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  1. Jim, which Tak astrogrph? Tak makes a few dedicated astrographs: FSQ85 and FSQ106 refractors and the Epsilons, CCA-250 and FRC-300 reflectors. Is it the Epsilon you refer to? I have had and FSQ106, but kept the FSQ85 as it just sits my needs better.
  2. Note the price for the bare DED108SS OTA back then - 350,000 Yen, which equates to £2000! Anyone know what an FSQ106N sold for back then? Be interesting to compare their prices.
  3. Just to further this, here's a few images of my DED108SS (with FL102S for company) and some period Vixen advertising for same.
  4. I was the prior owner Brian refers to. Indeed, a fantastic scope. I too sold mine to afford an FSQ106ED, and I regretted every second of it - in my opinion, the DED EXCEEDS the FSQ in terms of image quality (and that is a difficult statement to make!). I understand Vixen was unsuccessful with the DED simply due to costs involved - the 2nd generation DED's were not as good as the first (which I owned), and this lead to the demise of the system. A shame - even Markus Ludes commented on the pros f the DED vs the FSQ. In fact, when I sold my FSQ, I re-acquired my Vixen FL102S that I too stupidly sold to afford the FSQ... and I don't regret that either! The FL102S is a simply superb telescope. A friend of mine recently re-acquired my former DED - I am going to try my best to twist his arm to take her back.
  5. Found it - Celestron says 3/4". Also state that the CG5 (SW EQ5) weights will fit. I think the EQ8 weights are identical too.
  6. Forgot to mention, the mount is not here yet, but I want to get prepared. My OTA weighs 12KG, so the single 7kg counterweight with it falls a little short
  7. What is the diameter of the CGEM counterweight shaft? Will Skywatcher HEQ5/NEQ6 counterweights fit the shaft? Or will I need to buy Celestron weights? Thanks.
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