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  1. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Masuyama 45mm

    GONE !
  2. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Masuyama 45mm

    Pending !
  3. Hello there, As much as possible I would like to trade my Masuyama 45mm (2” barrel), 53 deg FoV, in perfect condition, with caps and box, for a TV Nagler 22mm in perfect condition too. Or I can sell it, for 375€ plus shipping. Thanks S.
  4. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Zeiss, TMB and Clavé

    All gone ! Closed !
  5. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Zeiss, TMB and Clavé

    Zeiss SFO filter gone too, only the Clavé Barlow is left !
  6. Local price in France at the only AP dealer is quite steep : close to 4400 euro... too much for my wallet...
  7. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Zeiss, TMB and Clavé

    Clavé OE 25mm GONE
  8. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Zeiss, TMB and Clavé

    TMB SuperMonocentric 18mm is GONE
  9. Hi there, Selling my Zeiss SFO Solar Filter SFO 80 at 250 euro and my TMB SuperMonocentric 18mm at 350 euro. Also selling a Clavé Barlow in 29mm barrel size at 90 euro and a Clavé OE 25mm eyepiece without reticle. Shipping not included I can send some more photos per e-mail Thanks Sylvain
  10. disciplus55

    TMB Supermonocentric 18mm

    Hello there, selling (or trading) my TMB Supermonocentric 18mm with caps, no box, for the price below or for a LNIB Nagler 22T4 + a bit of cash, to be discussed. Supermonocentric is in excellent condition.  price 400 euro all included. thanks  Sylvain
  11. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Baader GPC 2.6x

  12. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Baader GPC 2.6x

    65 euro, shipped and insured...
  13. If French is a language that you can read, check out Webastro and Astrosurf. If you are comfortable with German, check out Astro Treff...
  14. disciplus55

    Zeiss microscope eyepieces

    I have been using some E Pl 10x/25 for months on my bino, but because I need a barlow to reach focus on my dobsonian, I end up with a high magnification and too much eye relief, so, not the best for my case only...
  15. disciplus55

    COMPLETED - Baader GPC 2.6x

    70 euro

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