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  1. I have imaged he Mlky Way from light polluted Brighton with my Astrotrac using 5 minute subs and got a reasonable final image. Last night I thought that I would put the Astrotrac to the test imaging at 10 minute exposures. Here is the result, just 5 frames and one dark. I think the Astrotrac is one of the best things to come on the Atro market for years
  2. Checking the long range weather forecast I could not see it being clear on the 12th so I set up on the 10th. Not so many Meteorites, these only from 250 plus frames Robin
  3. Thanks Guys. I have contacted the Importers, Telescope House who inform me that as I opened the plate to inspect and find the ERF fault, it makes my warranty nul and void !! How do they know I opened it. How would I know I had a problem without opening it up. Anyway I needed to adjust the prism which was out of line. I bought this PST from Bern, Modern Astronomy July 2008. As the centre of the ERF is clear then maybe as Ed say, it's not a problem.
  4. On removing the side plate of my PST I see that there is a Red vignetting on the clear glass of the EP holder. Is this as it should be ?
  5. One of our lady members of Adur AS has a Meade 114mm Reflector and one of the black Plastic hinge brackets on the tripod legs, where the rod goes in, has broken. Does anyone know where I can obtain one for her Robin
  6. jgs001 - I hav'nt a clue ! rhe camera was set at 5.6 I think
  7. Pibbles - Yes to Filter, the EOS LP -- Sologutarist61 - No, in the Patcham area. I see from my garden the Brighton area lit up like a bonefire so any imaging lower than 45 degrees alt is a waste of time, but at the Zentth or near like the MW is the light polution does not have so much effect.
  8. I have been waiting for a clear night to test my New Astrotrac on the Milky Way. I am please to say that I was not disappointed considering I live in the Bright City, it handled 5 minute subs easily. This is 20 at 5 minutes, Canon 450D DSLR 18mm lens
  9. Hi Have had a small go at enhancing your image to smooth it out and bring out the colours that are in it. A slight improvement I think Robin
  10. Hi I like your name, he he Very nice images. With an 11" you will be able to take superb images but to do so you need perfect skies and viewing. If I try and I only use a 4", when the sky quality is not perfect I am wasting my time. I find the best time is after we have had rain, the sky is usually superb after. I look forward to seeing your results on a good night. Robin
  11. Go for it Phil, it's easier than you think
  12. Kotatha man Yes in city Brighton UK Light poluted
  13. Finally got a slot in the clouds to image Saturn with my 102mm Williams, DFK31& 3x Barlow
  14. Managed this just before the clouds rolled in Robin
  15. Hi Capricorn, thanks, you have nailed it. I find USA instructions on telescopes obvious when not needed and miss leading when important Robin
  16. The SynTrek handset on my SW 250 Dob has stopped sideraling, When you press the Slow 2 & Fast 3 buttons together it should start tracking shown by a pulsing light. I do not get a pulsing light. Any ideas ?
  17. More from the Astrotrac - Canon 450D 30mm Lens - 5 x 5 minute subs, no Dark.
  18. Canon 450d modded. 18mm Cassiopeia & approx. 40mm Auriga
  19. In Cassiopeia shows the Pacman and some Ha. right top plus M31 and Double Cluster. In Auriga it shows the Heart Neb, I think that is correct.
  20. Matt - I agree I need to process that one again. It was 6 x 10 mins plus 6 x 4 mins
  21. Back to DSOs now, hard work but happy with the result. May stick to Moon and Planetary but wanted this one before it disappears Robin
  22. I am sure that is the same spec as my Wiliams Megrez 102. I have imaged Jupiter with and with my 8" and there is not a lot of difference in the quality. A cracker. Robin
  23. Pascal Put an advert in our local paper seeking people of same thoughts, you will find some who are more experienced. First of all just get together to view the sky and talk it over. Ask your local paper to help with an article and most of all put a post in stargazers for others in your area. Good luck
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