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  1. Just had a glimpse at M33, quite faint in 12" dob, but visible even without averted vision.
  2. Will always say hello to M13 if visible, it was my first DSO and it still strikes me everytime I observe it. Cat's Eye Nebula - so tiny, but so beautiful. Jupiter and it's moons - love the diversity and constantly changing views.
  3. Hi there. What alignment did you use? 2 star alignment is the best one, making sure they are at least 60-90 degrees apart. Also double check the coordinates, time and date (american style mm/dd/yyyy). Let us know how you get on.
  4. Thanks. Seeing wasn't good, loads of air turbulence I used Neximage 5 which I'm still trying to figure out. As my first attempt, I'm very happy with it
  5. Hey there! It's always worth checking the skies I have just packed up after couple hours observing. You're right about Jupiters moons, 2 of them did look like a pair of eyes, so close to each other.
  6. Got SW 300p flextube dob. Mainly observed DSOs so far, really looking forward to do some planetary viewing.
  7. So far the skies are lovely and forecast seems promising, waiting for the neighbours to go sleepies now
  8. Going to try to say hello tonight to Jupiter for the first time this year. Can't wait!
  9. Thanks for replies! Have received my Telrad and 4'' riser. Still have to figure out where and how correctly to place it on the scope
  10. Thanks LeeB! That makes perfect sense, 4'' it is then
  11. Hi Guys, I have my eyes on getting a Telrad and I can see there are risers for them - 2'' and 4''. For my SW 300p Flextube, which one would you suggest to buy? For better eye relief I would think 4'' is better, but isn't it too much?
  12. Thanks everyone for advice, there are some really good stuff on here! Just need now clear nights to try it all out!
  13. Thanks leonpc! I have signed up for local astro group and we will meet in couple weeks time, I'm sure with other people around I will feel much better. My hubby loves his sleep way too much , so usually it's just me in the back garden. Solar observation has always interested me, but I haven't researched this topic well enough yet to be able to jump into it, also would need to get filters etc. or even better a separate kit for that
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