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  1. Looks like a super early version, number being 10576 (105 is on all of them, then EDT or EDF version, then serial number). Looks rather good condition, you can tell by the bag (genuine also), usually this bags wear off quickly at the handle. If there is no scratch, paint missing, shocks or whatever, it sure is a great looking one, early though. The most desired ones are the latest ones, but you could still ending up selling it for 4500 USD to American astronomers, and maybe 2800 euro to European astronomers (somehow, our friends in America are willing to put more money for this made in USA scope, when Europeans tend to pay less since it competes with Takahashi or other top brands.) The last one I saw was sold at the AP dealer in France for 2800euro, second hand, and it took them months to sell it. But on American websites, they barely stay 1 day, even at 5000USD. But shipping this may be risky...
  2. Hi there, I used to have one, indeed excellent scope, almost regret selling it. In Europe, it goes for somewhere between 2500 and 3000 euro, but in the US, of in excellent condition, you could sell it for 4000-5000 USD depending on accessories and generation (hence the serial number). Already the paint can give you a hint : shiny polished black paint (older) or pebble feeling (latest). if you have the original case, rings, dovetail plate, etc, it is the minimum required. Post some photos here, we can help you with that.
  3. Hello there, In order to get a good feeling of what it’s like to do some stargazing from a labeled dark sky reserve area, some members of our local astronomy club have spent a full week in Saint-André-Capcèze, Lozère district, right between Villefort and Génolhac), at the guesthouse « Au Portaou » (www.au-portaou.com). Since the owners of this guesthouse can speak fluently English, German, Dutch and French (she’s from Belgium, he is from Germany) please have a look and feel free to go there a week or a couple of days, you will be impressed by the sky quality, and pleased by the warm welcoming B&B. As for the sky, we had not seen such a dark sky, nor this level of seeing since our trip to Chile last year, amazing. Because of the weather conditions, not every night was fully successful, but still, we had a fantastic week. The area where we have settled the scopes has a South, South-East orientation, and we had way enough space for 5 scopes, including 2 dobsonians of 400mm and 2 of 250mm. Full darkness was achieved thanks to the total absence of any artificial light, no street lamp, no parasite light bulbs of any kind, nothing... only The city of Alès, 40 to 50km south, could bring a faint light halo on the horizon. SQM was definitely and consistently over 21, easily. We had to use our head torches in order to walk around since we could not see each other’s in the dark, almost scary ? !! We are no longer used to this level of darkness, especially at our usual spots. In the middle of the night, the Milky Way had arisen enough to see it from one side of the valley to the other side, completely, gorgeous with a lot of contrast. Personally, I had never seen so many details in M101, I could keep on magnifying and pushing on M53, and had never seen so much contrast on M92 or simply on M3. In total, I observed a list of about 40 objects, from tight doubles to the brightest Messier’s, and of course many galaxies from the NGC catalog in Virgo or Coma B in this season. All in all, a fantastic sky, very clear and transparent, with a good seeing, and barely no light pollution (only this Alès halo, very faint). In the guesthouse, every single attention of the owners was making us feel like VIP guests : old and well restored house, excellent food from Patricia, the owner, Hans, her husband made some space in a small cellar so that we could store our chairs and gears during the day, etc... I totally recommend this place and this area. If only light pollution was down to this level all over France, especially in the North East where I live ! For sure we will go there again next year !
  4. GavStar, Where can we find more information about the NV you use ? I read from French forums that it is impossible to source for us. Yet, I would be interested if there is only a slight chance to try one too.
  5. I did, they replied that I should get a complete UNI 18 base (like I had before) and inter-change my wooden tripod feet... Not my favorite solution... :-(
  6. Hello there, I would like to use my Berlebach UNI 19 tripod that has a 3/8” thread (bolt). It works great with my AZ GTi and AYO, but since it is 3/8”, I can’t use my Vixen GP 2 that has a M10 thread, quite deeply recessed... any idea of a potential adapter I could use ? thanks, S.
  7. I don't see any finder shoe on those... Not included on Feathertouch focusers ?
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