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  1. The original comments were about the HEQ5. I should think using my little pulley and weight mod would work really well on an HEQ5. Balance it as close as you can first, and then slip the weight on. No need to worry about what side of the mount you are on, or. meridian flips. You can add or remove washers to give the amount of bias you want.

  2. It does have magnetic tension, but my guiding is more consistent when the weight is in place. All gearing assemblies will still have play, not just in the meshing of the gears. The fact that the worm/motor unit moves in and out to engage/disengage will inherently have tolerance to move. If you can keep a controllable consistent pressure on the driven side of the gears it will run smoother and have less flex in the gearing unit as a whole. I don’t get so much variation in guiding when I have to flip to the other side of the mount.  I suppose the bottom line is l like modifying things to make then run to their optimum. 

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  3. Hi.

    l use an alternative to balancing east heavy. Every time you have to do a meridian flip, you have to readjust your counterbalance weight, which can be a pain to get exact. What I do is balance as neutral as possible and then add a weight on a pulley. See  image below. The advantage, is that the pressure is always the same even when you flip to the other side of the mount. The gears will always be in constant mesh. Just another way of doing it.


  4. Thanks for all the input guys. It looks like longer subs of 5 to 6 minutes is the way to go. Using more darks I thinks is obviously going to help in cleaning things up, but longer subs to grab more photons seems to be the main route to solve the  problem. Learnt a new trick though. Don’t always use  Exposure and Gamma when converting from 32bit to 16bit. Try them all, and see  which one gives the best results. Maybe everybody does that anyway, but l can’t remember seeing any video using anything other than Exposure and Gamma. Out of interest, do we really need to convert to 16bit. ?

  5. Hi

    used 5 darks. No bias or flats.

    l have just hit upon an interesting phenomenon. I normally convert in photoshop the DSS auto save down to 16bit using Exposure & Gamma. Thought I would try another option, Equalize & Histogram. Amazing. It just appeared. Do you think I could still do with longer exposures though. Check out the two results below using the two 16bit conversions.




  6. Hi Everyone 

    Tried a new target last night, Bode’s Galaxy. The results were terrible. I think I have under exposed drastically. Could barely make out any detail in the galaxy. I did 42subs at 180secs. with a 102mm F8 refractor, and an Atik 490EX and CLS CCD filter. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I do more subs, or longer subs. Maybe 360secs. I thought Bode’s was quite bright. Had excellent results running 180sec subs on M42. The centre gets blown out, but the gas clouds are super clear.

    any thoughts. Cheers. Paul

  7. Excellent results for 2500mm. Ordered a CEM60 myself. Non EC. Just waiting for it to arrive. They seem to be in high demand. Waited more than 2 months so far for mine. I have read the manual 3 times while waiting. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

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  8. Hi . I am on the same wave length as you with plonk it outside and go. I think that the only GPS unit that will work with it is the Celestron GPS. I have sent a technical query to Celestron about this. Will get back to you with their response. I did read that the GPS unit is not compatable, but hope this is an error in the Celestron website. It would seem a bit daft to make it easier to set up alignment with star sense at the expense of GPS positioning. A bit counter productive.

    Will come back to you soon.

  9. Hi John and others. Thanks for the warm welcome. I have noticed the reduced light gathering power of the Tak, but what it does gather is crystal clear even during these couple of hazy evenings we have had. Can't wait for some clearer nights to expose its real potential. Most of my interest has been cantered around our solar system and the moon. That's one reason why we opted for a smaller objective with good resolving detail.

    clear sky's. Paul and Chrissy

  10. Hi everyone.

    I have noticed in this warm weather that there is quite a lot of free movement in the dec motor gears on my CGEM. If l remember rightly it was almost non existent during the cold evenings a few months ago. Does the free play increase during warm weather. Can this be adjusted out. Has anyone come across this.

    cheers Paul and Chrissy

  11. Hi everyone. The wife and l have started star gazing after looking through a £20 little plastic telescope. We bought this for one of the grandchildren and were hooked. Our first scope was a Celestron C6RGT. The telescope was fantastic, but a little larger than the wife had expected. The CG5 mount that came with it was nothing but trouble from the day we had it. After two returns to the importer, we gave up all hope and changed to a CGEM. What a monster mount. I love engineering and the wife thinks l am mad. As you have probably concluded, l don't do things by halves, like to get things that do the job well. The CG5 really put a dampener on the stargazing excitement for while. Fighting for hours trying to get the stupid thing to work leaves you very frustrated. Anyway. After having the C6R yard cannon for about a year, we decided that a little more petit telescope would be better. I did not want to compromise on quality though. So. I have just received a Takahashi TSA102s. I am now broke, but what a beautifully made telescope. Need some dark sky's now to test her out properly. I think that's about it up to the moment. Will come back with my thoughts on the Tak compared to the C6R when we have had some quality time viewing.

    looking forward to being a member of your group.

    Paul and Chrissy.

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