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    I been a visual advanced astronomer for 40 years I have had over 60 telescopes if almost every kind I am primarily A planetary observer which I have a criterion RV-6 Dynasxope which is great on the planets I like to swim play basketball and read
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  1. Thanks Ed. My son. Just wants to learn. The constellations. Clusters. And look at. The moon. He is beginner. Like I was. When I was 12. But when I was 12 I started. With the classic. Criterion. Rv-6 dynascope that got me hook especially on. The. Planets.
  2. I wanted to genome of these. Edmund astroscans. For my son. But are the older American. Made and Japan. Ones better optically than these. New china made ones. They. Have now. Let me know. Dale
  3. I don't have 50 inch on the back of my mirror but the person I bought it From said it was a f/8.3 focal ratio which would be 1261 focal length the tube is 50 inches long too thanks john
  4. I have a old criterion 1960,s 6f/8!scope And in the older ads they say the focal length was 1216 mm But it says in the older sky&teleacope Books it was a f/8.3 Not a f/8 if you go by f/8.3 it has 1261 mm focal length Does anyone have a older criterion RV-6 scope Dale
  5. I have never bought a Edscorp Edmund orthoscopics made I n Japan Has anyone tried these Edscorp orthos? I have all UO orthoscopics Is there any difference in them? Dale
  6. You right konings work well with anything at f/7 or slower The fov is almost sharp to the edge in my f/8.3 scope
  7. I bet They are made from the same Japanese company my Antares 12.5 mm flat top ortho looks just like them and even my UO 6mm HD ortho they are all excellent in sharpness and contrast and worth every Penny on the planets For sure dale
  8. John I love my UO 12mm konjng really sharp to the edge Great for globulars at 105x And flat field In my RV-6 scope
  9. The 18mm UO ortho is sharper all the way to the edge while the Meade 18mm swa 4000 suffers a little on that the eye relief seems more easier with the Otho Than the Meade 18mm swa I prefer the 18mm UO ortho since I can used my 3x tri mag Barlow on it to give me a better view of the planets
  10. Ok I will try it with my orthos The my konings when I get a clear Night
  11. John I let you know how it performs I know I can unscrew the bottom part with the lens and screw it on the end I any eyepiece and it would act as a 1.5x Barlow lens
  12. No I just got my Orion Japan version 3x tri mag Barlow when I get a clear night I will try it out its been hazy bad skies and hot here dale
  13. Thanks anyway Rowan But I just got this Orion Japan 3x tri mag and will try it out soon I heard I can unscrew The lens part and put it and screw it into an eyepiece and it will act as a 1.5x Barlow Not bad Dale
  14. Thank John yep it's a Japan One and probably has no false Colors at all on any object so I let you know and I will try to out I also have a Japan 2x celestron ultima Barlow lens too
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