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  1. TMB Supermonocentric 7mm

    Hello, I have a TMB Supermonocentric 7mm in excellent condition, to sell or trade for a recent Nagler 22mm. Selling it at 300 euro. It is with all original package, With caps, etc... thanks Sylvain
  2. Pentax XO 2.5

    Hello, I have a Pentax XO 2.5 in excellent condition, even LNIB, to sell or trade for a recent Nagler 22mm. Selling it at 340 euro. It is with all original package, grey version from Ricoh, caps, paperwork, etc... thanks Sylvain
  3. Sky-Watcher AZ GTI tracking

    Still no longer get the Sun tracking feature, deleted the app and re downloaded it, reset the mount WiFi, tried everything I used to do when the Sun tracking was available, but now it’s gone... anyone has the same issue ?
  4. Sky-Watcher AZ GTI tracking

    Anyone has seen the “fast solar tracking” feature on the SynScan App ? I could not longer find it this morning !
  5. Zeiss Abbe Barlow

    Hello, Have I heard my name here ? As a matter of fact, i do have one and it is the only I use. I did not keep the TMB one as it required too much infocus, and I didn’t keep my Powermate x2 as it was too heavy... but to be honest, I relied on Airylab tests on an Astrosurf magazine : it was in the top tier with a Clavé barlow, and very close to the regular TV ones. In other words, I do not have too much experience comparing it to other Barlow’s, but it sure is a nice optical element that does not degrade at all the views in the ocular. clear skies Sylvain
  6. Waiting for all the specifications (weight, size, what’s in the box, etc etc) and prices :-)
  7. Also selling the Zeiss eyepieces, price can be lowered, make offers !
  8. Indeed, it works !! With SKySafari 6 plus ! The way you describe it !
  9. I will try that ! Many thanks ! still, I hope one day, it will be as simple as with Android
  10. Beware, I could NOT getting it running on a second iOS device running SkySafari 6 Plus !!! Seems to be limited to SkySafari 5 only !!
  11. Alt-Az mount for Tak100DL

    Hello, played 3h last night with Tak DL, small prism diagonal, Fujiyama orthos, QuickFinder, all on the SW AZ GTi mount, all on a Berlebach UNI 18 tripod... pushed the magnification to 375x on the Moon : no issues with tracking, vibration damping time was good, I could observe for 20 minutes all features on the Moon with no problem at all. my only issue is that I am using iOS, therefore I had two iOS devices, one running the Synscan app, and the other one SkySafari... BUT, SkySafari didn’t want to work with the mount, I think it is because I use SkySafari 6 Plus and not SKySafari 5 :-(
  12. Hello, Still looking for an AP SPL 4mm and an original Zeiss barlow 2x from the 90s, and I can trade any CZJ orthos from 4mm up to 40mm, including the rarest ones, and a W 31 S. The CZJ 8-O or the W 31 S can be traded for the Zeiss Barlow, but not for the AP SPL 4mm. For the AP SPL, all other CZJ can be traded : 12.5-O, 40-O, 4-O + other... etc... make offers ! Thanks ! S. prices : 1100 euro for the 8mm and 31mm ; 800 for the 40mm, 550 euro for thé 12.5 and 300 euro or less for each of the others
  13. COMPLETED - Televue Zoom Nagler 2-4mm

    And SOLD ! Off to the Netherlands :-)
  14. COMPLETED - Televue Zoom Nagler 2-4mm

    Caps yes, box, no... but price includes shipping costs :-)