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  1. I originally started with 1.25 on an AA 102 at F5.7 with the Atik 383 and filter wheel, with no major problems, however when i changed scopes to a Borg 89 at f4.3 i had significant vignetting, the 31mm unmounted filters cured this, while also allowing me to use a 7 position carousel, allowing me to mount LRGB and Ha, OII and SIII. i would say go for the 31mm, as other than a little extra outlay, there are no downsides
  2. surely if the cable is pulled out you have other seven port version only has the USB B cable secured ... the rest are fine, top quality as far as im concerned, no bing bongs ever
  3. excellent start, be wary though as the moon is still quite bright and i find OIII to be susceptible to moonlight
  4. 3 hours of baader Ha in 900s subs
  5. taken the hints on board, and reprocessed using wavelets and masked stretch
  6. this might help.....a little
  7. Fits liberator..... free which is a bonus
  8. Thanks Chris, I did notice that a small amount of the data had started to bunch up on the right hand side of the histogram. I shall give some noise reduction a try on the linear image and re do the stretch to be less aggressive, maybe i should apply a more 'S' shaped stretch than a simple linear one
  9. After many many attempts due to bad weather, equipment failure and a strong urge to throw everything in the bin, i finally have something that resembles the heart nebula. In total its 10 x 900s and 12 x 600s subs with a Borg 89, ATIK 383 and baader Ha 7nm filter. Its stacked in PI using flats, darks and Bias, and a had several stretches applied, further processing required, but what? any ideas or pointers as to what to do next? deconvolution? who knows next year i may get the OIII data for this.... IC1805 Ha.tif
  10. Many thanks, back to testing, sounds like it may be the shutter then, as i took a series of darks on the bench and there was no sign of the defect. will try with the metal cap on and via the usb hub
  11. resurrect time... is the op still active? and was this ever resolved, as i have just started to suffer similar effects to a light leak, im suspecting a dodgy USB cable somewhere as it doesn't seem to happen when i bench test the CCD
  12. pity, would be handy to scroll around one window while the others tracked its movements ta anyway
  13. can you link those when you scroll one they all scroll or zoom or stretch ...that would be a really handy feature
  14. interesting, ATIK want to take a closer look at it, they are saying it might be an artefact of a sticky shutter.......... agree re blooming, the more i look at it, as its diagonal with respect to the chip will update