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  1. I was using a 70mm Skywatcher Refractor (Courtesy of Mr Dyson, many thanks again kind Sir ) and the eyepiece was a 9mm from Ant (Courtesy of my Dad). I tried to change eyepieces and take some pictures but the cloud was so patchy by the time I got myself sorted it would cloud over and I'd have to start all over...
  2. I saw Saturn on Friday for the first time! It was one of those moments that you know you'll remember forever. I was getting a bit frustrated because the cloud was really patchy, but finally I got a big enough gap, pointed the scope and there she was. At first it was just a blob and I was thinking, what have I done wrong! Then I focused it a bit better (D'oh) and wow, it just popped out at me, in all her glory, I could see the rings and it was amazing to think, it's there, it's real, I can see it with my own eyes!!! I want more!!!
  3. Grant


    Take care of yourself Spud, look forward to seeing you around the place again soon!
  4. Your images are awesome mate, I have the full moon hanging in my room, looks amazing!!
  5. Rules sound good to me, I'm at home this weekend so I'm going to have a crack at it (obviously I dont want to enter but want to join in ) One thing I would suggest though, I think the other admins and mods should be able to enter, so we could say, on the closing date, the admins and mods nominate 5 of the best images and then the rest of the forum can vote for the final winner? Or the whole thing could be done by votes, each user chooses one image on the 30th November they want to enter, and everyone else gets one vote, the one with most votes wins... Just to add, the print will be framed in your choice of frames from the following choice: black ash, silver, mahogany, beech or clip frame. Cheers, Grant
  6. If this does go ahead, I'm more than willing to offer a framed print of the winners image or any other image they want printed as the prize... My other competition idea didn't work to well but I think this is one people can get into more. Grant
  7. As a print the top one looks absolutely awesome, well chuffed
  8. Took these last night: I'm pretty pleased, apart from paying £1.50 for 2 flowers!!!
  9. lol, nice image Spud! Thanks for sharing
  10. Grant


    Me and my girlfriend are pretty balanced at cooking, I can cook lasagne's, pasta bakes, rissotos, chilli, spag bol, curry (speciality prawn curry) etc... I tend not to buy sauces and start from scratch, my friends mock me because every meal I cook starts with an onion
  11. The site also has this amazing section on the workings of a ten-pin bowling place, I've always wanted to know what's it's like back there!
  12. You could call it 'Beat IT' and have a picture of a mallet hitting a computer as the logo?
  13. I would also suggest, if people are paying you for forum access that you setup your own forums on your own hosting space rather than using a free service, this will get rid of the adverts and will also allow you greater control of features, plus then you can make backups etc... Something people will expect if they're paying a subscription.... If you need any webspace, or need any help setting up the forums then let me know (http://iseeonline.net)
  14. Easy, in the forums you can set it so a person can join, but can't do anything or see anything until an admin authorises them, each time somebody joins email them asking for their serial number, if they don't have one, don't authorise them.... If you want to make it automated, this is easy too but a little more work and money
  15. Just found this: http://tourguide.panoptics.co.uk/view.php?tid=24 Enjoy!
  16. I really like the look you've got there Al! Nice work! You can check the correctness of the html here: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.peeba.co.uk%2Falanna%2Findex.htm your site is validating pretty well! The only thing thats missing is the page title, at the moment it just says "Untitled Document"... other than that, spot on
  17. Awesome work SkyGuy! Great image
  18. Grant


    This is going to sound stupid, but that looks so real! Obviously it is real, but you know what I mean, you can almost touch it! Great Image Rog!
  19. I haven't left the house except to go shopping for like 5 days! Tomorrow night I'm getting steamed The work I'm doing is for my project, which is on texture classification using an MR8 filter bank, all fun and games I've googled it alot, but the problem I'm having is the specific implementation algorithm that I need to use and most of the papers online aren't detailed enough with the details.... Getting there though
  20. And people have the cheek to say being a student is easy
  21. Problem is, I do need to understand it word for word because I need to reimplement it myself! Thanks for the input though guys, makes me feel better just to talk about it and laugh at my own predicament
  22. That makes two of us! I think the problem is they try to use big words where-ever possible so it's a test just reading through some of these papers... Oh well, looks like a long night ahead for me tonight
  23. Anybody know anything about textons, K-Means clustering, L1 Normalisation of images, intensity normalisation to have 0 mean and standard deviation across an image?? Help!!!!
  24. "DIM 23" - It's my name and the number of brain cells you have (Before anybody worries, that's my Dad, we're allowed to mock eachother )
  25. Some macro images I've just taken with James' help
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