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  1. Bonjour or Bonsoir

    Salut, Welcome to SGL, where you can meet also a couple other Croissants eaters
  2. Zeiss 6-O and 10-O

    And... GONE ! closed
  3. TSA120

    Hello, For months I had both a TSA 120 and a FC100, I only do visual, and my FC100 is the DL version, meaning that there is no CA visible in any of these 2 beauties. Both are a joy to use, a joy to look through, and most nights where I live (North East of France), it is very difficult to see the gain in aperture on both Lunar and Planetary (seeing is average most of the time). On Deep Sky objects like globulars, then yes, the 120mm obviously shows more. On very good nights, which means like only 5 nights per year, then yes, the gain in aperture gives a bit more brightness and resolution on planetary and lunar too... BUT... doing only visual, I have a 16” dobsonian for DSO on those few good nights, therefore I use my refractors during the week, or during short sessions, for lunar, planetary, doubles, carbon stars, after a long day of work. That means that I want my refractors to be quickly set up and ready to use, quickly in temperature. That is where the FC100 is better for me : it is a couple of kilos less heavy than the TSA, and it cools down a lot faster, the TSA takes double or three more times to get on temperature, and requires one more counterweight on my mount. All in all, it is the perfect scope this TSA, really, especially if you do astro photo. But if you Re doing visual only, and use your refractor for short 1h or 2h sessions in the middle of the week, then the FC100 will give you more observing time than the TSA, for a very little compromise in aperture most nights... I wish I had kept the TSA though, but monopolizing so much money for so little use made no sense, so I sold it. With regrets, but it was a reasonable decision for my way of doing astronomy. If I win the lottery, then I would get one again, just for the knowing I have the best refractor in that size :-) Hope this helps,
  4. Zeiss Abbe Ortho I 4mm and 6mm

    And now both GONE :-) closed !
  5. Zeiss Abbe Ortho I 4mm and 6mm

    ZAO 4mm is GONE, 6mm is still available.
  6. Zeiss Abbe Ortho I 4mm and 6mm

    Hello, Sure : 615 euro each then.
  7. Bonjour, I trade both my Zeiss Abbe Orthos I A-4 et A-6 in excellent condition for your Clavé 65mm and/or Astro-Physics SPL 4mm. photos will follow soon, Make offers Thanks, S.
  8. Zeiss 6-O and 10-O

    6-O is SOLD 10-O is still available :-)
  9. My rare Zeiss items for your ?

    40-O is gone... CLOSED
  10. TMB Supermonocentric 6mm + TMB Barlow

    TMB Barlow still available :-)
  11. Zeiss 6-O and 10-O

    Still available, price can be reduced, just make offers :-)
  12. Tak FC100DL F9

    Together with my DL, I had a TSA 120, and well, after half a year, I sold the TSA : here is why : for long nights of DSO, I have a large 16inch Dobsonian, therefore, my little refractors are mostly for shorter nights of Lunar, planetary, double stars and carbon stars. The extra gain of aperture of the 120mm could never justify the extra weight (like 2 or 3 kg extra), and the cooling time was significantly longer in the triplet... all in all, the DL gives me more observing time and less hassle, for a very tiny small compromise in light gathering power. Don’t get me wrong, on a night of good seeing, the gain in aperture is visible, but most nights, it is not « that » obvious, added to the weight and cooling time, I kept the DL... now, I think the Esprit 120 triplet might just be as heavy and as long to cool down as the TSA.
  13. Tak FC100DL F9

    I have a DL that I got from the first run, it is my first Tak, I had a SW 100ED gold version before that. Everything is better in the DL, optics and mechanics.
  14. Zeiss Abbe Ortho 25 mm (ZAO 25) - RARE

    GONE - ad can be closed, thanks