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  1. Ahhh. Thanks John.I had no idea. What a shame it closed.I have done many a deal in there and never a problem but I guess things had changed. Good to see it will be making some sort of a comeback in the future. Many thanks for the heads up. Cheers. Daz.
  2. OK....Been away for a while...What has happened to the Buy and sell section? Why has it gone?:icon_confused: Curious Daz.
  3. Hi guys . i have a used once only Atik16ic mono cam. if I were to sell it what would it be worth? Cheers Daz
  4. Wow mate, Do you have your own orbiter? Excellent shot!
  5. Ah!!! Thanks guys. Great advise . Think i will be leaving it alone:) Thanks again. Daz.
  6. Hi all, Bit of an odd question but i have a 60mm x 900mm refractor that i plan to use for guiding and was wondering if i can lob a few inches of the length? It is currently mounted on top of a C8 via rings but is seriously long compared to the C8. In effect if i cut it shorter will i be making it a shorter focal length? Cheers. Daz.
  7. Great idea Martin regarding unlocking-then centering-then syncing.
  8. Hi all, Its been a very long time since i last took any pics. Here is Copernicus crater taken with an old LPI through a fair bit of cloud a few nights ago, A bit over processed to compensate for naff focus.The other one is the Mare Ibrium area showing Plato crater and the Teneriffe mountains. Not the best but thought i would post anyway. Hope you like em. Cheers. Daz
  9. Hi all, Just stumbled across these imaging filters on the opticstar website(shop in Manchester) http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Imagers-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_5_0_3_125 They seem very very cheap - Has any body had any experience of them before? Cheers in advance. Daz1969
  10. Just a thought mate but did you alter the slew speed in EQmod? Its default is set to 1 which is very slow-if you up it to 4 it will slew much faster. Hope this helps daz
  11. Hey Si ,Thats a cracker mate.you should be chuffed:) Still to christen my setup, Good luck mate and keep em coming Daz.
  12. I notice its one of those with the little sensor on top. When the light is on shine one of the green laser type thingys at the sensor=it will think it is daytime and shut off the light, Check out youtube to see it in action:)
  13. I saw it last night at the same time dude. Twice in about a month:) Clear skies Daz
  14. Stefan , Do you have your own orbiter by any chance? Stunning !
  15. You still managed to get it Dave, Well done:)
  16. Cheers Greenkat, Just wanted to know if usb1 would be fast enough for guiding given that it will run a lot slower than usb2. Suck it and see i suppose Daz
  17. Cheers Chris,will give that a go Daz
  18. Will a meade DSI mk1 running on a usb1 pc be fast enough to autoguide with using maxim? Any one used this combo before? Cheers Daz1969:icon_salut:
  19. Yeah ,The mount is fine on its own , I have checked the com ports too. I have now reverted back to my origonal install of windows.(When i start the pc it gives me a choice) When i run it that way everything works as it should:) However iam now back to where i started. The reason i put a new version of windows on is because the origonal was never updated with any of the service packs and thus the usb sockets are only usb1 which doestnt seem to be fast enought for the Meade dsi mk1 .I fitted a new usb 2 board to the pc but it needed sp2 to make it work as usb2. Problem is microsoft no longer provide sp1 which you need before you can install sp2 (which fixes the usb prolem) They do sp1a which i can find on the net but when you go to install it says it needs to connect to the net but the obsy pc has no modem. When i installed the new version of xp on it sorted out the usb problem and sockets were working nice n fast as usb 2. So now my question is will usb1 be fast enough using a meade dsi mk1 for guiding purposes in maxim? Thanks for everones help so far ,i appreciate it very much, Daz
  20. Hi Steve, Yeah the hand set is in pc direct mode. Have reinstalled ascom platform and eqmod ,maxim and now re doing the sky. Have put the tele api in again so if that lot still doesnt work iam thinking it could be the usb-serial lead.though ive not touched it at all.Mmmmm
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