda Galaxy in better detail, numerous binaries and globs a 5" scope couldn't touch. I can't possibly pick a favorite out of these, let alone the rest I haven't listed. I have also started sketching for the first time since I bought the new scope. Now I'm just waiting for clear skies to use my UHC/LPR and OIII filters I got for Xmas!! Goals for 2016: Attempt my first Quasar, my first observations of the outermost planets and dwarf planets, bag a comet (Catalina), complete my Messier list with the big scope, and numerous others. Can't wait to see what all is in store for everyone in 2016!! Clear skies and dark skies my friends...
  17. I'm reading through both of those links now. Such a great resource! Thanks a ton for sharing!
  18. Thank you very much Dave! They're the Celestron Brand ones. They're no Lumicon's but they have great reviews everywhere I look. I can't wait to try them out!
  19. I have to share how excited I am here since my wife could give two (craps) what I get for my scope. My in-laws spoiled me with an O-III filter and an UHC-LPR filter. Can't wait to get out and use these. I was gone on a work trip for a month then I come home... I haven't seen the blue sky or the night sky for almost two whole weeks. Hurry up clear skies! I have two new toys to go with my three month old 10 inch Dobsonian!!
  20. Lately I've had an influx of satellites go whizzing through my FOV. If they're bright enough and I'm not expecting it, it'll give me a good scare.
  21. Last night was perfect observing weather. Transparency was above average and the seeing was great. I could tell even five minutes after being in the dark. I could easily see mag 5 stars and my usual during the summer is only around mag 3.8-4.2. I got my 10" Dob all set up and was ready to roll for the entire evening. I got maybe 45 mins into my session observing the Ring Nebula, Albireo, Mizar and Alcor, and I accidentally stumbled upon the Phantom Streak Nebula. Keep in mind it wasn't entirely dark and it took me a few glances and using averted vision, I could make out the general shape. the size was also correct. No detail was seen and it literally looked like a streak and not a planetary nebula of any kind that I've seen. No sooner does my 7 month old start screaming and my wife texts me to come inside. She didn't stop screaming. Finally I gave up and decided to pack it in for the night. Little did I know, my night was far from over. Both observing and parenting wise. We all finally got to sleep, only to wake up what felt like 20 mins later but was actually three hours to another round of screaming. I fed her a bottle and she went back to sleep. I just happened to glance outside after I put her down... I rubbed my eyes a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things... then a few more... It's an aurora!! I ran down and grabbed my camera and set it up. I got about an hour and a half of exposures for a 30 second time lapse video. While I was out there I was also got amazingly lucky that the a-Aurigids and September Perseids decided to put on a show at the same time. In the short time I was out there, I saw 12 meteors total. Judging by speed and origin, I'd call it two a-Aurigids and ten September Perseids. I saw at least two very persistent trails. They were mostly white or light blue, but there was a really cool green one with a bluish trail. Overall, it turned out to be a great night. An Aurora, an hour on a 10" Dob, and two different meteor showers at the same time. I'd have liked more time on the scope for such a clear night all night... But hey, I cant complain. I never thought I'd be so grateful for a baby to wake me up screaming... She was looking out for me this time I guess... Clear skies my friends.
  22. Can't wait to see what you got! It's been cloudy these last couple nights. I cant complain. I've had my scope out 6 times in the last two weeks. Almost a 50% success rate. Not shabby in this hobby! Clear skies, friend.
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