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  1. Got these two shots with my camera phone on Friday, so at least I can say I did some astronomy in November! Crescent Moon, from garden, 29/11/19 16:04 Crescent Moon, from bedroom, 29/11/19 16:34 Got a nice look with the 10x50s as well. And saw Venus with the binos upstairs afterwards as well.
  2. After a wonderful blue sky early afternoon, of course it was cloudy at 4pm! There were very slight gaps in the clouds in the South West roughly where the Moon, Venus and Jupiter might have been which teased me, but no luck! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this hobby!
  3. P.S.The sky is of course, right now (13:00), totally clear except for a small white cloud on The South West horizon!
  4. This morning was quite sunny, first time in a while up here, but of course was cloudy on the appropriate horizon! Which is what usually happens when trying to see a young crescent Moon in the evening! Will try this evening to see if I can see the thin crescent, fingers crossed!
  5. Looking to see where the Moon would be at sunset on the 28th November (tomorrow) here in the UK, I noticed that Jupiter looked like it had passed close to the Moon earlier in the day. Scanning back on Stellarium on my phone, it shows that as the Moon rises at about 10:20 here in the Central Belt in Scotland, Jupiter reappears from occultation at about 10:29! It would probably be difficult to spot that low, especially with the weather we're all having recently, but were folks aware of this possibility? Mark
  6. For sale, I have three BST "Explorer" branded 60° ED eyepieces and a pair of Olympus 8x40 DPS I binoculars. The eyepieces I have are the 8mm, 12mm and 18mm. All three have their endcaps and boxes. The pair of Olympus 8x40 DPS I binoculars come with the original box and softcase, all covers, just needs a strap. Slight scuffs on the front and back lens surrounds, but work perfectly. I'm just not using them. I'd like £40 including postage for each eyepiece and £40 including postage for the binoculars. Paypal for payment please, buyer pays fees. Wi
  7. Oddly enough, when I first saw the pic, I thought it was a matching green to the scope. But now I can plainly see it's blue! @F15Rules What scope is that pointed at the summer house?
  8. Is delivery of S&T a problem these days? I think I've seen a few complaints about this? When I collected the magazine by subscription, 1979-1990 or so, although it took about eight weeks to get the first issue (which I was told to expect), I never had any problems, it was a regular delivery.
  9. Up here, this year I heard my first firework around the middle.of October, but that's late this year! And of course, like Captain Magenta said, there can be serious public firework displays over the weekend closest to the 5th. Believe it or not, although it's cloudy, so no astronomy for me tonight, someone is having a display from their garden a few rows away right now as I type!
  10. A fisheye lens shot of nearby street lights!
  11. So, the annual firework barrage has come and gone again. I don't think the forecast was conductive to observing, but did anyone risk it if they had clear skies? I didn't have clear skies, but personally, I wouldn't chance it. A few years back, I came out next day to find the remains of a firework on my car roof! Between falling debris and smoky atmosphere, I thought it's just not on, or worth the risk! But did anyone have any luck, perhaps being far enough out in the countryside, UK wise, to try and observe? Mark
  12. Congratulations. Oddly, the only postal delivery vans on Sunday I've seen have been DPD. Can anyone confirm other couriers deliver on a Sunday?
  13. As above, the monopod is a way to go. Even with my old Zeiss 10x50s, once you get used to using a monopod with a ball head trigger grip, it's more comfortable. Oddly enough, although I'd used a photo tripod occasionally for binoculars in the past, I hadn't heard of monopods till I joined the forum here!
  14. Got a really good look at Albireo for the first time seeing wise last week with my Flexitube 130P. Still looks beautiful, despite it 'only' being an optical double.
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