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  1. Hi Any advice would be great Celestron 6SE works great, slews anywhere, Cord wrap off. looking in stellarium, follows/tracks correctly above and below equator, I.e slews to Rigel correctly. (using J2000 (now) not the default option - problem described below occurs in both options) 6SE slews great from stellarium if above the equator, I.e upper half of Orion. however, below the equator, lower half of Orion, command to Rigel using stellarium, slews away from target maybe tries to go through zenith first, long way round? below equator = -veg latitude.
  2. For Sale Televue Zoom 3-6mm Good Condition £280 ONO 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm or in one Nagler design lens, good for splitting stars. Mainly use the default 6mm setting, as skies above Birmingham not that good, therefore it’s not really been used to it’s potential. 3 years old from new, used about 20 times a year, except last only twice due to cloud. I live in South Birmingham (Solihull) Steve
  3. Thought I would try stellarium telescope control with mackintosh air and a 6se celestron, worked great a few years back. latest version 0.17 connected scope to mac - used single star alignment for quick test. can slew using stellarium from betelgeuse to Procyon and back no problem can slew from m42 to betelgeuse no problem can slew around Procyon in any direction no problem but if I try and go from m42 to rigel it shoots off at high speed to the right and up, and stops at a 90 degree limit? ive reset the 6se celestron handset back to factory settings
  4. Has anyone had problems recently with U.K. postal subscription with sky and telescope magazine (september 17)? (paid until may18) 2 months now, no delivery of sept or oct telephoned and emailed 9 times to no avail.
  5. It's been slipping since I brought it The way you fix it is the opposite to what you think. If any other beginner needs to know, let me know. Thanks Damien Steve
  6. Phew!!!! Fixed it. It's really good now, I understand how it works. Had to take it apart to work it out
  7. Can anyone advise? I have an skywatcher ED120 pro, the draw tube was slipping, it's less than a year old. I adjusted the alum bolts under side, and now theirs no movement at all Can anyone advise what the 8 bolts do ?? How to fix it, or a link? Thanks Steve
  8. The Sky At Night is an ideal programme for the BBC to broadcast. Educational, creative, low cost, connects astromony to the public effectively. Hopefully high ratings for the stargazing event in March will demonstrate the need for such a programme. The BBC never advertise S&N on its own channels and being monthly it is too easy to be missed by the general public. Its a great programme!
  9. The BBC should promote the "The Sky At Night", for many positive reasons. makes you question the BBC ?
  10. Hi, Are young stars variable and with age beome more stable?
  11. Current light pollution legislation is now 10 years old, time for a review due to advances in technology .
  12. Street Lighting Retrofit - e-petitions http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/74121 Hi, I've just noticed this petition on the government site and thought I should bring it to your Notice. It is an interesting approach, and if successful, will provide new legislation which will reduce street light pollution.
  13. Share on Facebook mate! A good idea I don't do computers, I only do space book and I've have no friends Can someone do it for me?
  14. Thanks for signing. everyone who likes stars should keep trying. In my area more and more people are lighting up their entire back gardens as the technology now exists and is cheap to buy and i think in the cases of LED lights cheap ti run. one neighbours garden is like car park lighting - for the entire night and the entire year, last 4 years. Solihull council say hes afraid of burglars! and thought the light pollution not an issue, close my curtains! with this mindset, its going to get worse. I'm wondering is it a form of "territory gain" - using light?
  15. Would anyone like to sign any of these petitions? is a it bit of a long shot, I think light pollution is getting worse. (only way to reduce it is to keep high lighting it) http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-light-pollution andhttp://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/60255 Thanks
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