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    Lazy breakfasts, driving 'Big-foot', and spending time on the beach. I hate cycling, but continue to do it 3 times per week...
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  1. Hi Natasha, Having recently bought, and read, TL@O I'd say it's a great reference for when you do buy a scope. It has sketches for what you would expect to see through the finderscope and also how the same view would look depending whether you had a small refractor or a medium sized reflector (just back to front or upside down and back to front). Even with the naked eye west is to the right - I had to read that chapter 3 times!! Not too bright... It explains seasonal skies, the moon and planets, and has a 5* rating system which really helps you plan. It also uses phrases like 'find this, then
  2. Hello from me too and welcome Tim
  3. Hi Ian, welcome to the lounge and enjoy your new toy Clear skies
  4. Sounds like a plan. I know you're saving for other stuff, but a second-hand LB8" and a case of Plossl's for around £250 from eBay (other electronic auction sites are available) - bargain; I've seen SW's and Orions regularly too I love the point & shoot aspect of a dob. The convenience of bins (if you don't have to move it too far) with the 'wow' of a 'scope, and if visuals are your thing - happy days... Good luck
  5. I can't advise on the ep's I'm afraid, but congrats on finding the M31! Keep up the good work...
  6. Welcome Claire. I counted 9 in 20 minutes. Very exciting
  7. Welcome. There's plenty to learn...
  8. I got trapped in a cabinet once. Anyway, welcome to the lounge
  9. Welcome to the lounge Tim
  10. I'm with you Siriusmeg I abhor all of those comments and quite frankly they disgust me Do you know my wife?
  11. you can get SGL hats..? Is that like the one Kai's wearing?
  12. I also bought a 200 dob after a really convincing argument from Avocette . It's a beautiful thing...
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