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  1. Hi, I invited myself to this, hope you don't mind, but is it still going ahead? Covid aside, the forecast looks terrible too! Pete Towers
  2. No, I might have another go at running it for 4 hours and trying to make sure nothing tries to connect to it (which is supposed to reset the WiFi) but I'm a bit sceptical - I think I may have blown it up.... Are you having problems with yours?
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. I've had the batteries out for 1/2 an hour or so and just re-tried it. Still the same result. I also tried leaving it powered on for over 4 hours without attempting to connect to it, as this is supposed to reset the Wi-Fi, but this had no effect either.
  4. My Az GTi mount had been working well, apart from occasional Wi-Fi drop-outs, until yesterday, when the batteries ran low. I'd left it running unattended for a while, and when I came back found it had stopped tracking and the red LED was continuously rapidly flashing. This isn't described in the users manual, but I presumed it was a low power indication. I plugged in an external battery pack, that I know to be good as it has been used before and has 8 of the same batteries as the internal battery pack, but now when I switch it on the LED flashes a couple of times and then stays stead
  5. Hi, I'm interested in the Altair GPCAM only. Can you confirm that it is the GPCAM2 and is definitely the mono version? You mention it is unused, but do you know if it is working and complete with the CS fit UV filter and the 20mm nosepiece extension? - I can't see the nosepiece in the box. Thanks, Pete
  6. Had a great time, despite the weather. Enjoyed the quiz, company, food and talks, so thanks to everyone involved in organising and laying-on this event.
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