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  1. Thanks Stu, I'll make sure to bring a big blanket...
  2. Hi from northern latitudes I'm planning my first observation sessions in September and a series of targets to get started with (did I say I'm new to this). I thought I'd start with the stars of Ursa major, Ursa minor, Bootes, etc. but then I'm looking at Stellarium for September and it shows the Perseids meteor shower, Northern i-aquariids, etc.. I would like to know if these targets are feasible for a beginner. Are meteor showers possible to see in a beginner-intermediate newtonian reflector? I realize I might be biting off more than I can chew but it would be cool to have a go at seeing these.
  3. DarkLane


    I´m afraid that Reykjavík suffers from the same kind of light pollution that a lot of other big cities do but I don´t need to go too far to get to decent skies (about 40 minute drive to a dark-sky spot). That´s the decent trade-off for having a small population. It is fairly rare to see the Aurora inside the city limits but it does happen sometimes
  4. DarkLane


    @Nigella Bryant Thanks and Yes, they are a treat and on good days I can see them in Reykjavik even with the light pollution. I have several friends that make quite a hobby imaging them.
  5. DarkLane


    @Philip R had a good chuckle at that, Iceland the store, yes we are selling bits off every day... @Demonperformer this is what I love about astronomy, so much to see for a very, very, very long time.... @MarsG76 Not yet Mars, sunrise is still around the clock where I am, it is starting to get mildly dark at about 3 in the morning but not enough to see stars yet Once again, thanks for the welcome. I will have load of questions as I bumble through
  6. DarkLane


    Thanks all, a very warm welcome. @Dinglem : I will definitely bring patience along on my sojourn, either that or a really warm blanket. @Philip R : I have heard of these "Jaffa Cakes" but they don't look like cakes. I prefer my dried haddock fillets and butter.... @cletrac1922: Thanks for the tip on the Rover, always looking for a way to gain posterity
  7. I´ve been playing around with the Powerseeker 114eq for a little bit as well and I´ve had some pretty good views come out of it. I´m at the stage where I think it needs a better finderscope and that´s on my list of improvements. I´d also like to get better eyepieces for it since the included ones are fairly basic. For a long time i struggled with idea of using the eq mount but I found a good tutorial online from Michael Bernardo on how to use the Equatorial Mount it showed me how to better understand getting to the objects i wanted to see. Also, i gave up on using the circular settings on the mount as a way to find objects, the Powerseeker just doesn´t have the precision in that department. I mainly just use star maps to see where to go next. it can be difficult to find things with this telescope because of the lack of precision on the dials/knobs etc...
  8. DarkLane


    After a very disappointing start in 2013 which tested my resolve to stargaze at all, I am finally in a position and place to begin all over again. I got my trusty beginner telescope (nothing fancy, celestron powerseeker 114eq), my maps, a good stool, log books, and coffee! I don´t know if there´s anyone else on here from Iceland but the latitude tests an amateur astronomer with only 6 months of viewing time, so I´ve been using my summer to plan out my strategy for Sept, Oct and Nov. Plenty to see if the weather holds. I´m looking forward to seeing the stars again.
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