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  1. thanks guys ! i am already waiting for cygnus to raise higher. tonight the sky seems to be clear again, i will try to gather some more data *i have updated the above picture with some more contrast *
  2. Thanks Pete ! a top plate should not that hard to make here a update. cable management. part 2 e-power switch, soon , or within 1 year i want to start remote imaging. the e-powerswitch let me turn on and off 230volts through a web interface. interface test Category 6 SFTP cable for ethernet connection to the barn connected cable on 1 end thats all till so far
  3. after almost 2 months my mount is back. i just started a small test shot in the late night from the butterfly nebula in swan. 7x20minutes with qsi 583 ws and 15 darks on -20 celcius. and vixen r200ss 8'' f4 newton with some damages on asa ddm 85. 50% http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/butterfly-7x120015darks-m.jpg
  4. i use USB over ethernet. these connections can go up to 50 meters and works perfect ! also i have been using USB repeaters cables, these cables are ''active'' cables and start at 5 meters of length. both ways have made me a happy guy, and never lost an image of the qhy 5 or lodestar autoguider or from the ccd camera ( qsi 583 ws ) regards, Erwin
  5. my mount will come back next week, to celebrate i did some adjustments to the setup. 1 of the active usb cables. 2 usb cables in a temporary box, and a 12x1,5mm cable for 5x 12 volts and 1x 5 volts DC. the power supplies. tomorrow, more.
  6. nice image olly ! i will send you some pictures soon from our visit
  7. thanks billy, i am back in the mean while, weather was not good only had time to take 1 hour of Ha on californie nebula in widefield. i was going there to collect LRGB data but not succeeded. ( already booked 10 days in the hope for some better weather ) Stuart, its small, it works, its cheap, its just great for guiding within maxim and PHD you have to do some settings ( the star has to move more pixels then with the stock settings ) this due the smaller focal length. here a screenshot from maxim dl 5 pro guiding. RMS is in pixels.
  8. here i made the RDF fit the scopes finder holder. a 10 second exposure through the scope with a SX lodestar
  9. Peter, that looks great !, great stars in every corner ! i was/ am thinking about the ag12 also, but under my light pollution conditions i think its not worth of thinking about such a fast scope. Erwin
  10. maybe you would like to take a look on the website of dutch astrophotographer Rob Kantelberg Astrophotography by Rob kantelberg
  11. for the curious people. comparing photo between g-11 and the ddm before it went on the pier
  12. not for my 70-200... (2.8 IS) here a shot with my qsi 583 ws and baader 7nm Ha filter lens was used at 200mm and stopped down to f5.6 http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/ngc2175-g.jpg corners are still full of coma.... when i get clear days again i will make a test shot for f2.8 and several stops down.
  13. on my wo 66 petzval i used a 50mm spacer for my qhy 5
  14. some more. and i also ordered a micro focuser from TS for lenses. and at last an image of 8x20 minuts with qsi 583 ws and baader 7nm Ha filter chip cooled down to -30 celsius flaming star nebula ic 405, ic 410 m36 m38 and some more object in the FOV some vignetting in the field due the usage of 70-200 2.8 is on 100mm f2.8 here bigger resolution: http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/flame-nebula-region-m.jpg
  15. yesterday received my package from telescope-service.de fast and great shipping of TS. i ordered the 80mm f5 in stead of my 80mm f11, the length of the 80mm f11 was just to much, and the focal length to long, finding stars in the field with my guider camera ( qhy 5 ) was getting hard. so, last night i went outside quickly to perform some testing because i will use this setup soon in south france again. here some shots. like my other 80mm f11 from orion, the dew shield is falling off everytime. the orion red dot finder does not fit, it seems there is a difference between the orion and skywatcher dovetail :| i had this problem also with attaching the RDF on my vixen r200ss
  16. thanks for the kind comments guys ! next week when i will be at home again ill try to look at pixinsight for a time. i did not tryed anything within photoshop yet to get the gradients away.
  17. indeed i forgot to say that, they get really hot. i ''re''charge it when i am imaging but also if its needed, of the indicator says its wet, and i have to image i will recharge. if i can not image during the night i just leave it under the cover, i also got some heaters around the optics and ccd, and the worst part is always the humidity caused in the first hours when the cover is on the setup.
  18. Alan, here in holland its mostly also rainy and wet conditions. when my setup was not on a pier yet i bought a telegizmos scope cover that would fit my setup, now i use it even 24/7 to cover my setup. (365 serie) *in france* i also got a small dehumidifier that i put under the scope cover when i am not working with the setup. this small thing has been under my cover for 7 weeks now with heavy rains here in holland but the dehumidifier is still not filled with moisture enough to be recharged ( its doing his job excellent )
  19. i think its the best solution for a light polluted area on f5 it would be great also. @smoggy, i also found the 9k price now, earlier websites sayed 14k..... big difference.
  20. Tony, Great shot, great details, it stays one of the best galaxies up there
  21. last week there were 2 clear nights, i wanted to get some HA,L,R,G,B data so i can try editing HALRGB pictures... but i did more Ha shots because of my short focal length. my asa ddm 85 is not on the pier at the moment because of some testing so i am happy that i did not sell my losmandy g-11 yet, and put my qsi 583 WS with canon 70-200 2.8 IS on it on 200mm f5,6 and baader 7nm Ha filter all shots the chip was -30 (link shows bigger picture) 1st, rosette nebula 6x15min no darks used http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/ngc2237-026x15-30-g.jpg 2nd, california nebula 4x20 mins + 15 darks + 19 bias frames, transparation was decreasing alot http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/cali-04-g.jpg 3th, ngc 2175 5x20 min + 15 darks + 19 bias frames http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/gallery/astrophotography/ngc2175-g.jpg i think the gradients are caused by a new sky beamer of our local government :)
  22. i got a losmandy dovetail on my 8'' lx90 ota. it was attached with 5 bolts from the dovetail to the ota on holes that are already in the ota. i don't know if this is the same for the 14'' lx200
  23. very nice rosette, the details and structures are amazing !
  24. olly one great image !!! begin march karel me and another astronomical dude are going to verclause again, maybe this time we can meet
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