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  1. Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. He has decided to go for the SkyQuest IntelliScope XT10i Dob. Hopefully it's ok for him. He has the room so that's not an issue. Hopefully it's the start of something great. Thanks again for all your help. Really appreciate it. Starrgrrl
  2. Hi everyone. Thanks for all the advice. My friend has decided to go for a SkyQuest IntelliScope XT10i Dobsonian. Fingers crossed its a good one for him. Thanks again. Starrgrrl
  3. I think he wants to buy it in a package. As an amateur he believes if makes less room for mistakes and missing parts Etc. he's leaving toward a push-to dob now. Thanks for the advice so far.
  4. Thanks for that John. I really don't think he'd drop the goto. Think that's actually what he liked most about mine. "How easy it is" So if you had to pick A nexstar 4se v XT8i Dobsonian? For roughly the same price 500£
  5. Hi yes. He wants a goto (frustration) The push to on some dobs would be ok.
  6. Sorry. Another one of these topics. I've researched as much as I can and seem to be getting no where in helping my friend. Basically he has a budget of 800€ to spend on a scope. He loves my my nexstar 8se which I bought recently. But obviously that's not near to being in his budget. What do you think is his best option? Mainly for some planet viewings but in time some astrophotography. What's a good all round scope? Portability and storage is not a problem. He has a good space for it. Would he be very dissapointed with a 4se after viewing through my 8se? Would you recommend an XT10i Dobso
  7. Thanks Chris. Any advice is good for an amateur Just looking at a 10" dobsonian. This is probably a silly question. But does that use a mount? It looks huge and it's on the floor in the video. Is that how it's used? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the link cjg If you were him. What would you spend your money on?
  9. Hi. Didn't want to start a new topic yet. So just taught I'd bump this for a start. Thanks for all advice. Basically I'm loving my new scope. Problem is so does my friend. He wants one too!! So I'm wondering if you could offer some advice. He's willing to spend £700/€800 give or take. He's an amateur like me. He likes the compact style of the nexstar, do you think he'd be happy with the 4se as its in his budget (£490/€569)or should be push for the 5se(£775/€899) which is over his budget but would it be worth it? Or is there another scope he should think of. Mostly planet and lunar watching.
  10. Thanks again everyone. It's 900€ actually. With a power adapter. I live in the country LP is not much of a problem from my back door. I think I will take a gamble and get it. A lot of money for somewhat of an amateur. But it should keep me entertained for a long time. Ill be back with some questions I'm sure. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm not sure about the "set up" of it, I think it's a manual input of date and time etc. but I'll keep in mind the west of time zone thing. Thanks. One of my main concerns of getting a scope is the upgrade part of it, i.e changing in a few years. But from what I've read it seems this one should keep me going for a long time. I hadn't planned on spending that much on one. But seems a better idea to get it and be done instead of the wondering what if....... Thanks again for the advice. Starrgrrl
  12. Hi marki Thanks for the reply. I saw the scope today. Looks brand new. It was set up etc but now it's back in the box and looks perfect. He has lowered his price to 750£. It's still a lot of money but I'm hopeful it'll hold it's value over the years. Is this correct? Thanks again
  13. Hi everyone! I've always had an interest in astronomy and have been using a celestron 15x75 binoculars and tripod for a while. Today I was offered a celestron nexstar 8se for £900 (a friend of a friend unwanted gift kinda thing) and was wondering if this seems like good value or if not what is a reasonable price? What are your general opinions on this telescope? Thanks a million!
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