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  1. It's really a beautiful Sunflower galaxy: congrats :-)
  2. The red led tec in the dc201 box is on?
  3. I think that, for a remote obs, 10 Micron is one of the best choices that you can make. For the unguided pose, at longest focal lenght, the limits that you can have, are a poor mechanical construction of the OTA (mirror flop, shift). Two nights ago, I have the last three subframes on M51 ruined, maybe due the flop of my Meade ACF 10" at full fl (2500 mm), but I have blocked the mirror. Perhaps may have been a change in temperature to cause a blur in my images ( I don't have a TC focuser). But my mount have done the work very well (I got an Avalon Linear FR).. So, anyway, have fun, and clear skies ..
  4. Thanks a lot to all ; Harry's tutorials are very useful, and I have seen (and I'm learning) the "basic" settings. The subframes are about 20 x 10 minutes each, with Idas LPS D1 filter, taken under a suburban sky, bad transparency. In the whole image there is a big stripe, that I haven't ever seen before, but is my first imaging night with the QHY8L, (I have checked the box "Ignore overscan area" in Ezcap) and someone told me that it is wrong.. I have attached the stacking only with the stripe....
  5. Nebulosity can use both drivers: you can choose "QHY8 camera" and Ascom camera, then you can choose the one that seems to you the better choice.. I havent tried Nebulosity a lot, beecause is not a long time since I have purchased this CCD...
  6. Sorry Louise for your issue with APT. Try to write an e-mail to the support...
  7. Hello to all. After many weeks, I have tried my new OSC CCD in the sky, trying to take some subframes in M63. I have used my Meade ACF 10" with AP telecompressor, and during a night some thin clouds have disturbed the imaging night, so the subframes are resulted not clear, at all. After the stacking, I was disappointed about the high level of noise in the image, but maybe I'm still a newbie, in the use of that CCD, and I have to learn more tricks.. . The image was taken with Ezcap and guided with PHD, the processing was done with Astroart 5.0 and Pixinsight. The Galaxy is very noisy, but I have tried to "squeeze" out some details. I am quite happy for this result, except for the noise, but I hope to improve my future attempt.. Thanks to all .. http://astrob.in/87568/0/
  8. Hello Louise: the checkbox "Effective area only" does function correctly, using the drivers 3.2 Ascom and Nebulosity. If you don't check that box, you can see a black stripe in the right of the image, if you select the image is downloaded at full resolution, without the overscan area. So, I can say that I'm happy for this issue solution, but I'm waiting to try the camera in the sky (maybe tomorrow night)..
  9. The drivers v 3.2 make their jobs: I have taken a set of dark frames from 30 to 600sec, and the amp glow is remained the same. I'm waiting your impressions, and the clear skies, but it's hard for the sky...
  10. New Ascom driver has been released (v. 32) Hi , The newest QHY8L ASCOM driver (V32) had published. It fixed the amp glow problem which gets worse with increasing exposure times. Best Regards! http://qhyccd.com/file/repository/ASCOM/QHY8LASCOM-StarSenseSci-V32.zip
  11. Thanks a lot, Louise, for the suggestions and for the interesting link. I have read, and while we are waiting a new driver release for the QHY8L (maybe the 3.2 ver.), I hope to have some clear nights for doing other tests in the sky..
  12. The LP at North is not so bad, but yesterday in the sky there was a little "thin clouds". I have taken 20 + 20 + 20 bias - darks- flats for the calibration..
  13. Dear englishmen and friends from anywhere, last night after a long long time of rain and moist, i have had a clear night for testing my QHY8L. So, I have started to take subframes in M63 (about 20, at 600sec, minus 20°C ccd cooled). I have used Ezcap, due the recent issues with Ascom driver ver 3.0 and 3.1, but all is has gone well, and after the calibration frames, this morning I have tried a really quick work about the processing. After a final stack, and a DDP stretching, I have noticed that the stack is very very noisy for coming from a cooled CCD. So, I'm thinking about my error about acquisition and stacking (Starting Ezcap, set cooling point at -20°C and waiting the cooling, starting focus, Phd and autoguiding, guided subframes, saving in Fits binning 1x1). The only thing that I haven't cannot doing was the "dithering between subexposures", a very useful method to clear the noise. This is my results: the sky wasn't really clear, I have used an IDAS LPS D1 filter, and this is the post processed image: calibration, stacking, stretching DDP, saturation and color correction, all with AA 5.0. Any suggestion will be welcome.. Thanks.. http://astrob.in/87568/0/
  14. Thanks Ian, I did it. I have installed the 3.0 version, and when I plug my camera, the screen that appears (QHY8L Star Sense Sci- properties - QHY8L Setup), tells me that the installed version is 2.0 - FW: Unknown. But I am sure that I have installed the version 3.0. When possible, I'll try this solution (but the weather is still bad).. Thanks..
  15. I have tried the 3.1 Ascom driver with AA5 "indoor" and yes, seems to me there is a lot of "amp glow" in a dark frame, but if you stretch a lot the image it is much more evident. I have replaced the old 3.0 version, but when I choose in Ascom settings - Qhy8L Star Sense Sci , I read: Ver: 3.1 FIR: Unknown. I have disinstalled the new drivers with Ascom Profile Explorer. So I don't know what driver ver. there is on my PC. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot Roberto
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