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  1. Oddly enough, when I first saw the pic, I thought it was a matching green to the scope. But now I can plainly see it's blue! @F15Rules What scope is that pointed at the summer house?
  2. Is delivery of S&T a problem these days? I think I've seen a few complaints about this? When I collected the magazine by subscription, 1979-1990 or so, although it took about eight weeks to get the first issue (which I was told to expect), I never had any problems, it was a regular delivery.
  3. Up here, this year I heard my first firework around the middle.of October, but that's late this year! And of course, like Captain Magenta said, there can be serious public firework displays over the weekend closest to the 5th. Believe it or not, although it's cloudy, so no astronomy for me tonight, someone is having a display from their garden a few rows away right now as I type!
  4. A fisheye lens shot of nearby street lights!
  5. So, the annual firework barrage has come and gone again. I don't think the forecast was conductive to observing, but did anyone risk it if they had clear skies? I didn't have clear skies, but personally, I wouldn't chance it. A few years back, I came out next day to find the remains of a firework on my car roof! Between falling debris and smoky atmosphere, I thought it's just not on, or worth the risk! But did anyone have any luck, perhaps being far enough out in the countryside, UK wise, to try and observe? Mark
  6. Congratulations. Oddly, the only postal delivery vans on Sunday I've seen have been DPD. Can anyone confirm other couriers deliver on a Sunday?
  7. As above, the monopod is a way to go. Even with my old Zeiss 10x50s, once you get used to using a monopod with a ball head trigger grip, it's more comfortable. Oddly enough, although I'd used a photo tripod occasionally for binoculars in the past, I hadn't heard of monopods till I joined the forum here!
  8. Got a really good look at Albireo for the first time seeing wise last week with my Flexitube 130P. Still looks beautiful, despite it 'only' being an optical double.
  9. What year is that edition? My old copy had a Shuttle at a spacestation, this one looks older than that.
  10. What size is that Right angle finder? As shown above, I simply drilled two holes without problems. Here in my own Heritage below... ...mounting a 6x30 right angle finder there doesn't cause any balance issues for me when the tube is extended for use. Mark
  11. Olympus 8x40 DPS I now reduced, £45 including P&P. As before, Paypal for payment please, buyer pays fees please. Will post to UK only.
  12. Welcome to the Lounge. Have fun and any questions, ask away. One of the friendliest forums around.
  13. Congratulations to all who saw the eclipse. Typically, last night, despite rain in the evening, got a great view of the just past Full Moon rising over the houses to the South East after midnight!
  14. Now that's dedication. Right at the waters edge for a clear horizon!
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