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  1. Cheers guys thanks for the words of wisdom i have been needing some lately. I just love this scope i have just had so much bad luck with it i am hoping its not going to continue for much longer because its really starting to get to me now, all i want is to get out with it for one night and i know all of the stress that i am feeling right now will just vanish. For a big scope its really quite easy to put up even by myself its done in no time, put it up tonight hoping the clouds might clear but no its back down now because as paul was saying its just a nightmare trying to fit this in with my shifts that i work ( a problem that never entered my mind) I have just finished the last repairs to my trailer so i am all ready to go again, I have a 8 days working off the belt now late and early starts then i have 4 off and my plans are to take it to the lake district for a couple of days but that is depending on weather as usual. Anyways cheers for the wisdom and hopefully i will have better news next time.
  2. Hi all, fantastic site this is it realy is so informative i love reading all of the tips you can find here,Just a update on my orion xx16g which i purchaced back in april. Im affraid it has not been a easy relationship upto now as i fear i am fighting the gods themselves just to get a look through it, every time the weathers right im always in bed for work or going to work. Just to give you a idea of what i am having to put up with here this is what happened the last 2 times i took it out, First time, Packed everything up all excited as usual left the house for the trailer to unhook itself and try to make a deposit in my local bank on the high street,new catch fitted and all repairs done 3 weeks later. Just last Tuesday, all excited again, Managed to keep trailer on and travelled to a lovely new dark site i have found, got very thing set up ready to go, tilted the base tube forward a touch so i could put on the weights and the whole mirror fell out of its housing, thankfully no damage to it but night was over yet again.Very upset with the overall quality of this scope for the money paid, the base is only made out of high density MDF and we all know what happens to that once water gets to it.Anyways i might one day get to use it and put some pictures up,good luck everyone and clear skys to you all.
  3. Many thanks again guys i am glad i didn't just go ahead with it there now, Many thanks again, i will just enjoy my scope as it is and when i can, Cheers
  4. Thanks loads that is just what i needed to hear at least i can forget the idea there now, would the maximum time be around a minute as i say i am very new to this side,cheers.
  5. yes its the new 16g thats got the goto system on it, i have my camera setup complete i just want to be able to turn it into a guiding scope so i can take long deep exposures if that is possible
  6. Hi would anyone be able to help me out here a bit as i have a Orion 16g telescope and as you might have noticed it don't come with a auto guiding socket on the base so as things stand it will only be able to track star wise for the usual seconds before i get star trails and i cant believe that a scope of this quality would not have been already fitted with one, a real bad decision if you ask me . I have found a article on the net for making a DIY system for your scope but i am very new and i need to know if this sounds like a viable project to undertake as i want to really get into the astro photography side of things and i believe this scope would be just fantastic for the purpose, and of corse its a job i would be willing to undertake if i get the right feedback from someone in the field. The article is on this site, Night Sky in Focus, and the page is, DIY Autoguider: Home-Built Autoguider Project I have gone through the article hundreds of times and it all sounds fairly straight forward and i can't see any problems but i would like to have someone's advice who has some brains of these things before i commit myself, i have virtually already made my mind up to go ahead but it wouldn't hurt to try and get some proper advise. I have found a very nice camera\guider for sale today the Orion Star Shoot AutoGuider Pro Mono Astrophotography Camera but operating systems are updated to win 7 instead of the old win XP. I have had my scope since April last year and hardly been able to use it yet so i am just trying to get my system up and running as good as i can and at least it will be ready and waiting for when i am going to need it, when dark skys return that is. Any help would be really grateful, Many thanks for any help received.
