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    Aside from peeping out the curtains to check if it's stilll cloudy my non astro interests are music production, impulse buying guitars that I am still dreadful at playing despite the 30 years of trying, Victorian and Edwardian social and industrial history, metal detecting when the farmer is in a good mood and doesn't have his blunderbuss handy, proper beer, tasty pies and pretty ladies.
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    Near Emley mast where the tv reception isn't as good as you'd think.
  1. will try to get down for Thursday meeting. Nearly every event this year has clashed with my shift patterns and I need to generate some enthusiasm to get the 8" money pit out under the stars again.
  2. Allegedly, I may have purchased a solar filter, a Losmandy pattern Celestron dovetail to fit on top of the CPC800, a set of tube rings for the ST102 and a pair of ADM Losmandy adapters. I may also have ordered a 70Ah deep cycle battery and may also be purchasing a 2" Baader solar continuum filter very shortly. My poor wallet needed a hug so i had to stop buying even more shiney things
  3. Hooray, its not a school day for me on the 29th. Just acquired a white light filter for my st102. will bring it along. Might have worked out how to piggy it to the cpc which will save some knob twiddling and tedious alignment. Been a while since I have been able to get to the meetings so will be there even if the sun decides to park itself behind clouds.
  4. Having parked my car under a lime tree, I soon learned that it is the worse thing for sticky sap droplets landing on the car, the subsequent hardened layer of sap and airborne dust and dirt being ridiculously hard to wash off without putting fine scratches all over the paintwork. Would be even worse if that was the front end optics of a costly scope. Seriously, don't be anywhere near those trees with your scope, its asking for trouble.
  5. you could also consider this, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astro-Engineering-AC666-Laser-Mate-universal-laser-pointer-telescope-mounting-/221383359871?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item338b79fd7f It attaches like a telrad with sticky pads, I have one and it works just fine for me on my ST102.
  6. I suspect it to be from smelting, there is an old farm lane near me that was resurfaced with slag and other rubble from a foundry when I was a young un. There were a lot of stones mixed in that looked exactly like yours, I would bet that if you were to strike it against another stone, you would be able to perceive a very sulphurous smell.
  7. Weather is looking better for Winscarr on tuesday night, am going to have a go for a couple of hours. http://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/dunford-bridge/s36-4/astronomy-weather/714820
  8. I love mine to bits, well worth the investment for me. It replaced a few eyepieces and the barlow, I now use the zoom for most things and a bog standard 32mm plossl for widefield.
  9. 1) Yes, how can it not?. The growth of out of town supermarkets and industrial estates, architectural exterior night lighting, more street lighting to name a couple. 2) Short of committing an act of criminal damage with a projectile weapon, its hard to do anything to reduce excessive light pollution outside of your own property, there is too much pressure from paranoid homeowners and self important road safety lobbyists. The trouble is that people are conned into being afraid of the dark by sensationalised news reporting and assume that crime will not happen if an area is lit up with strong lighting. What people dont consider is that someone walking through an illuminated area at night with a hi viz vest on does not get a second glance compared to someone walking about a dark area with a torch. Admittedly, some areas need to be illuminated at night but the great majority of night lighting is unnecessary, intrusive and a wanton waste of energy. 3) I have never had my scope out at a truly dark site, but I have never used an LP filter. I am fortunate enough to be able to get myself to a semi dark location on the odd occasion. If I observe at home, I am forced round the back of the house by the new extra tall street lamps that now light up my front garden. 4) Definately more stars, I remember a lot more being up there when I was a nipper. You could see a ghostly glow which was the milky way in the back garden of the suburban estate I grew up on despite Huddersfield's attempts at turning the sky orange.
  10. Yes, I'm not ashamed to say it. My cpc800 is Bertha, it was Coehorn for a while as it reminded me of the Coehorn mortar used in the american civil war but Bertha seemed to fit its character better. The celestron and skywatcher 102mm's are named lifty and shifty after characters from a disturbing cartoon called happy tree friends.
  11. Down jacket, ski pants, snow boots, camping chair, camp stove, coffee, rich tea biscuits and a yushanka. Maybe the odd chicken and mushroom flavour pot noodle sometimes makes its way in there.
  12. I have had the same problem, the corrector plate stays clear, my telrad is all toasty and snug with its little electric blanket under a home made cover but the eyepiece tends to fog up quite quickly on the inside so an eyepiece dew heater tape is next on my accessory hit list.
  13. The scope comes with a cable to hook it up to the pc/ laptop, one end connects into the bottom of the handset, the other to your pc/ laptop. The scope needs to be on and the handset plugged in to the scope. However, Celestron assume that everyone's computer still has an RS232 port so You will have to get an RS232 to USB lead to connect the two. Its not a hugely painful experience, I had to update the firmware on my 800 after a near disaster due to the anti cord wrap option not working when selected due to a bug in the already installed firmware.
  14. I also agree that sounds like you may have to download the CFM software which is Celestrons free firmware manager then connect the scope to your pc / laptop and update the firmware.
  15. Where would they go?, apparently the chinese wont be ready until 2020 heh heh heh
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