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  1. Just a couple of shots made by my friend as we moon gazed on Friday here in Germany. Pics taken with his Cannon SLR on a simple tripod with time exposure. The red dot visible in the bottom RH corner of two of the pics is Mars.
  2. I own a Skywatcher 150/750 with EQ3 mount. I am less than happy with the restrictions and awkward handling of the tube on an EQ mount. So! Is it possible to mount my 150/750 tube onto a DOB mount? (Should have bought a DOB to start with but that's another story as they say!) Is there a mount available that I could use for this or would I perhaps have to fabricate a DOB mount of my own to take my Skywatcher? Any thoughts and advice would be welcome.
  3. I would also be interested to hear opinions on this subject. I recently bought a BST 4mm WA eyepiece which will be the shortest f/l eyepiece I am likely to buy. I just haven't had the opportunity yet to try it out. I am wondering how it will fair when compared with the combination of my Baader Hyperion 8mm eyepiece and the celstron 2x ultima barlow since I always understood that a fixed f/l eyepiece should normally out-perform a barlow combination although I guess it might also depend on the respective product qualities. In my case the BST is a relatively cheap product when compared to either
  4. Nice one Ardbeg, that's actually an amazingly good result especially considering it's your first attempt and you would appear to be using a 6" Newt on an EQ3-2 mount. I have a similar set up but have never given a thought to the idea of imaging with it. Perhaps I should reconsider??!! Stock eyepieces eh? Wow, I am seriously impressed - even more so if you're using a Barlow as well. Respect! BTW, I personally much prefer the first photo, it's much closer to the type of pictures of Jupiter we are all used to seeing. Were any of the moons visible? Keep up the good work Ardbeg, and a drop of the o
  5. This is an absolutely excellent thread and with the possible exception of the pompous and blinkered Meade-owner's reply #23, a veritable goldmine of information on the subject of SW SynScan. I am considering an upgrade for my EQ3-2 but now will be thinking very carefully indeed before going ahead - thanks to the wealth of experience voiced here. I have read nearly every reply posted in full but will sit down at some point and go through it all again to make sure I fully understand the implications and restrictions that apply to fitting GOTO to my mount as applied to my particular situation ie.
  6. Hi Sam, yes your scope is a Newtonian on an EQ (equatorial) mount. The main mirror at the bottom of the scope is 5" in diameter (=127mm) and there is a secondary mirror near the open end at an angle which reflects light from the main mirror into the eyepiece. This is the usual configuration for Newtonians named after Newton who invented this type of telescope. It is a reflector because it reflects the light into the eyepiece via mirrors whereas a refractor scope uses one or more lenses to focus the light into the eyepiece - refractors are typically physically longer than Newtonians of equivale
  7. Hi Sam, thanks for that but I guess I might have a problem locating it since I only have a 6" Newt, no goto and restricted views from my garden. I'll try perhaps the next time I'm out with a friend in the field cuz he's got a 16" dob which is much more like it but heaven alone (literally) knows when that will be. Like you I am not racing to get the biggest, fastest, all sigin' 'n' dancin' scope with all the bells and whistles. I too see it as a challenge to see how far I can go with my modest set up and learning as I go along. There are more than enough sights out there within reach of my scop
  8. What a really sweet thing for the missus to do for your anniversary - that's so romantic, bet you were gobsmacked! Do let's have it's details/coordinates so we can all have a peek! Still, if it was the missus who set you off on the astro trip she can hardly complain when you need to upgrade that scope..... Kind regards Roger
  9. The comment about goto was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and I certainly can understand your frustration as a newbie prior to getting the goto. There really is so much to learn and so little available good seeing that without help the task can be very daunting indeed. I will eventually upgrade to goto myself but want to be truly proficient with my modest equipment and have a better and more detailed knowledge of what exactly there is out there in the heavens before I take that step. In my case I found that the more I read the more my motivation was tweaked and by joining a local group of astrohe
  10. I love it!!! I got into astronomy cuz me wonderfully daft brother in law once dragged me out of his kitchen one night where we had been sampling - one after the other - the delights of the beers of Burton upon Trent to show me Jupiter and all 4 of its big visible moons through his miniscule refractor scope which he had set up atop his wheelie bin........ I was gob-smacked and have remained ever since ..... which all goes to show that you can heve yer beer and drink it too - just as long as there's somebody mad enough to point you in the right direction!!!!!!!!! May you continue to enjoy what t
  11. No problem SG, but sorry to hear about your Mum - I hope she's alright. Kind regards Roger
  12. Great stuff punkers! Loved the right up. I have given my son my first scope - a Bresser 70mm refractor on a mount of dubious quality but he hasn't had an opportunity to try it out yet.... ... I wish that I'd been into astronomy when he was a kid and that I had been able to watch his fascination with the hobby as you're about to with your daughter. My son is 31 now so better late than never eh! Kind regards Roger
  13. Thanks for that Michael. The BST is speced at 58° but I guess it depends on how much of the FOV is sharp? I kinda expected the Vixen to be better quality and not just because of the price but maybe the limited FOV rules it out? SG2013 As I said in the original thread, although I could use the 8mm+2xBarlow it seems to be the general opinion that a fixed focal length EP beats a Barlow combination on performence. Also the Baader Hyperion is massive when attached to the 130 Heritage and outright ridiculous when a Barlow is added. The scope is totally nose-heavy and unbalanced and the weight is pr
  14. You're dead right there Sam! Spot on! I think I said somewhere on another thread " the more I learn the more I realise just how little I know!".. but one of the great things about astronomy is that nearly all of the learning is pleasureable and putting what you've learned into practise is so rewarding leaving you wanting more of the same. Glad you got to see Venus and plan to keep at it. Kind regards Roger (Geek/Anorak)
  15. I am considering adding a 4mm EP to my collection and was wondering if anyone has had experience of the BST 4mm: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-4mm-58-Degree-BST-Wide-Angle-Eyepiece-/160889646462?pt=UK_Telescope_Eyepieces&hash=item2575c52d7e I seem to recall that members of this site have reccommended BST EPs in the past as being value for money so any feedback on this EP would be appreciated. I realise that at this price I can't expect wonders but I suspect that, as a fixed fl EP, the performence would be better than the combination of my Baader 8mm Hyperion and Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow
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