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  1. They did the same kind of project here in holland. for dutch visitors, or people that can read dutch http://www.sterrentellen.nl/ now lets hope that the big government and the '' bureaucracy'' will do something with it... in that case, here in my area our local government has placed a very big skybeamer to illuminate a big tower.... my whole south view is messed. all the imaging i do to the south is full of gradients !!!
  2. just trying to get some flats, first i will take a look on the software. *the white bulb is caused by my flash*
  3. Good afternoon, just received my Gerd Neumann Jr flatfield panel. a great, and fast shipping of Gerd, thanks for that so here a link to the panels with more information: Gerd Neumann jr.-Aurora Flatfield Panels- and here some photo's of the panel. i ordered a 315mm (12'' ) panel. the panel is really sturdy, and it looks like a kind of plexi glass that has been used. everything feels good, the power plugs and the panel it self. here some photo's of the panel, soon i hope to post a flat field photo regards, Erwin
  4. just a wonderful picture, loads of details, nice and sharp !, i love it
  5. the 1 meter telescope made and in use of Dany Cardoen in puimichel, south france. me at the left, Karel Teuwen at the right. amazing to see double stars, saturn and venus at daylight! info http://puimichel.obs.free.fr/puimichel-t1m.htm http://puimichel.obs.free.fr/index.php
  6. Hey Chris! indeed, its very handy to work at a metal factory ( even as electrician , the skills you got from working with welding equipment and other stuff is very usefull ) its very hard to image from under the smoke and flames of this industrial area. a lot of gradiants are in the field during astrophotography Erwin
  7. i have been updating my dream. a fast newtonian will not survive the bad light pollution i got. now i dream ( even at daytime ) about a Officina Stellare 152mm f8 triplet apo. Officina Stellare Workshop of the stars cost a hell of money, but i think it will be well spend, also a reducer flatner to get f5 can be bought , i know what santa has to take with him at the end of 2011
  8. Peter, very nice result. i love the contrast, great Ha object , nice starshape also.
  9. as a tip.... Pingi i-Dry XL | Pingi i bought a pingi dry XL i have been reading on CN about these things, alot of ppl were very positive. so i bought one and it is under my scope cover, and doing a great job, i still have heaters around my ota because under a scope cover a lot of moisture will exist. it was only 30 euros by the way. regards, Erwin.
  10. ah well, we have to use to disapointments right thanks, if i can ever do some welding for you, let me hear, i can only weld metal by the way, alluminium cannot be done with my equipment. maybe march we go verclause again, last time we had it very bussy, karel had some small problems, and because its remote everything has to be 100% . at least karel is going, i don't know yet because of my school....i let you know
  11. here a shot from 2 nights ago. at the moment i am archieving some troubles with the mount . the wires etc are still a mess because i am still testing, also the foot for a big umbrella has been set next to the setup, for rain etc. i want to test as much as possible, because of the trouble the stones of the garden will be replaces during the summer .
  12. [dream on] *for the asa dreamers*, consider a real dreamscope? it would fill this topic nicely Corrected Astrograph - Lightweight Telescope - Lightweight Optical Support Structure Elliptical Secondary, Elliptical Flat, Elliptical Secondary, Elliptical Mirror you can see some results of the 16'' on karel teuwen his website @ Karel Teuwen [dream off]
  13. sorry guys, but that will not help, thats the reason why it is already playing for almost 4 years, and it is coming from their side, they are a very agressive family , more people in the neighbourhood are having problems with them.... no normal solution possible, we tried several options. the guy in qeustion, also makes scratches on cars, and more stuff of that.... obsy, to big, the scope cover will do the work, as long as its on the setup during daytime, and summer nighttime. he is also the biggest light polluter with a very big backyard light, they always needed some attention... to bad.
  14. for my security camera i also installed an IR beamer. i got avery annoying neighbour living 2 houses away that is always throwing screws, spraying water over my setup in the summer, that for a 60 year old guy.... so pathetic. offcourse during imaging the IR beamer will be turned off.
  15. i forgot to mention, sorry but it would be for imaging. regards, erwin
  16. Hello, is there some one that has experience with fast newtons under light polluted skies? at the moment i use a 8'' f4, i would like to go 12'' f3,6 or f3,8. but, it gathers some more light but the overall focal length is i live under very light polluted skies, and i am just asking myself if upgrading to a fast newton is good, or will it be disapointing. during the next clear night ( maybe in about 5 months? ) i will do some measurment from the background noise / adu. kind regards, Erwin
  17. A AGoptical or orion optics 12'' will do the trick. AG Optical - Quality Astronomical Instruments why? nice FOV, fast, the AGoptical, can also be supplied with the expensive FLI PDF focusers $$$$$.
  18. thanks angus to bad there is no room for a small obs i use a scopecover to keep it dry , maybe ill build a rolling wooden shed (small one) soon to keep as less as possible mechanical preasure on the setup. thanks !, it took some time but its a great effort to have. i do the final adjustment on the azimuth plate of the mount, this is not much but enough i hope What i already found out was, that its very heavy to point the pier when the whole setup is on it. the ddm is with counterweights around 50 to 60 kilograms..... even a pier is a learning curve thanks Kevin ! i still have to paint the pier in a different color, but i want to do that in the summer.
  19. thats the reason why my little nephew is getting the azimuth bolts tighten up , but thanks Rob ! in the mean while i also have put the ota on the mount, its very windy here at the moment, so i also covered the setup, now i really have to wait for a clear night, can't wait ! regards, Erwin
  20. and its placed ! everything is set, waiting for a clear night to do the allingment. regards erwin
  21. the stainless steel stuff hardened, ans getting the north alingment of the pier
  22. thanks Matt! after all when we were getting the concrete in the wooden box i was surprised how much it was , whoops. but here some more pics, the concrete is already hardened drilled the cable pipe to the wood so it will not shift. some more screws me mixing the conrete, we forgot to rent a mill for that lol first load alot to do 50 bags of 20 kg each. few cm later
  23. thats a very nice job, i am currently also busy with my own pier. on my tripod i use a scope cover from telegizmos , maybe thats also an option for you? you can order them till very big sizes.
  24. my dad getting out the last parts of underground stones making the ground level. and a wooden box has been inserted of 1x1 meter and 50cm depth wich will hold 1000kg of concrete, that will arive today so ill keep u posted. regards, Erwin:hello2:
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