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  1. Oh great My friend ordered the Bundle and I asked him to get a wedge for me, because my one was an 75° wedge. Now I will have a red/black SA with a green/white wedge . Cheers Tom
  2. Have a look here, I almost gave up with only the holographic laser attachment until I found this: http://interferometer-tests.blogspot.tw/2013/06/2542000-10-ritchey-chretien-gso.html Scroll down a little. After this, just use a Cheshire for better collimation and I use for control the Holographic Laser attachment. Btw. the RC's don't lose easy the collimation, every few weeks control is necessary. Cheers Tom
  3. You can test without a Telescope connected as following by enabling the Telescope Emulator: Step 1: Tap “Setting” in SynScan App’s home screen. Scroll to the bottom of the “Setting” screen. Tap the blank area just above “Help” for 10 times. Tap the “Hide Panel” button to show the extra lines. Tap the “Connect Settings” Tap “Emulator” to activate embedded telescope emulator. Tap “UDP” to disable telescope emulator and return to operate real telescope. Step 2: Return to SynScan App’s home screen. Tap the “Connect” button on the top of the screen, then choose “AZ mode” or “EQ Mode” Now you can experience SynScan App without a real telescope. I odered the Synscan WiFi, it seems in the moment only "exclusive" available to some retailers in Europe and one in Australia. I expect to hold it in my hands by next week. For the app itself, its still not final (v0.95) and still some functionality missing It offers Brightest Star Alignment with 3 stars + 4 planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury)and North Level Alignment (when switch to South it is still called North Alignment, but the alignment stars are suitable for South). What worked great so far in Emulator mode is using SkySafari with it, but a real test is still missing. Cheers Tom
  4. Quote from Astro-Baby Website: http://www.astro-baby.com/EQ6 rebuild guide/EQ6 Development and Software Releases.htm POINTS TO NOTE ABOUT THE CHANGE FROM V3 TO V4 HAND CONTROLLER Unlike the V3 handset the V4 has no DC power input socket so it cannot be powered stand alone from the mount. It must be connected to a mount that has power in order to operate. The V3 and V4 hand controllers are interoperable on any Skywatcher/Orion GoTo system that uses the GoTo hand controller. The V4 hand controller is NOT firmware compatible with the V3 hand controller. Skywatcher will provide firmware updates for BOTH V3 AND V4 handcontrollers in the future as the requirements for upgrades arise. BE AWARE THAT THE FIRMWARE LOADERS AND FOIRMWARE SETS ARE DIFFERENT AND ENSURE YOU LOAD ONLY THE CORRECT V4 OR V4 UPDATES. There is no need for existing V3 users to consider V4 as an upgrade. Functionality is not upgraded (although there are some slight differences between the two hand controllers). However any users with a broken/damaged V3 hand controller will have no choice but to move to a V4 hand controller as the V3 hand contreoller is now no longer available. Seperate manuals/user guides are available for each handcontroller from the Skywatcher site. Cheers Tom
  5. Yeah right, South America is not on the list, my fault Was a little complicated, had to select the delivery time for UK, then I could go further with my shipping, but then had to enter my billing address and delivery address again (which is btw. not yet updated with the selection). Still, I am not sure what could you hold back now for Taiwan shipping, now you Australia and New Zealand also included (Taiwan is even closer by a few thousand kilometers ) I mean, tax if charged is payable by the receiver, trade laws are pretty much no problem due that we are not China and not sure whether I mentioned that before, but I can order from any shop in Europe, incl. UK (not only Amazon) and all ship to Taiwan. (Teleskop-Express, DE, Teleskop Austria, Rowan Astronomy, UK, Orion Optics, UK, etc...). Maybe you guys should take this in consideration, then my astronomy colleagues don't need to order from Optcorp or other companies in UK. Cheers Tom
  6. Getting this old topic up again, now I noticed that FLO ships also to Australia, New Zealand and the North-/Southamerica, (outside EU?) but between Europe and Australia is everything grey area. Now the problem is, I could ship to my companies branch office in UK, but even I leave this address in my profile, the order page still tells me, the item cannot be shipped to Taiwan. Wondering also, whether I have a chance to update then the billing address, because my credit cards are registered in Taiwan. Cheers Tom
  7. Wow, the topic got very interesting. The reason why I posted is the following: The country I am living in is pretty close to China so someone should assume the price is lower for astronomy gear which is produced in China or even here in Taiwan. The reality is that the SW agent here sees only Dollar (or British pound) signs in his eyes and charges extraordinary high (maybe he wanna double his commission). Small example: For the AZ-EQ6 he asked 1500 GBP, after I told him I can buy overseas cheaper incl. freight and import tax, he lowered the price to 1200 GBP. GSO, which develops and produces here in Taiwan has here the same prices like in Europe, shopping in Australia would be even cheaper. Most of my astronomy friends and members of the astronomy club, buy only overseas (USA, Japan, etc.); the SW agent doesn't "understand" why nobody buys from him (His words, not mine) So long story short, I found an unbeatable offer from FLO website (the SA) and even with "eye-watering" high shipping charges I would still save a lot (because the VAT would be also deducted) Cheers Tom
  8. So my contribution and membership here is the International part Cheers Tom
  9. Sorry, but this is more Pan-Europe shipping, international is for me wordwide Cheers Tom
  10. I used for my AZ-EQ6 the Xcase, pretty good and stable. Doesn't take so much space in my trunk for transport
  11. Don't wanna open a new topic, but also for AZ-EQ6 and EQ8 is a new motor controller FW available; Changes: Fix bug in PPEC function http://skywatcher.com/downloads.php?cat=4 CS Tom
  12. No, I had the same issue with my AZ-EQ6. After Polar alignment, 2 x ESC when writing Alignment successful and even after an Polaralign, I could still select "Named Star" and it didn't jump back to the fist star. CS Tom
  13. Just press 2 times ESC, that you see the setup menu again, then you can select the named star. Works in 2 and 3 star assignment
  14. Winrar is a standard program and should not be missed on any PC. It's a one time buy, license never expires. A good freeware solution is 7zip. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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