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  1. I'm moving to France next month and to make it easier I am selling my current Telescope and kit: Telescope Skywatcher 200p f/5 8" Netwonian with original finder scope Skywatcher EQ5 Motorised mount with Synscan SkyFi-USB wifi connector for the Synscan (connects with Sky Safari app which allows for remote control of the telescope via the phone app) Baader outdoor telescope power supply Telrad finder scope Laser Collimator Eyepieces Original SW 2x barlow, 10mm and 25mm eyepieces Baader Hyperion Ashperic 31mm eyepiece Baader Hyperion 8mm eyepiece Ba
  2. Unfortunately the break is on the dovetail itself. I will post a pic when I get home from work. thx
  3. I am at work,. but I will take a picture when I get home and post it. thx
  4. I took my telescope out on Saturday night and got a great view of Jupiter and the four visible moons, and our moon among other things. I returned home and left the mount and tripod propped against the wall of my kitchen, as I am doing renovations and there is not a lot of places to put anything. While cooking my dinner I brushed by the tripod and the mount fell to the ground, hitting where the synscan motor attaches to the mount. When I righted the tripod, the mount had cracked in two. I have just finished amassing all the equipment I need for AP, and now, because I can't attach my telescope t
  5. You can get Baader Hyperion eyepieces in short focal lengths with 2" barrels, although the eyepiece itself is optically 1.25", the wider barrel is used when attaching a camera to the EP for digiscoping, to give it a more rigid mount.
  6. I have a Baader mains lead for my (£30) as well as a SW 17Ah power tank. Not sure why they don't supply the mains lead with the synscan, except to make you buy one separately. If you can plug into your house mains, that's better, but there may come a time when you want to move away from the safety of your garden. I thought the garden good for me too, but then I realised that the park behind my house offered more sky, so I picked up the power tank.
  7. Where are all these mythical £60 used Tele Vue's? When I decided to improve on my SW EP's, I searched for but could not find any of these hypothetical creatures, so instead turned to brand new Baaders which I know exist, because shops sell them to me and then a few days later, they turn up at my door. Like alien life, I do believe in these fabled, inexpensive, used TV EP's, I think however, they are all just too far away in space and time for us to ever cross paths.
  8. Hi Gareth, I have the same scope and mount. I purchased it in May, and while I did spend a few months practising the proper use of the mount, I have recently upgraded to the synscan. Although I have had a few problems with balance (or more correctly imbalance) and with misdirection (not pointing at the right part of the sky while aligning), I know that once I have these problems ironed out, I will enjoy the scope much more. As I intend to use it for AP, the synscan is an essential tool.
  9. I believe that Celestron and Sky Watcher use the same manufacturer, so that's why they look the same.
  10. I am waiting to see Jupiter, but am a night person not a morning person.
  11. helicalwave

    Hello All!!

    Welcome. Good luck with the new scope and AP.
  12. Last week, I finally got to use my newly assembled the synscan on my eq5 mount (SW Explorer 200p). After testing during daylight that the synscan motors worked, I took my kit to my usual viewing location and tried to do a 3-star alignment. When I selected Arcturus as the first star, the synscan pointed the telescope at the ground. I selected Vega instead and it pointed at Deneb, and this egregious misalignment went on until I decided something was terribly wrong and stopped. I asked the people at the store where I got it, and they said I must have made a mistake entering my coordinates. But I
  13. When I got my Sky Watcher 200p Newt in May of this year I posted a pic of it on my FB page and my friends began throwing names at my wall, none of which I cared for in the least. Faced with possibly years of bad nomenclature ahead, I came up with my own name for him(?): "Shaft", after John Shaft from the 1971 classic blaxploitation film of the same name. Thought it was pithy. It's a bit awkward in casual conversation, it must be said. Just wondered if this behaviour is normal?
  14. I am just starting out with AP (and the A part of AP, to be frank). My first foray was some experimental long exposure shots I took with my Lumix G2, while spending the night on Machu Picchu last year. My second: shooting the moon from London through a 10mm SW EP/SW 200p f/5 with my iPhone 4. The results in both cases were excellent, considering the camera in the latter case was handheld, and in the former, was propped against a rock on a mountain. I realised I was going to need some more kit for imaging DSO's or planets, so I got a synscan pro upgrade for my eq5 the other day, while a 17Ah po
  15. Good to know that there is a 4" riser. I love my telrad, but would love it more if it were 4" away from the OTA.
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