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  1. Now thats a cracker! My fav part of the moon:) Daz
  2. What Bizibilder said:) Daz
  3. Hi Paul, I used to have one of these and the reducer ,it was a great little cam,easy to use and gave great results. I would have one again no worries:) Daz
  4. MMM. Thanks guys. Hammerite seems to be the one:) Daz
  5. Hi all, Just thinking ahead as iam about to start making my steel pier and wondered what kind of paint should i use on it? Cheers in advance. Daz:icon_salut:
  6. Has to be York - The most beautiful back drop
  7. Hi there, a Y b Y c Y d Y e 20 Miles from York I too would just go to look at all the lovely stuff even if i was not buying.
  8. That looks fab , I shall now be adding gussets. I learn so much on here its great:) Daz
  9. Excellent! I must admit i hadnt thought of gussets. Do you think they are that important? Just about to start my own:)
  10. Nice one dude! Have been following your progress with great interest - infact you were the inspiration for me to give it a go myself! With the advise of Gaz1968 and some donated plate from Phil Fargaze iam about to begin mine:) Enjoy Clear Skies Daz.
  11. Welcome to the only astro web site you will ever need:headbang: Its a very friendly atmos here ,with a wealth of knowledge just for the asking. Iam north too... York to be precise:icon_salut: Daz
  12. Thanks so much for all your help guys. Phil Fargaze has kindly offered me some steel for my plates F.O.C (Thankyou so much Phil You are a true Gent) and i have just ordered my tube. I shall post pics as i go. Daz
  13. Thanks for that mate. Looks FAB! I shall order my 4" tube and then game on Wish me luck iam going in. Daz.
  14. Hi Gary, Thats great to hear about the 4" Square , I shall have the base plate welded and then like you said drill it and bolt it to the floor. Do you have any pics of yours? Cheers. Daz
  15. Nice one Phil ! Them plates look serious - how thick are they? Daz
  16. Hi Ron, I was thinking of filling it with sand. The tube itself is 4" square and 3mm thick. Daz.
  17. Cheers Callump. Think i may go for it. Ive had a few quotes for 6" steel tube and it costs a fortune. Thanks again Daz:icon_salut:
  18. Unfortunately i cannot use concrete as iam mounting on to an existing concrete floor. Therefore iam going to use steel with a large steel bottom plate bolted and glued into existing floor. Do you think the 4" square would be ok?
  19. Mmm. Thanks for your replies guys. I think maybe round is better - ho hum.was a good price too. Will have to keep searching . Cheers Daz:icon_salut:
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