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    Astronomy is the counterpoint to my other hobby; making extreme noise music. Been playing guitar for 30 years, love cyclocross, photography, ju jitsu, mma and the music of Oxbow, Neurosis, Black Flag, Flipper and Mark Lanegan. Yup, parties at my place are a right barrel of laughs.
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  1. I think the noise setting is used to minimise or remove hot pixels...
  2. If you plug your equipment details into this http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm You will get a pretty accurate representation of the field of view the object should occupy i.e. how much of the whole view it will take up. As for the actual appearance of the object, detail and so on varies widely depending on the equipment used. thanks Chris
  3. I just use sketching as a form of recording my session. I basically imagine a clock face and locate stars as accurately as possible. I make a rough attempt to represent the brightness/apparent size but I'm not to obsessive about it. I've tried a couple of clusters so far, just did them as a smudge with areas of brightness represented rather than accurately recorded to the nth degree. Mainly I use it as a way to capture my observation and also to force my eyes to tease out every last bit of detail I can. Just use a cheap sketch book, couple of cheap pencils from the B end of the spectrum, finge
  4. Never even been to Bradford but welcome anyway!!! Cheers mate Chris
  5. m37

    Hello SGL!

    That looks like a really great piece of ingenuity! Welcome aboard. If you could share how you built your scope we would all love to see the details. Chris
  6. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it! Chris
  7. m37

    Hi from Exmoor

    Hello and welcome. Chris
  8. Welcome to sgl my friend. You're in the right place, lots of knowledge on here. Friendly too! Cheers Chris
  9. m37

    Hello From Surrey

    Welcome aboard! Could you post some pictures as you progress with your project? Lots of diy fans on here (me included!) Who would love to see your work! Cheers Chris
  10. m37

    Ciao from Italy

    Hi friend, welcome to the board! Chris
  11. Hello Ben, welcome on board! Chris
  12. Hi Roy. Warmest welcomes from Nottingham! Cheers Chris
  13. Hello and welcome. Cheers Chris
  14. Hi mate and a warm welcome from Nottingham uk! Chris
  15. Hi and welcome! Wex photographic sometimes have some good used and clearance tripods/monopods so might be worth a look. Your nearest London camera exchange might also have some used gear. Cheers
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