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  1. That looks great, gives us mere mortals inspiration and some hope of one day getting a half decent image, well done brilliant image.
  2. wonderful pictures there, wish you could see all that through the telescope on the Pleiades.
  3. Like those a lot nice detail there, great pics well done
  4. Baselessum

    well its a start

    journey into AP and imaging
  5. well 55 years cant be bad for a TV program that hasn't been recognised for the last 10 by the host station. It seems the wrangling between the format for the BBC would if the rumours are true put the final nail in the coffin for a program that was hosted by a enthusiast with so much to give to the world of astronomy, even after his death the program carries on with the same vigour just not the iconic figure head, well I know which way I would choose if the rumour is true
  6. Got to be one of the most impressive milky way pictures I have seen, well done it's great
  7. Yes well done on Jupiter, I was also out last night and seen it again since last season as it poked its head above the tree line and started to rise (around 02:15), but with your scope I would also be aiming at some Galaxies and some nebula, depending on your local LP. Seeing was good up to 02:00 for me last night and managed to get the Ring , and the Dumbbell in with a few others and with your EP set some DSO should be more than spottable from your scope. Have fun and clear skies
  8. Hi Max and well done for the courses, nice to finish that next one for your degree and good luck
  9. Welcome to SGL and hope you enjoy you're stay, and I am sure there will be lots more story's and lots of questions as well
  10. Baselessum

    Hello All

    Welcome to SGL and good luck with your projects, and hopefully some clear skies for you even near the sea
  11. WOW nice image especially with the Hubble palette, think it gives some more intensity to the foreground nebulosity
  12. Very nice image you have there, and some nice stacking well done
  13. LOL that puts it right out the window then, never very good, but I guess I'll keep practicing then or shell out some more money and get the guide scope but I guess its trial and error really especially on my EQ5 mount thanks for the advice.
  14. --. --... .- -.-. -.-- was my call sign and was only a B licence, could never quite get the hang of Morse, but I guess at 17 I had lot of other things on my mind especially his daughter who is my wife of 21 years now, but do remember doing some moon bouncing with the father in law which always intrigued me
  15. Are you modding them the same each time, have you done exactly the same to each board when you have replaced them? could possibly be a wiring fault as smells like voltage overload if you get some use out of it then fries but sounds like there is one common denominator
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