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  1. I do have live view. I think I can also do zoom. I have never toyed with a Bahtinov mask, do you have any comments on using/purchasing one?
  2. texwarhawk


    My beginning attempts at astrophotography.
  3. It wasn't very clear (I was within a mile of Houston city limits). This is from a 20s video taken on a Meade 4504 on a Nikon D5200. I'm not sure if I'm having trouble focusing (using a very cheap barlow), or if it's an issue with collimation or light polution. Any advice helps! Thanks!
  4. Thanks! My windows install got corrupted and I do a lot of weather modelling so I decieded not to reinstall it. I'm just looking for software that will take a video and stack the images easily, as well as let me combine multiple photos for stacking. I saw that Nebulosity 3 is paid, is version 2 also? My budget is sadly zero at this point. I do understand that I found myself a hobby that can become very financially demanding so if there's no easy free software that's fine.
  5. Hey! I use linux (ubuntu and centos). I was wondering what the best free software for image processing you know of? I already know of gimp, but thats about it. Thanks
  6. Also a beginner here. Great photos! I just started with imaging also, but your stuff is tons better than mine! What software are you using to stack? Also what type of telescope and dslr do you have? Thanks
  7. How about for other objects? Moon? Sun? DSO (e.g., Orion Nebula)? Thanks again!!!
  8. It's a single image taken with my D5200 in a 4.5" Meade 4504. The focuser on the telescope is a two inch steel barrel. It initally came with a cap that held .965" eyepeices. I have replaced that with a 1.25" eyepeice holder. With just the t-adapter and the camera I couldn't focus in far enough, so I had to use a $6 barlow (haha). I bought the telescope and mount off a guy on craigslist for $40. If I could get the computerized mount to align properly then I would be set. Oh well. I'll make sure to keep y'all updated. Do either of you have any experice with electronic eyepeices or cheap CCDs? Is there any advantage to one of those over my D5200 other than focusing? I'm hesitant to go into the electrionic eyepeices because they seem to be modified webcams with like 5MP max. The D5200 is like 20+MPs. Do I gain anything from the higher resolution?
  9. Finally the clouds broke and I was able to get this photo of Jupiter. As you can probably tell I'm having a few issues. I have to have the ISO nearly maxed out so I can have a quick shutter speed because I'm having a few issues aligning my mount. Also, I am taking the photos within a mile of Houston city limits so light pollution is a major issue. The shutter is causing the camera to shake slightly. FInally, I'm using a cheap barlow lens. I would love any comments or ideas on how these issues can be solved. Thanks! Meade 4504, Nikon D5200
  10. I just bought a Celestron Firstscope 114EQ off a guy for 25USD. It came with a crappy mount, but the mirrors look great. A few minor dents on the the tube, but overall good. Except... It seems to have been left out in the rain or something. All the bolts and screws are rusted. A few are missing heads. I knew this when I bought it and I wasn't too worried about $25. The big issue came today when the focuser knobs quit working. I finally found the issue to be on the focuser tube itself. It has metal teeth that the wheel rolls up and down. I can still focus but it's a huge pain. I'm on a budget and can't afford to buy a new telescope (unless it's another 4.5" for less than 50USD haha). Does anyone know if I can get a replacement focuser? It's 1.25". Thanks!!! Jared
  11. I'd first like to apologize for the repost, I just recently found this forum and I believe this would be a better place for the post. I just purchased a Meade 4504 and so far observing has been pretty great. However, I have a Nikon D5200, and would love to use it for astrophotography. The issue I've run into is that the 4504 uses .965. I know that I could modify it for 1.25 by upgrading the focuser. This is a little more modification than I want to do at the moment though. I have seen .965 - 1.25" adapters for sale. Has anyone tried using a .965 - 1.25" adapter and a t-ring adapter for imaging? I feel like I have seen somewhere that it is possible, but focusing was a real pain. Any ideas? Sorry again for the repost, I'm just a newbie.
  12. Well I've seen .965 to 1.25 adapters online for fairly cheap. I've seen that others have issues focusing with older reflecting telescopes. I just don't want to spend $50 to find I can't get anything in focus.
  13. Hey! This is my first post on any astronomy forum. This afternoon I bought a Meade 4504 telescope for $50. I took it out and got some amazing views of Saturn. I also own a Nikon d5200 that I would love to use it for astrophotography. This would be a small issue except the 4504 uses .965 eye prices. My question is- has anyone attached a .965 to 1.25" adapter along with a t-ring adapter and gotten favorable results? Also, if I did it this way, how much issue would I have with focusing? Thanks in advance!
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