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  1. Olly, thats an awesome image !! great sharpness and loads of detail , i love it !
  2. what a great detail, love the small strokes on top. and lovely sharp !
  3. Hey peeps, last week i went to Verclause in southern france. to the remote observatory ROSA from Karel Teuwen. (ill put some pics online soon in an other topic) the first night we had an amazing clear sky, so setting everything up quickly. i took my losmandy G-11, QSI 583 WS with baader 7nm Ha filter, orion guidescope and some lenses etc, but i only used the 70-200 2.8 is and 17-40 4 with the QSI. so the first night i have been taking 10x10 minuts on widefield of cygnus. i substracted 20 darks chip was cooled to -10 degrees celcius. the day after i did some imaging with the dslr, still have to process those results. that day after.... i did the north america and the pelican nebula on 200mm in 5x10 minuts ( there were clouds coming, and 2 of the stacked pics included some clouds, thats why it looks a bit saturated ) again used 20 darks on -10 the last night, i went with the qsi looking at sadr were the butterfly is hiding out. because of some clouds also i could only use 2 frames, so its a stack of 2x20 minuts, no darks were used ( no bias or flats also for all the results ) a 6mb result can be seen here here i mean conclusion? these are my best results till so far, and i am a very happy guy at the moment kindly regards, Erwin Kats
  4. yeah indeed, now i need to find time to test it. at this moment the setup is not blown to the ground yet here a photo i made 2days ago, QSI 583 with 17-40 F4 from canon on 20mm F4 chip -10 degrees celcius, 10x10 minuts exposure +20 darks
  5. holy smokes what a perfect image Gordon !!
  6. Malcom, very nice image ! i love the FOV of fsq 106, but for me just too expensive
  7. Hey guys, its already a few days ago i went online. but it came because of my school and work. since last wednesday i am a happy owner of an QSI 583 WS,it was already sent from the US to holland but i asked the dealer to hold the camera in his warehouse because of my exams were coming up. this weekend ill go to souther france with Karel Teuwen. but last night i had a clear night so i went very quick outside setting everything up (losmandy G-11 with orion 80mm F11 guidescope and qhy 5 + the QSI 583 WS with only an baader 7nm Ha filter (1,25'') and my canon 70-200 2.8 IS on 135mm ) ok then i did 5x10 minuts exposure with the ccd cooled to -10 degrees celcius,and then stacked it, i did not use any dark/bias or flat frames. so in my opinion....i think this is a great first shot.... this is my first experience with CCD and narrowband imaging. can't wait to start with the ddm 85 and a longer focal length !! p.s.( stars can be a bit oval it was 1x1bin but i made the resolution smaller because of some guiging issues ) kindly regards, Erwin
  8. Hey Olly, what do you mean with the discs ?, am i thinking to hard, or is it just easy... see here for a simple 10 minute unguided result. http://stargazerslounge.com/1456829-post22.html
  9. thanks GeoC, at the moment i got the flu, but this clear night was so tempting that i wanted to play with the mount again. ive spoken to a college astrophotographer ( Karel Teuwen ) from belgium. he also got an asa ddm 85 and i needed some help with the polar adjustments.... because of some unlogical thinking of myself.... but oke, i made a pointing file on the east of the meridian, ive centered the stars with a 40mm eyepiece... not the best way to do but it was for a quick try. ive selected 10 stars and then stopped the file to calculate the configuration. after that ive selected polar adjust so to make a better polar alingment. then i made a final pointing model of just 10 stars ( you can do as many stars as you want ), on the east and west side of the meridian, ( i only did the east side ) then i sayed to the mount, slew to M51. i did a exposure of 10 minuts with my eos 40D and vixen r200ss ( way out of collimation ) and its 5 bft wind speed at the moment. i only did a auto tone action in photoshop to display soms details because of the bad light pollution over here click here for the full resolution photo.... 13,5 MB !!! not a very good shot but its a learning curve http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/random-shots/img_0076.jpg
  10. @ olly. LOL at ''Hallo, Takahashi, hallo? This is 2010. '' it sounds like asa is not so bad with the things they deliver in the box. its all about em200 ( seen in youre signature)?
  11. GeoC , no not yet, i just went outside, i was doing my polar alingment but .... clouds.... (never believe a weatherforecaster in this hobby ) so its under bubble foil again lol next week i will not try to play with the mount, got 4 exams coming up from school.....
