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  1. I run a eq6 with a synscan V3, can I use this handset on another scope without messing up the settings, Would i need to do a complete set up and reline etc on the other, I assume that I would have to do a reline again when returning it.
  2. Just tried out a 10mm Sigma Lens on my Canon 700D. I shot 3 minute subs f4.5 iso 800, on the Milky Way. I am alarmed at the bad star abberations at the top left and bottom corners. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or even lessen it, will stopping the f No. down help?
  3. Dodged the clouds to capture these two, either side of the Sun
  4. Part of the Sun surface on the 17th July Robin
  5. Sun a bit quite today but here are three images
  6. I operate a Coronado PST with a DMK 41 for imaging and want to know if a Televue Powermate 2.5 will focus ok Robin
  7. Has anyone experience of his software regarding Solar imaging
  8. I know that PST has a hotspot but it has been made difficult when imaging as my hotspot is not central but to the right. If it was central I could process reasonable images . Is there any way of centralizing the hotspot. I have tried the etalon without success
  9. Hi Montana Your Flicker image is as it is with my set up therefore Merlin 66 quote "The DMK41 has a sensor 4.8mm x 6.3mm so this should give a full solar disk with a 400mm PST" seems to contradict. Robin
  10. Hi DrRobin Yes it takes a long time getting rid of the shadows caused by the PST hotspot. I do it by looping areas at 50 pixels and lightening / darkening with the centre adjustment point on 'levels" It sometimes take up to 10 goes. I only want to take non mosaics as snap shots although the detail as you say is not so good but my set up wont take a whoe image, still don't know why. Robin
  11. Mine just clips thew bottom, what could cause this ? I am using Firecapture Software, could this be it Robin
  12. Hi I am most impressed with your results. I have a PST with a DS using DMK 31 but with my set up I can't get the whole of the Sun in the frame so I am plagued with the sweet spot being on only half of my image so I have to take mosaics which I don't find satisfactory. Do you use a focal reducer to get the Sun well in the frame or does the DMK 41 have a larger FOV. Can a FR be sed anyway? Thanks Robin
  13. Yes, quite fiddly to get right especially when imaging
  14. First time due to poor weather to try my new Double Stacker on my PST
  15. I cant get R6 to work on my Ha Solar images. I get strange artifacts/ shapes on the resulting image after pressing "Stack" sometimes big chunks taken out of the Sun. Can anyone advise me on the best settings for this type of imaging. I am sure it should work on Solar. When using Avistack its fine, so its not the image Thanks Robin
  16. My latest re processed M31 Robin
  17. I have a Williams Megrez 102mm Telescope and using a DSLR have a problem fitting in a frame of objects such as Andromeda. Is the a Focal Reducer on the market of say 0.85 suitable for this set up without having to pay the earth for it. Robin
  18. I would welcome constructive cooment. 10x 10 mins - Canon 450D -iso 800 - Megrez 102mm Thanks
  19. Waited a long time to try out my Guiding on the m31. Finally, clear a night. 10 frames @ 10 minutes.. Canon 450D. Megrez 102mm Scope
  20. This image was 10 minute subs. I use a Neodymium Filtermsono orange. My initial images are loaded with stars so I process most out to give prominence to the subject
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