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  1. 55m is gone, only the 65mm is still available.
  2. 40mm and 45mm are sold. 55 and 65mm are the last remaining two EP’s.
  3. Hi there, since then, I have added to the sale : a 40mm and a 45mm. I am now selling my 5 long focal Clave eyepieces (75, 65, 55, 45 and 40mm) in 50mm barrel size and in very good condition overall (mint optics, but usage marks on barrel). 40mm - 410 euro 45mm - 410 euro 55mm - 540 euro 65mm - 620 euro 75mm - 620 euro Paypal preferred, shipping not included. Thanks, S.
  4. Hi there, Preferably looking for a trade here, I have three long focal Clave eyepieces (75, 65 and 55mm) in 50mm barrel size and in very good condition overall (mint optics, but usage marks on barrel). Looking for some other high end eyepieces like AP SPL’s, ZAO, Ethos... I will study all offers, as long as value is somewhat equivalent. Thanks, S. value : 1700 euro for all three (€), add shipping costs. PayPal preferred.
  5. I need to get 5 old ortho eyepieces dismounted, de-cemented, cleaned and re -cemented, from the 50’s, brand Manent.
  6. Hi, in oder to repair some eyepieces, I have been advice to contact "Graeme Cooper at Bino Bros"... but I can't find any website nor e-mail nor nothing about this company... anyone knows them ? Thanks a lot !
  7. The story behind this is that I hate not using some gears, and in the ZAO set, the 6mm is the only one I use a lot. As for the refractor, I use a lot more my Tak FC 100 DL... barely that 80mm...
  8. Hi there, This is definitely my craziest ad ever : I am looking for a trade where I would send my ZAO II set (with barlow, with walnut case and purple velvet bag) AND my genuine refractor Zeiss AS80/840 with accessories (finder, SFO filter, M44 extensions) for a very recent AP 130 GTX. I barely use the ZAO II’s except the 6mm, and I use a lot more my Tak 4” frac than the Zeiss 80mm, by far. It will be better if they see more stars in another home than mine. Thanks, S.
  9. Hi there, I picked up all units from SkyMeca, and two pieces are left now. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. Hi there, with the Baader system, you need an additional ring from M44–> T2, and then only their QCA, which is thinner / weaker. Skymeca made a M44 QCA directly, heavy duty, based on the design of the original one that came with my Zeiss refractor. So, in the end, cheaper than Baader solution. Skymeca have 5 pieces left of the hybrid (stainless steel male part with aluminum female part). Send me a private message if you are interested, it costs 90 euro + shipping costs from France, I am just the messenger and dispatcher since Skymeca don’t handle requests outside of France (due to language
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