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  1. Hi Roshan, Yes there is much beauty in our Universe, but the radiation from the hot young stars in such an environment would make it quite hostile for any life. Ajay
  2. This image combines data from 2013 and 2016. All data was collected from the Tacoma Astronomical Society's site for their annual star party in Goldendale, Washington. Equipment: TMB130ss at f/7, Atik 383L+ and Atlas EQ6 Exposure: L: 5.3 hours, Ha: 2.0 hours, R, G, B: Each 42 mins. All filters are binned 1x1. Thanks for looking ! Full resolution version and other image details on Astrobin Thanks for looking. Ajay
  3. Saw this on flickr. Well done! Ajay
  4. Here's a new version with saturation and color adjustment. Also on astrobin now with complete technical details, my first post: https://www.astrobin.com/346549/C/
  5. Excellent work in capture and processing. Congrats! Ajay
  6. This image was captured with 6 hours of data from Tablemountain near Ellensburg, WA and Goldendale WA. Details are as follows. Atik 383L+ Camera and TMB130ss refractor on an Atlas EQ6. Captured with Sequence Generator Pro and processed with Pixinsight 1.8.05 L: 21x10mins = 3.5 Hours binned 1x1 Ha: 6x10 mins= 1.0 hr binned 1x1 R: 6x5mins= 30 mins binned 2x2 G: 6x5mins= 30 mins binned 2x2 B: 6x5mins= 30 mins binned 2x2 Thanks for looking. Ajay
  7. Nicely processed. Well done! Ajay
  8. Thank you. Washington is a beautiful place to visit in late spring or summer. Skies really open up around the middle of June. However, if you want to be under dark skies you will have to drive over the Cascades to the Eastern part of the state. Goldendale is in the SE portion of the state. There is a public observatory, but it's being rebuilt and is currently closed for visits. There are several state and national parks you can camp in. Eastern Oregon has some of the best skies you could wish for. All the best. Ajay
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