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  1. indeed. i already had an Moonlite on my SCT, it even caried my eos 1D mark II without problems, the focusers are very smooth and they can carry alot of weigth.
  2. he has some coma, but the ring isn't anything about coma i suppose?
  3. NEVER LOOK NEAR OR TO THE SUN :cheers: it wasn't even in this topic
  4. finaly :hello1: now i can use 2'' EP in the r200ss, but thats not the reason why i bought the moonlite. i bought it for astrophotography. here some pics. with my new MPCC also( asap i will order the PC control module )
  5. you get enough guidescopes for 1502GBP maybe an astrotech 66mm? 400mm F6.1 weigt of 1,7 KG
  6. awesome result looks very sharp and i love the detail ! good job.
  7. Hello, well i finaly feel myself home @ sgl here 2 moon pics , this one with the Meade LPI and Orion 80mm f11,4 achro and this one is made with the LX90 8'' sct (on the day i made the avi's there was a paper factory on fire so alot ot changes of color of the moon because of the clouds were a pain in the fotoshopping ) kinly regards erwin kats
  8. nice , maybe next time try a little flashlight? or flash with the cam?
  9. thanks guys, here some pics of the R200SS with orion 80mm F11.4 on it
  10. nice 8) i hope you get some clear skies soon btw, i love youre site, i love the DIY telescope Pier ( thinking about making my own pier, but don't know if a pier like yours or just a round big pipe is doing good )
  11. wow, alot of detail and pretty sharp result !
  12. well... i ''had'' clear skies, in the mean while its clouded out. but when i was getting my setup back inside, i found out that the handcontroller cable was rippen a part. so i did a quick modification, ill replace the whole cable another time ( stock losmandy Rubbish )
  13. i already wanted to modify my eos 350D but it has an problem with the USB connection, so no remote triggering on the easy way (not with USB cable , but with an USB converter to jack plug ) so my eye felt on the 40D. ( the 5D has a 2 big chip ) here some screens.
  14. 1 week ago i bought an Canon eos 40D. this dslr will be joined next to my 350D. the 40D will be modified ( not now, but i hope to do it asap ) some main specs: # Increased efficiency 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with larger microlenses # Large 3.0-inch LCD display # enhanced Live View display # LCD with broadened color gamut # 6.5 frame-per-second continuous shooting capability # Buffer holds 75 Large/Fine JPEGs or 17 RAW images) # sRAW mode (small RAW format) # 35-zone metering system # 14-bit A/D conversion # Digic III processor # Highlight Tone Priority # High-ISO Noise Reduction # integrated Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit # 0.95x optical viewfinder magnification # Interchangeable focusing screens # Continuous display of ISO in viewfinder # Auto ISO mode a pic of the front, ill post some other pics asap.
  15. congrats with youre birthday, and with the new scope. :hello1:
  16. very usefull software for creating , editing etc is Adobe Lightroom 2 its very easy, and looks nice 2. you can do all kinds of things, display exif data ( only with normal pics , for stacked photo's the exif is different, or doenst even excist ) here a test gallery click here
  17. thanks all for the warm welcome. ill hope to spend some good time here on sgl
  18. :wav: thats an amazing telescope !! have alote of fun with it!
  19. my equipment during the years LX90+ eq wedge+ wo ZS 80 II ed apo+350+alot of other things. ( the WO zs 80 II ed apo has been sold ), the 8'' LX90 ota has been de-forked. ( and has an moonlite crayford motorfoc ) cleaning the lX90 setup @ oure 2nd home. forgot to take out the lights during making of this pic. more pics to come of the vixen r200ss and more.
  20. Hello guys, after googling i came on this website, it looks pretty cool, alot of information. already have been on the IRC chat for a few times. well, this is my story. I am Erwin Kats, 20 years old i live in holland, near the west coast ( always bad weather , heat vibrations from the sea, alot of light pollution ) i started astronomy 10 years ago after buying an 50€ telescope. 2 years later i had an ETX 70 as a present from my grandma. it.... went broken after 1,5 years ( thanks to meade germany i received a brand new etx 70 ) then i bought an Meade Model 4500 114mm newton. around 2 years later i bougth an Meade LX90 8'' ( wanted to do more planets/ piggy back photography ) after upgrading the LX90 alot , and putting the vork mounted to the test... the DEC motor unit died... then i really wanted to do more with DSO photography. so i bought an losmandy G-11 with an stellarvue 102 ED apo ( had alot of problems with the stellarvue, stupid focuser ) i first was thinking about the usage of CCD camera, but becuase i am also an normal photographer i wanted to try my DSLR's untill today i still use my not modified eos 350D, but i didn't had much time to use it, Rubbish weather next to that, i also have been live broadcasting the planets and moon on my website, but because of scripting problems it doesn't work at the moment. i am also making an website with a friend of my for only HA solar views ( we got 1 lunt 60mm HA, 1 lunt 60mm CAK, 1PST ha ) i think that was it all ow yeas i forgot. in the mean while i also got Vixen r200SS orion 80mm F11,4 for guidescope lx90 8'' SCT ota stellarvue 102 ED apo and alot of other Rubbish, will make a topic in equipment.
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