  7. don't know why its posted everything all over, not having much luck am i LOL
  8. Hi all, firstly please let me say sorry for not posting for a while about my scope but i just have not had any time to take it out anywhere to actually use it, work really makes a massive impact on my life and sometimes i wish i never even discovered this as a hobby but we all make do with what we have. I have managed to get it out a few times and i know how to set it all up now so i have learned all of that lot but what i just don't get is the time to enjoy myself with it. I have been spending my time to get my whole setup ready for the real important time, when the dark nights come back next month, I got myself a trailer for this baby because the overall load i am transporting now was just too much for my car so i have been fitting it out so i can use it as a shelter during the night as i have managed to rig everything up so i can work it remotely in the trailer through my laptop, camera included so my time has not been wasted and i am even more keen to get out now than i was before so i have put on a couple of pictures of the trailer setup for you, hope you understand i did give myself a massive bit of learning to catch up on but i have enjoyed every piece of it and i know it will be worth while at the end of the day and hopefully in a few weeks i might be able to put on some real pictures on here that all are waiting to see.
  9. Bignev


  10. Many thanks for all of your fantastic replys I have to admit I am in the middle of extacy and panic at the same time, from a 200p its a mahoosive jump I just hope I can use it to its potential. I am looking forward to some fantastic nights out in the cold. Weather in the north east has been terrible ever since I got it so I just got to be patient and pray it clears up so I can test it out on Mars as I dont have any good pictures of mars yet at all. many thanks again and I'll post some shots as soon as I get the chance to use it. Hope you don't mine me using the Mahoosive Viebo its still got me laughing yet. :-)
  11. Yes looking through the focuser could have been a problem but i got a DSLR for my 200p so i can just fit that to it and a cable to my lap top and away i go, no ladders i hope, As for moving it around i have already decided to put a tow bar onto my car and just break it down into 5 sections, Heavy base with the frame split into 2 sections which ill be traveling in the trailer, easily able to lift them when split but they do still weigh something so if you have back problems i would not recommend one, which just leaves the poles to go in with them because the mirrors will be traveling with me in the car. It only takes me about 15 minutes to put it back together, I am hoping to work everything out as i go along because i am hoping to have a long happy relationship with as little trouble as possible. It is going to kill me but it could take a couple of weeks yet before i get things sorted out so i will update when i take it out,, I JUST CANT WAIT,
  12. The base weighs in at 62 lb but it is manageable as long as your not carrying it a any distance, i only go from my car so it will be ok for me i have tested it out, it is a wheel so they do say you can wheel it around if you want but i wouldnt even think about doing that at all.
  13. Hi guys thought i would give everyone the look of my new scope, i was trying to find some info about the size of this bad boy but just gave up and just took the plunge and got it, was i in for a hell of a surprise. I have the Skywatcher 200p now and really got a surprise when it arrived but believe me i did die and come back when this bad boy turned up at my door. I know by looking at the forums that there is next to nothing about these things so i have put a couple of pictures up just so people can get some scale of the thing, I am 5ft 6" so it will give you some idea of the height of this baby, My sitting room is over 15 ft long and i still could not get a full shot of it with my camera. I have not even had a chance to try it out yet so this really is just to let people see how big it is because you really do need a lot of space for it. Please do not be suckered in with the fit in any any ordinary car because i have a Jag x type, and they are a big car and i cant see how it will fit into that at all, you will need a hatchback for one of these because you need plenty of space to fit it SAFELY for traveling around anywhere, Its not to bad to assemble but it is a little tricky to do by yourself but i manages it myself so it is possible to do it by yourself, and the video that they show you assembling it, they dont tell you that they never had the mirror in it because it is quite a heavy section to lift into place and that is with all the 9 weights off. I do hope the pictures are of some use to anyone thinking of buying one though. All in all though i do think this is a fantastic piece on hardware and just cant wait to get it out. It really is like winning the lottery just how lucky am i.
  14. Yes at the moment i have just got the Sky 200p/1000 on the basic EQ5 stand so it is very difficult indeed to keep the sho in view, of course i do intend to upgrade it to auto tracking but i just have to wait as i have exhausted funds available at the moment, I will try to change the shutter speeds as i have already changed the iso levels and there is no differance so it must be a simple case os too much light i will have a look through the settings on the camera and find them. i do already have the celestron Neximage 5 solar system imager but unfortunatly its vertually impossible to use without the auto tracking so just waiting for my cash flow to rise again, thats what happens when you dont ask for advice i guess. Thanks again i will keep you imformed no how i get on with things, Many thanks again..
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