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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Commiserations, folks. Up here in Central Scotland, we've had overnight flurries since late evening giving us about two inches of snow lying. Hate to think what it's like nearer the two amber zones on the east coast of England that were forecast. So, if I'm reading this right, there's the SGL mini party, plus Roslington on this weekend where the pics are posted from. Plus the Galloway party starts tomorrow! Anyone elsewhere from those three braving the wilds?
  2. What did the postman bring?

    The camera, I take it? Or both it and the little scope?
  3. @Rusted That is a wonderful restoration on that MkIV mount. Beautiful. Is that the original colour? Also, I loved the pics of your MkIII mount on the other thread.😎 Plus, thanks for that video! @HAsun Yes, would like to see any pictures if you have any. Which country are you based in? X380 magnification on Jupiter doesn't sound like UK skies!😁
  4. 7x80 binoculars

    Alan Interesting. What exactly were you looking thru when you tried this? Mark
  5. 7x80 binoculars

    Hmmm, that's interesting? Thoughts, people?
  6. Can it be true?

    Yes, sad news indeed. Condolences to his family and friends. I hadn't realised he was in his 70s. A long and very productive life, despite his illness. He was indeed a brilliant man. He will be missed.
  7. So, based on a post about a old Fullerscopes equatorial mount found here... https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/310005-fullerscope-mount/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3402468 ...and a couple of forum members showing their own Fullerscopes telescopes there, are there any others who still have, and especially USE their Fullerscopes? There were a couple of Newtonian scopes shown on that thread above, I'd love to see more. But I'd also like to see any refractors still in use. I almost went for a three inch refractor back in the early 80s. If folks are still using them, I'd love to hear thoughts and some pics would be nice too. I've read about quality control issues on the mounts, but what were the scopes like, mirrors and lenses both. Tell us your stories. Mark
  8. Fullerscope Mount

    I remember seeing small folding brouchers with Tasco scopes, and thought those where cool till I saw the Fullerscopes catalogue. That OP of the mount that started this thread has brought back lots of memories. Almost tempted to start a new thread to see how many forum members had/ still have Fullerscopes telescopes in use. Mark EDIT: And I have just created such a thread... https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/310907-fullerscopes-telescopes-still-in-use/ Post away!
  9. Fullerscope Mount

    I stand corrected then.
  10. What did the postman bring?

    Now I know what you wanted my 40mm TV Plossl for! Looking forward to seeing that in the future.
  11. Fullerscope Mount

    The images of the catalogue ( think I still have a copy somewhere) take me back. Like others have said, in late70s/early 80s, I drooled over the scopes therein, and bounced back and forth between the 6" reflector or a four inch refractor! Couldn't afford them, of course. Eventually got a 6 inch mirror from Astro Systems(?) and made my own dobsonian with chipboard shelves! Saw Halleys' with that, and kept that till I got my C8 in about 1990. Makes me sad to hear what I fantasized over may have been a let down. What were the mirrors and lenses like, and did anyone here have a 6 inch reflector or 3 or 4 inch refractor from the catalogue? @CraigT82 Does your scope has original mirror, or a modern one? Mark
  12. Venus and Mercury now

    Nice image. Captures a naked eye or binoculars view perfectly.
  13. Venus and Mercury now

    Had a look for the two planets at 18:20, from an upstairs window as well. Saw Venus then Mercury a couple of degrees above it in the 10x50s thru thin fast moving cloud at 18:23, and Venus with the naked eye a minute later. Venus disappeared behind thickening cloud by 18:27, but saw Mercury in the binoculars for a few minutes before the clouds thickened. Didn't get to see it with the naked eye, as by 18:35, clouds were covering the western sky, so I got lucky with my timing. I've seen Mercury many times since the 80s, even with the naked eye, but its always been an evening elongation, usually a early March/April one like this one. Venus definitely helped this time round. And the gap in the clouds this time was fortuitous!
  14. Snow & Ice!

    It's no problem. Last night, people were trapped on the M80 motorway overnight in Scotland, some people who stayed with their vehicles were stuck for 16 hours!
  15. TeleVue Plossl for sale - 11mm

    No problem, Richard.