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  1. I'm currently looking for a (relatively) simple Goto mount and on the face of it, the GTI ticks most of the boxes. Just weighed my scope and it comes to 4.5kg which is approaching the limit for the mount plus it doesn't really allow for adding heavier upgrades later on. Worried that it won't be that stable and I don't really want to mess about changing the legs with the added expense, I just want something that will be good to go straight out of the box at a reasonable price. if only they did a 9kg version like my porta II, it would already be ordered...
  2. Ahhh, I see from the pictures of the one you're selling how it's done. Many thanks! i'll contact you via the classified with regards to your one so as to not clutter up this thread.
  3. Hi all, potentially dumb question of the day but clarification required... thinking of replacing the standard focuser on my ST102 to the skywatcher crayford dual speed jobby but it doesn't come with a findershoe. Is it simply a case of drilling a new one into place on the new focuser or is there an alternative option? I have a 9x50 finderscope that I'd like to keep using. Don't want to spend £££ on a Moonlite or similar and the skywatcher seems decent value. thanks in advance.
  4. Always used a manual alt az for finding stuff (or more accurately, going 'wassat?' and then trying to identify it) but after finally unpacking my stuff after a protracted house move I do get frustrated with the weather, having zoned in on something a little interesting only for if to cloud over yet again. Only a visual observer so a small Goto seems to be a no brainer at the moment. Might even risk a little forward planning in my evening. That new Az Gti seems to tick a lot of boxes for me at the moment and payday is getting ever nearer...
  5. Another ST102 owner here! good entry level 'scope that will serve you fine. Quick to setup and dismantle and while it's not the best on planets - it will give you decent views. I just moved from London with its incessant light pollution and I managed ok. CA, while noticeable, is not terrible and shouldn't spoil an evenings viewing and you can get filters that help, well, filter it out. can't comment on the mount as mine is on a Vixen Porta which is simplicity itself and nice and sturdy (although I'm now on the hunt for a half decent goto mount). Skywatcher stuff is good and you won't go wrong with any of them with the exception of the eq1 mount which the spawn of the devil itself. (well mine was - it didn't move with me and now resides in the council tip!)
  6. I'm pretty new to this astro lark and started off with a EQ mount and I found it to be a pain to be honest. AP doesn't interest me at the moment and I enjoy taking my time finding stuff and zoning in on my targets for the evening. Plumped for a porta II mount and the difference in useability, setup and quality over the rubbish mount supplied is night and day. Yes, one day I may start looking into AP but then that just gives me an excuse to buy new gear!!
  7. I bought a FatMax toolbox from b&q for about £20 and lined it with underlay foam and it does the job a treat. Gets banged about no end and everything inside remains nice and cosy. They do various sizes and there's always a deal on. For bigger stuff you can get ones on wheels and seem simarily robust. No need to spend hundreds especially if it's just to keep it safe at home.
  8. No,you're quite right about splashing out a lot of money on a thing like a diagonal where the gains are marginal but if you can pick one up cheap like I did ( I think I paid around £40 for a virtually new WO which compared to what they cost now is a bargain) and it's something you buy once and carry it forward to other kit as you upgrade over time. The stock one feels flimsy and cheaply made in comparison and if you buy right you should see most of your money back if you do ever sell where the stock one is virtually worthless second hand.
  9. Don't dismiss the WO diagonal as an option. Nicely made and feels so much more substantial than the stock diagonal supplied. A bit more expensive (there was a rather large increase in price just recently) but come up quite regularly on AstroB&S and the Bay of Fleas second hand.
  10. I started at 39 - 2 years ago. Still only know the basics but I'm happy. I've got the rest of my life to learn and I ain't in no rush.
  11. If you manage to get it up to scratch and do any half decent observing out of it then imagine what some decent kit will reveal. £30 is not the end of the world if it all goes pearshaped and will be good practice when you do upgrade. Many new telescope owners are wary of messing about with their new scope as they've spent hundreds of pounds and naturally don't want to risk breaking it. With the Seben, the worse that'll happen is the bin men will have to deal with a slightly heavier wheelie bin one week and you're down the cost of a couple of pizzas. Go for it and report back!
  12. My local council has just changed to LED type bulbs. I could cope with the old style bulbs using filters and what not but these new ones almost turn night into day.
  13. Before you hand over the cash ask the seller to demonstrate it for you and to explain all its functions.
  14. Provided they've been well cared for a second hand mount might be a bargain especially as you can then sell the bits you don't need and recoup soon of your outlay. Spending that sort of money I would travel to inspect it first to see if it's as described and all in good working order.
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