  12. after all the other messages, also good things off-course. in order to tell the encoders in the mount what the position is of the DEC and RA axis you have to synchronise a star, you look for a star and then you fill in the coordinates in the asa program from phillip keller called autoslew. after that you can also connect to the mount in the sky 6 and see were the mount is pointed ( oh damn, that works so nice ) just after the synchronising of a star i told the mount to go Vega, and this is the result.... i still didn't do a polaralingment ( only rough one ) but i also did not make a pointing file.... so i am pretty happy already.
  13. yes, the mount does look great . yesterday night i have been testing the mount for the first time, to bad i forgot to do the polar alingment but the pointing accuracy was very good, i know how all the software is working now from the sky 6 to autoslew so i need another clear night to test it, tomorrow we get bad weather ah well.......
  14. maybe they don't take me serious cause of my age? here a youtube video by the way from slewing around in daylight.
  15. LOL. i think the damages were done in the factory, i have to say that the ''impact'' indicator on the boxes were both red also, asa is asking customers then to send them an e-mail with photo's etc from the boxes. but why should i send it to them if they will not respond right? well do you already own something from ASA? when i had a question for asa when i had nothing from asa i didn't get any answer. the day i picked up my ddm 85 , i requested a serial key for the program autoslew and i received it within 24 hours so.... and i had send the request to the same e-mail adres ( office at asa.at) i forgot to mention my losmandy G-11 that came all the way from USA was without any damages. you are 100% right, but I think ill send all those pics and further information to the dealer that was between me and asa, and maybe they can do something for me.
  16. well if i would return the mount it will take ages before i get it back, and because of the bad customer i think it will be hard to communicate with them about it. here some more pics. here some more pics. picking the mount up, in the back of the car the DEC unit with 2x 5kg in the box at the right, so a package of 30 kg the most nice thing was the packing of the counterweights. unboxed. the losmandy tripod with the asa adapter-and asa baseplate with the mount on it. the USB rumble pad/controller i bought yesterday from 9 euros to control the mount. first connector is for the internal USB hub, 2nd is com port connection for the RA and DEC axis control. last one is for the power suply. the mount with the first cloud in 3 days click here for a big photo of the setup .... http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/equipment/asa-10.jpg regards, erwin
  17. Hey folks, yesterday i picked up my Astro Systeme Austria Direct Drive Mount 85. well, thats sounds impressive and professional right? lets say their customer service sucks so hard that i don't need a vacuum cleaner anymore. you got people in the astronomy that are kind of professor at a university , a doctor in a hospital with great earnings. i am just a 21 year old electricien working a steel company called corus in ijmuiden ( holland ) so for me it was a big choose will i spend my saving money for a nice car or just upgrade my mount. well, i did the upgrade of my mount, i was thinking about the ASA DDM 85 because of its specifications, and the opinion of some college astrophotographers so when i wanted to buy the ddm 85 i contacted ASA with several qeustions like, how many counterweight are delivered with the mount, is there a baseplate delivered with the order of the mount, and some more small questions. and off-course i didn't get any e-mail back, so i tried the questions more times but like expected no answers, so sad. 4 months after the choose of buying the ddm 85 i still had no information, only the information supplied by fellow astrophographers. and then its the day it arrives. let me show you some photo's in this box are some cables, there looks enough room for a manual and a driver cd right..... well, they didn't do that. at the underside of the baseplate ( here shown with losmandy-asa adapter underneath ) i am missing some painting, (they 2 rounds )you will not see it, but if its not stainless steel or aluminium it could rest ( don't know how to say that in english by the way ) the other side is painted btw on the azimuth adjustment on both knobs there are some scratches more info will follow. these things are not special damages or something but you would expect something nice for 14.000 euro's right?
  18. my brother was so kind to travel down the roads with me to pick the mount up. till so far, i am not happy with the ''finishing touch'' and the delivery contents... so sad for 14k of euros....... ill keep you guys posted.
  19. they made a big progress on the making of the mount, my mount arrived today at the local dealer ( Robtics | Astronomical Instruments for the amateur ) , now i have to arrange some one that can bring me over there lol....
  20. you have alot of luck, my neighbours spray with water on my equipment..... and they got some huge lights in the garden, so sad those people.......
  21. very nice image olly, i love the detail in the spiral arms !
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