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  1. koolam

    hi from wolvo

    Hi,I'm lee from Wolverhampton ,had my first view of Saturn tonight with my first scope ,was pretty awesome,have see Jupiter and mars last week which was great, have had a passive interest in astronomy since I was a kid now in my mid 30s thought it was time to get a scope,glad I did,looking forward to seeing more stuff soon.
  2. There is nice site round the corner from my house in tividale,oldbury on the old quarry on the hill the side of city road ,highest point in the Midlands so I've been told ,lots of walkways easily accessible.You also get good views in the day .Being new to the area I had never heard of the place so was a bonus when I discovered it.Personally the darkest sky I have seen in the Midlands is in between kiddy and brignorth near shattersford way
  3. Wow ,thanks for the feedback ,very interesting stuff,will defo check those sites out!!!!!
  4. Hi ,have been seeing strange moving stars recently they are quite bright and move fairly quick then just fade away,have even seen what looks like a pair moving at the same time,am I right thinking they are satellites or even space stations? Couldn't imagine they could be anything else,,,,cheers
  5. Cheers guys,was just curious about what you could see with the naked eye,might have to have a drive out on a clear night
  6. Hi ,I'm new to this ,was wondering if there are any decent dark sites in the Midlands,and is it possible to see milky way, cheers Lee
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